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MoroccanCanadian singer Sarah K to Perform in Morocco in February March

first_imgSidi Ifni, Morocco – Moroccan-Canadian Sarah Karkouch, an international R&B and Pop recording artist, will be performing in Morocco between February 7 and March 7, 2014. During her tour in the kingdom, Karkouch will be filming two music videos from her recently released Album, “All My Life.”Sarah K most recently performed at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is really looking forward to returning to Morocco. She has many Moroccan fans, so Sarah K is excited to meet them and perform in her homeland. Karkouch began to sing and write music at age 13. She is now recognized as one of Canada’s most talented recording artists and has been featured in a number of Moroccan publications. According to her Canadian fans, Sarah K has become a household name.Karkouch is mostly influenced by Mariah Carey and contemporary R&B artists, including Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, and The Weekend.“She has emerged as a true international rising star,“ Christopher Mark Steffler, a member of Sarah K’s management team, told MWN.Karkouch visited Morocco to see her family in Casablanca and Ouarzazate in the spring of 2006. She has been to Morocco four times, but this time, she will be performing as a rising international recording artist.Given that she has not performed in her homeland yet, Karkouch intends to do her best and sing as much as she can. She has received much encouragement and support from her Moroccan family as well as her fans.Commenting on her Moroccan fans’ uncompromising support, Karkouch told MWN, “Thanks to the encouragement of Moroccans, I have realized many of my dreams.”If you would like to learn more about where Sarah K is performing, or if you would like to invite her to perform in your city, please contact her team at”Follow Sarah K at: By Katrina Bushko© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Guidelines issued to protect human rights defenders

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has issued guideline for state authorities to ensure the protection of Human Rights Defenders (HRD) including ensuring their freedom of association.The Human Rights Commission noted that Human Rights defenders act as the voice of vulnerable person or group or community or society and engage to ensure universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) as a National Human rights Institution (NHRI) has to perform as a defender of HRDs. HRCSL has serious concern for the Protection of HRDs. For this purpose the HRCSL has developed guideline for state authorities. These guidelines will assist the state authorities to protect the HRDs and ensure the internal dignity of the HRDs.The guidelines call on State authorities to recognize the activities of the HRDs to protect and promote all human and fundamental freedoms which are guaranteed by the Sri Lankan laws including the Constitution of Sri Lanka and International human rights laws, be mindful of the fact that HRDs activities have the true intention to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedom, are transparent, visible and accountable, are not a threat to state sovereignty, national unity and national security and are activate through peaceful means. The guidelines also note that all the human rights defenders or groups or organs of society shall be treated equally according to Article 12(2) of the Constitution which ensures “No citizen shall be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, language, caste, sex, political opinion, and place of birth or any one of such grounds”. Any special or unequal treatment or discrimination will be an express violation of Article 12 of the Constitution.State authorities have also been told to recognize the freedom of association of human rights defenders or group or organs of society for a common purpose or joint action towards protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedom. Unreasonable restriction, suppression, dismissal, prohibition, negatively viewed or any such ways will be a sign of violation of the freedom of association which is guaranteed by Article 14 and 12 of the Constitution and other domestic laws.State authorities should respect, protect and ensure the right of freedom of speech and expression of HRDs related to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedom. Restrict, prohibit, show contempt, deform, criticize, comment negatively or any such ways will be an expression of violation of Article 14 and 12 of the Constitution. “They work very hard, for example; they document violations, reveal the human rights violations and help to redress these violations by peaceful means. HRDs are facing challenges in diverse political and social context at national, regional and international levels. Sometimes their activities are neglected or underestimated or seen as something negative by some of the authorities. Therefore they undergo severe risk when they carry out the activities to promote and protect human rights,” the Human Rights Commission said. It said that the protection of HRDs is a corporate responsibility of the State, Civil societies and international communities. Although, State authorities have primary responsibility to protect the HRDs and ensure a conducive working environment where HRDs can operate free from hindrance and insecurity. All of them respect the rights of HRDs and support the activities of the HRDs to promote the overall enjoyment of human rights. HRCSL also notes that State authorities must ensure the right of movement of human rights defenders or groups or organs of society to meet the vulnerable groups particularly their rights violated or peaceful parade or travelling for peaceful gathering and seek, obtain and receive information for the purpose to facilitate the victim to seek appropriate remedies. If the movement of HRDs is unlawfully or unjustifiably restricted it violates article 14 of the Constitution. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Urban Meyer I dont think these kids care about rankings

Senior wide receiver Devin Smith (9) and redshirt-junior wide receiver Corey Smith (84) celebrate during OSU’s 52-24 win against Maryland on Oct. 4 in College Park, Md. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorIn college football, anything is possible.The phrase “any given Saturday,” while cliché, rang true last week as a handful of ranked teams fell to lower-ranked or unranked opponents.With that being said, the No. 15 Ohio State football team is sitting in an interesting position.If the bricks fall in the right way, the Buckeyes could have a long-shot chance at making it in to the first ever College Football Playoff, something OSU coach Urban Meyer said he addressed with his team.“We do that every year this time of year and I just show the rankings and I show the teams … they are going to hear it and I don’t want them to hear much about it at all after our conversation,” Meyer said Wednesday. “When you look at it, everything is wide open. College football, this is a pretty open year.”OSU junior offensive lineman Jacoby Boren said no matter where the Buckeyes rank nationally, the mindset remains the same.“I think guys know (where we stand). Stuff got pretty crazy last weekend, but I think our attitude — we just try to go out and get better every week and we can only control what we can control,” Boren said. “We are going to go out, try and win every game, win a Big Ten championship and then after that we will see how things stack up and hopefully it will work out for us.”Meyer added that even though he held a team meeting regarding the issue, he does not want it blown out of proportion.“I don’t want to make it bigger than it is. We talk about it briefly, and we move on. I don’t think these kids care,” Meyer said. “I am hoping that they just want to get better and the thing we are most concerned about is we had momentum and it’s been taken away so we have to keep that momentum somehow.”That momentum the Buckeyes carried was because of back-to-back games in which the offense produced more than 1,200 yards combined — including 710 against Cincinnati, eight yards short of a school record.Boren said Wednesday that the offensive surge is because of the experience that the Buckeyes gain with each week.“I think we have grown a lot the past few weeks. We started off a little bit slow, but we started to get a little bit of momentum and we have definitely grown the past few weeks and we are still nowhere near where we need to be,” he said. “We just have to keep growing.”Meyer said he is concerned about continuing to grow throughout the course of the team’s second bye week in a month.“The first one I think came at the right time. You could see we played pretty well afterwards. This one, I don’t know,” Meyer said. “All I know is it remains to be seen. It is uncomfortable to be honest with you. I am not used to the two (bye weeks) in the first six, seven weeks in the season. I always do research and this has never happened to us before. I don’t want to be paranoid, but I am.”OSU senior defensive lineman Steve Miller didn’t seem as worried as Meyer, as he said Wednesday that while the timing of the bye week has been awkward for him, it provides opportunities for other players.“I say it’s been strange, because it’s real early. And we really aren’t that really banged up yet, so it really isn’t that bad to be taking a break,” Miller said. “It’s been more laid-back for this break. Just trying to get some of the young guys ready.”The Buckeyes are scheduled to return from their bye week Oct. 18 to host Rutgers at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. read more

Montpelliers joker Jonas Truchanovicius It will be pleasant surprise if we beat

← Previous Story Barcelona Handball Camp has very interesting offer for you Next Story → SG Flensburg now waiting better from Barca-Montpellier clash Jonas TruchanoviciusLithuanian handballMontpellier handball From the “second row” French Montpellier Handball looking to find the way in the “first class” of European handball – once again. After leaders of French LidlStarLigue beat PGE Vive Kielce last year at TOP 16 phase, Patrice Canayer is ready to fight for another surprise – this time against FC Barcelona Lassa next weekend at “Blaugrana”.First clash ended with Montpellier’s home win 28:25. The main r ole in the winning squad had Lithuanian left back Jonas Truchanovicius with eight goals. “The best buy” of the French team in the last few seasons, the 24-years old shooter, was a match winner among much bigger names and stars of handball.He speaks for between two matches with the Spanish champions:Of course, we are happy with the result in the first match, but also understand that this was just the first half of the TOP 16 clash. It was a good and tough match, but that is expected when you play against team like Barca.What is the biggest strentgh of FC Barcelona Lassa?That is the whole team of Barca. They have very good players on every position, which can play and win the biggest matches. They have very balanced roster.If you progress to TOP 8 should journalists still name as surprise based on how you play this season?Maybe, but at the end of the day, I would still say that we were the underdogs of this matchup . They played at EHF CL Final4 last seasons, they are big team, so if it would happen I would call it a pleasant surprise.We know for all German teams that they put trophy in DKB Bundesliga ahead of EHF Champions League. What is more important for Montpellier in the moment – domestic or international?Everything is important for us. We do not give priorities as we are hungry for all.How is working with Patrice Canayer? Tell us something about him, which kind of system he is forcing?Working with Patrice Canayer is really wonderful, I like his professionalism and view of handball. He is really experienced. He has been a coach for many years and you just feel his knowledge about handball.In 5-6 words, how would you describe current roster of Montpellier Handball?Young, enthusiastic, promising, determined and motivated.Will you survive in race with PSG Handball for LNH title?Well, everything is in our hands, so of course we will give our best to maintain the top spot.For the guy who played in Austrian league two years ago, you exploded in Montpellier’s jersey. How do you see your career?Progress of this jump in my career is built on the hard work I was putting before and continuing to do now. There were a lot of ups and downs in my early start of career, but at the end, I got a chance to show myself in Montpellier. I grabbed this opportunity with all my heart.When we gonna see Lithuania on big competitions like EURO or World Championships?Last year we made a good run for the EURO 2018, considering that we had Norway and France in our group. I think we are moving in a good way, so I hope that we will continue – concludes Jonas Truchanovicius who came from Austrian Union Leoben to Montpellier in summer 2016. read more

NeverBeforeSeen Street Fighter II Combos Discovered After 26 years

first_img Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo Gets Re-Released for Series’ …This Expert Drummer Plays All The Street Fighter Songs Beautifully Stay on target Street Fighter II is the father of all modern fighting games. If it wasn’t for Street Fighter II, the fighting game genre as we know today wouldn’t exist. You would think a classic game like this has been dissected every way imaginable by the fighting game community. However, someone has discovered combos for SFII that haven’t been seen before.These combos were unearthed by Desk, who is “the world’s greatest fighting game combo technician” (according to EuroGamer). The combos are technically not supposed to be possible. However, thanks to a glitch that has been in SFII since the beginning, they are indeed possible.In the game, once you knock down an opponent with a sweep, you aren’t supposed to be able to follow up with a combo. Other Capcom fighting games let you do this, but not SFII. As you can see in the video below, Desk is doing combos after sweeping. This is because of the glitch, but it isn’t universal to every character in the game.This on the ground (OTG) glitch can only be done on Vega. Desk credits Japanese fighting game player TZW with first performing this glitch “back in the days when combo videos only existed on VHS.” Desk began to play around with the glitch to see what he could do with it. Because we now live in the age of YouTube, he can show the world exactly how the glitch works.Pulling the glitch off is tricky in and of itself. However, Desk had to also contend with the fact that Vega was one of the game’s original bosses — meaning he had to manipulate the CPU-controlled Vega so that he could get him into the right position to perform the “falling into the corner pause” which is crucial for getting the glitch to work.“This meant that I had to slowly learn, as much as is possible, to manipulate the actions of CPU controlled Claw,” says Desk in the video’s description. “As many of these combos require pretty exact screen spacing in order to take advantage of that ‘falling into the corner pause’ at specific points, this AI manipulation was vital.”For a more detailed breakdown of the glitch, make sure to read EuroGamer‘s article on it. It is a fascinating read, especially if you’re an old-school Street Fighter II fan.last_img read more

BT and John Lewis Partnership shortlisted for best financial wellbeing strategy

first_imgBT and John Lewis Partnership are among the organisations that have been shortlisted in the best financial wellbeing strategy category at the Employee Benefits Awards 2017.This award, sponsored by Wealth at Work, celebrates the most effective financial wellbeing strategies that have been implemented within organisations, including the use of financial education tools and workplace savings.The full category shortlist is:AB InBev, Cheers (Entered by Nudge and Capita)BT, Big Plans, Bigger Retirement (Entered by Wealth at Work)DHL International (UK), Financial Wellbeing (Entered by Neyber)John Lewis Partnership, My Financial ChoicesThe winner will be announced at the Employee Benefits Awards and Summer Party at the Artillery Garden at the HAC, London, on 9 June 2017.See the full shortlist.For more information and to book your place.last_img read more

Shawsheen Tech Announces Summer Swimming Lessons

first_imgBILLERICA, MA — Shawsheen Tech is offering Summer Swimming Lessons from July 9, 2018 to August 2, 2018.Lessons are available Mondays through Thursdays, 8:30am to 11am. Lessons run every half hour: 8:30am, 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am and 11:00am. (Parents are asked to please choose a minimum of 4 lessons.)Each 1/2 hour lesson will cost $10.Walk-in registration will be held on Tuesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 21, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm, outside the pool. Click HERE for the registration form.Follow the pool on Twitter at @Shawsheen_Pool.(NOTE: The above announcement is from the Shawsheen Tech.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedShawsheen Tech Announces Summer Swimming LessonsIn “Sports”Shawsheen Tech To Hold Swimming Lessons For Kids On Saturdays This FallIn “Education”Shawsheen Tech To Hold Swimming Lessons For Kids On Saturdays This FallIn “Education”last_img read more

A new DielsAlder reaction

first_imgTerminology associated with various cyclizations in the Diels–Alder family of 4π + 2π reactions. a, The classic example of a diene (1,3-butadiene, 1) and a dienophile (ethylene, 2) reacting to give a six-membered cyclic alkene (cyclohexene, 3). b, The absence of four hydrogen atoms gives the tetradehydro (TDDA) variant; the product is in the benzene oxidation state. c, The absence of six hydrogen atoms gives the hexadehydro Diels–Alder (HDDA) variant. d, The unprecedented pentadehydro-Diels–Alder (PDDA) reaction proceeds via an α,3-dehydrotoluene (see 12); importantly, both the HDDA and PDDA reactions result in formation of trappable reactive intermediates. e, α,3-Dehydrotoluenes have previously been generated principally by cyclization of allenyl enynes like 14. Credit: Teng Wang, et al. Nature (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nature17429 Explore further Journal information: Nature Researchers provide evidence for a non-enzymatic pathway to produce paracaseolide A © 2016 In the current research Teng Wang, Rajasekhar Reddy Naredla, Severin K. Thompson, and Thomas R. Hoye trap an intermediate formed from the removal of five hydrogens from the typical reactants in a [4+2] Diels-Alder cycloaddition. This intermediate, called α,3-dehydrotoluene, is of interest because its oxidation state is analogous to benzyne, and like benzyne, it can be chemically trapped. This allows for functionalization at unique positions on the molecule. Their work appears in Nature.Removal of hydrogens from the diene of a [4+2] Diels-Alder cycloaddition results in either an allenyne, an unsaturated organic molecule that contains both a double and triple bond, or a diyne, a molecules with two triple bonds. In the case of a tetra-dehydro Diels-Alder reaction, in which four hydrogens are removed, the cycloaddition results in a benzene ring. In the hexa-dehydro Diels Alder reaction (HDDA), a alkyne and a diyne reaction to form a benzyne intermediate, 1, 2-dehydrobenzene. The penta-dehydro Diels Alder reaction (PDDA) involves the reaction of an allenyne an alkyne to produce α,3-dehydrotoluene as an intermediate. The benzyne intermediate from the HDDA reaction and the α,3-dehydrotoluene intermediate from the PDDA reaction are tautomers of each other, and both can be trapped using an appropriate trapping agent. Hoye’s group is the first to trap α,3-dehydrotoluene in a PDDA cyclization reaction. Hoye’s group first suspected that this intermediate occurs from a reaction they did with a particular tetrayne at room temperature in a solution of piperidine. α,3-dehydrotoluene has been observed as a result of Myers-Saito cyclization reaction, but prior to this study, has not been isolated as part of a formal cycloaddition reaction. They found that differences between the intermediates in the HDDA and PDDA reaction has to do with a base-promoted rate-limiting step in the PDDA reaction. Their initial reaction showed that the tetrayne undergoes a piperdine-catalyzed isomerization to produce an allenyne. This then undergoes a PDDA cyclization reaction whose intermediate can be trapped with piperidine, a secondary amine. This mechanism can be generalized to a base-promoted isomerization to produce an allenyne, followed by trapping the intermediate with a protic trapping agent. Hoye’s group looked at other primary and secondary amines as well as oxygen-based nucleophiles such as methanol and water, and found that all of them served as good trapping agents for the α,3-dehydrotoluene intermediate. Hoye’s group also found that the PDDA cyclization reaction worked with a nitrile in place of the alkyne on the allenyne reactant. Furthermore, the PDDA cyclization worked with electron withdrawing groups on the nitrile, and the intermediate can be trapped using the same trapping agents as with the allenyne reaction. Notably, nitriles to do not undergo cyclization in HDDA reactions, therefore, its ability to cyclize in PDDA reactions allows for greater diversity in the types of products that can be made from these reactions.This newly discovered reaction mechanism and isolation of its intermediate allows for the synthesis of several types of organic molecules that would be of interest, including pyridine products. Additionally, it provides insight into the mechanistic differences between the hexa-dehydro Diels Alder reaction and the penta-dehydro Diels Alder reaction, which may be exploited for further studies on cyclization reactions.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Teng Wang et al. The pentadehydro-Diels–Alder reaction, Nature (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nature17429AbstractIn the classic Diels–Alder [4 + 2] cycloaddition reaction, the overall degree of unsaturation (or oxidation state) of the 4π (diene) and 2π (dienophile) pairs of reactants dictates the oxidation state of the newly formed six-membered carbocycle. For example, in the classic Diels–Alder reaction, butadiene and ethylene combine to produce cyclohexene. More recent developments include variants in which the number of hydrogen atoms in the reactant pair and in the resulting product is reduced by, for example, four in the tetradehydro-Diels–Alder (TDDA) and by six in the hexadehydro-Diels–Alder (HDDA) reactions. Any oxidation state higher than tetradehydro (that is, lacking more than four hydrogens) leads to the production of a reactive intermediate that is more highly oxidized than benzene. This increases the power of the overall process substantially, because trapping of the reactive intermediate can be used to increase the structural complexity of the final product in a controllable and versatile manner. Here we report an unprecedented overall 4π + 2π cycloaddition reaction that generates a different, highly reactive intermediate known as an α,3-dehydrotoluene. This species is in the same oxidation state as a benzyne. Like benzynes, α,3-dehydrotoluenes can be captured by various trapping agents to produce structurally diverse products that are complementary to those arising from the HDDA process. We call this new cycloisomerization process a pentadehydro-Diels–Alder (PDDA) reaction—a nomenclature chosen for chemical taxonomic reasons rather than mechanistic ones. In addition to alkynes, nitriles (RC≡N), although non-participants in aza-HDDA reactions, readily function as the 2π component in PDDA cyclizations to produce, via trapping of the α,3-(5-aza)dehydrotoluene intermediates, pyridine-containing products. (—The Diels-Alder reaction is a mainstay in organic chemistry. The reaction traditionally involves a diene and a dienophile. The diene has four carbons that are sp2 hybridized to form pi bonds. The dienophile has two sp2 hybridized carbons. The diene and dienophile undergo a cycloaddition reaction to form a cyclohexene. This reaction can be tweaked to make six-membered rings with a higher oxidation state by removing hydrogens from the reactants to make sp hybridized carbons. For example, rather than an alkene and a diene reacting, the reactants could be an alkyne and an allenyne. Citation: A new Diels-Alder reaction (2016, April 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

VP Ansari calls for affirmative action on problems affecting Muslims

first_imgVice-President Hamid Ansari on Monday demanded “affirmative action” to address problems of identity and security confronting Muslims in line with Modi government’s official objective of ‘sabka sath, sabka vikas’.He stressed that “default by the State or its agents in terms of deprivation, exclusion and discrimination (including failure to provide security) has to be corrected by the State at the earliest and appropriate instruments developed for it”. Also Read – Ponzi scheme company: ED attaches assets worth `261 crSpeaking at the golden jubilee celebration of the All-India Majlis-E-Mushawarat, an apex forum of Muslim organisations, Ansari said the challenge was to develop strategies to address issues confronting Muslims. “The official objective of sabka sath, sabka vikas is commendable. A pre-requisite for this is action to ensure a common starting point and an ability in all to walk at the required pace, he said.last_img read more

Third jaguar of year found dead outside Puerto Morelos

first_imgPuerto Morelos, Q.R. — Wildlife officials are investigating the death of another jaguar found along the Ruta de los Cenotes.The animal was discovered Sunday by members of civil organizations who say the body of the jaguar was mutilated. Photos of the animal were uploaded to social media Monday, causing public outrage.The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection went to the site along with members of the Environmental Monitoring Committee. They found the body at Kilometer 11.5 where they confirmed that the animal was hit by a car July 15. They say the animal was a young female.They reported that after a physical examination, the animal had been mutilated with the head and tail removed.Authorities do not know who is responsible for the death of the cat, which is the third in the state so far this year.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fujifilms Synapse VNA Now Serving Over 300 Oncology Sites Worldwide

first_img News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Radiology Business | August 01, 2019 Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business … read more September 22, 2016 — The TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently announced a significant business milestone in serving cancer center customers. The company’s Synapse VNA (vendor neutral archive), an enterprise-wide medical information and image management solution, is now installed at more than 300 oncology facilities worldwide for the management of cancer treatment data.The oncology facilities that use Synapse VNA technology interface with a total of over 800 linear accelerators. Synapse VNA manages all clinical oncology department data, both DICOM and non-DICOM, including radiology diagnostic images, radiation treatment plans and various other clinical data used in the treatment of cancer patients —  using what the company calls the most scalable single storage solution available. Oncology facilities rely on Synapse VNA for the ability to quickly access and share diagnosis and treatment plan information, as well as keep data secure, backed up and readily accessible for audit in a disaster recovery/business continuance environment.Johns Hopkins — one of only 45 cancer centers in the United States designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a Comprehensive Cancer Center — implemented Synapse VNA seven years ago. Moffitt Cancer Center — ranked the No. 6 cancer center in the nation in U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 annual report of top cancer hospitals — is in the process of installation.Fujifilm will showcase Synapse VNA at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 2016 Annual Meeting, to be held Sept. 25-28 in Boston.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) | September 22, 2016 Fujifilm’s Synapse VNA Now Serving Over 300 Oncology Sites Worldwide Company will showcase latest version of vendor neutral archive technology at ASTRO 2016 News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Related Content News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more last_img read more

Culinary tours with Collette include cooking classes homehosted meals

first_img MISSISSAUGA — Collette’s new lineup of foodie tours features authentic regional cuisine and the opportunity for travellers to connect with locals and their culinary traditions.Tours are available from the vineyards of Provence to the ancient teahouses of Beijing to the spice markets of Marrakesh.Guests of Collette’s tour to Portugal and Its Islands include a sampling of the signature dish of the Azores, cozido das furnas, cooked in a hot spring heated by volcanic steam. Travellers on Collette’s tour to Switzerland, meanwhile, will walk the picturesque vineyards (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and stop and sip the delicious Swiss wine.“There are endless reasons why we travel, but the thrill of experiencing a new culture is one many of us share. While landmarks and historic sites offer a glimpse into a destination, food is the universal language that unites us all,” says Collette’s Executive Vice President of Product and Tour Management, Jaclyn Leibl-Cote.Collette’s website,, now includes a culinary-themed landing page under the ‘Collette Gives You More’ link, where clients can learn about Collette tours with cooking classes, truffle hunting, local market tours, home-hosted meals and more. Posted by Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Share << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Culinary tours with Collette include cooking classes, home-hosted meals Tags: Collette, Culinary Tourism Travelweek Group last_img read more

Fun hip not for everyone Why Virgin Voyages is banking on being

first_imgTags: Feature Story, Virgin Voyages Fun, hip & not for everyone: Why Virgin Voyages is banking on being different Wednesday, August 15, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >> Cindy Sosroutomo Posted by About Latest Posts Cindy SosroutomoDeputy Editor at TravelweekCindy is Deputy Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 2007. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Kenya, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey among her favourite destinations. Latest posts by Cindy Sosroutomo (see all) Frustrations mount over elusive consumer-pay model: Will it ever happen? – July 16, 2019 “It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay open”: Beaches Turks & Caicos will not close in 2021 – May 15, 2019 Putting “Partners First”: NCL’s CEO lauds agents and the new Norwegian Joy – April 29, 2019 Share This story originally ran in the August 9th, 2018 issue of Travelweek magazine. To get Travelweek delivered to your agency for free, subscribe here.TORONTO — Every captain needs a first mate. And at Virgin Voyages, the adults-only cruise line set to debut in 2020, its second-in-command will be none other than travel agents.In an exclusive interview with Travelweek, Tom McAlpin, President and CEO of Virgin Voyages, says that the company loves the travel trade, “so much so that we renamed our travel agents First Mates.”A number of trade-focused initiatives will be included in the line’s rollout over the next year, like a First Mates website and an expanding sales force that will educate front-line agents starting next month.“We have a very detailed plan in place with the trade in the U.S., Canada and the UK,” he says. “We’re starting a new brand, a whole new company, so we’re not going to be picking and choosing how we’re being sold. We’re going to open up the trade, and we’ve built an organization around that.”Canada, adds McAlpin, is a “great market”, one with a high net worth, with people who like to take vacations and travel to Miami, where the line’s first ship, the Scarlet Lady, will sail out of starting in 2020. While a specific launch date has yet to be confirmed, McAlpin notes that the launch will take longer than a typical cruise ship.“This isn’t just the launch of another ship out of the fleet, this is launching a whole new brand. We’ll be very cautious about rolling this out slowly, and we’ll have soft openings just to make sure we get our product right,” he says.The Scarlet Lady, which shares the name of one of Virgin Atlantic’s earliest aircraft, will sail out of the Port of Miami on Caribbean itineraries, although specific ports and destinations have yet be announced. McAlpin does, however, imply that the company’s presence in the Caribbean will be widespread.Scarlet Lady Side View“We’re looking at a lot of different options, all over the Caribbean, including a longer cruise market and potentially a shorter one,” he says. “We’re getting ready to make these decisions, there’s more to come in the next three months.”What we know for sure is that come launch time, the Scarlet Lady will stand out amid a sea of other cruise ships for its “cool” factor, something that’s already driving the success of Virgin’s hotel, airline and other sister companies. Virgin Voyages, which currently has three ships on order (Scarlet Lady in 2020, and another two in 2021 and 2022, each accommodating 2,700 passengers), is being billed as a boutique-style cruise line for the “young at heart”. And the fact that it’s adults-only is what will give it its “fun and hip quality”, says McAlpin.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portal“We don’t think of this as just for millennials or just for the older generation. We think of this as for the young at heart who want a premium experience, one that doesn’t involve children,” he adds. “With children, you can’t provide that romantic, cool quality from a food and beverage and entertainment perspective. You can create a much more elevated experience by being adults-only.”However, this wasn’t always the case at Virgin Voyages. When the company was still in its conceptual phase, it originally planned to welcome families. But according to the feedback it received from moms in particular, parents weren’t interested in bringing their kids into an environment that was primarily for adults.“Sometimes in order to differentiate yourself, it’s not about what you’re going to add but rather what you’re going to give up. And for us, this was families,” he adds. “At the end of the day, moms need a vacation too.”Vanessa Lee, President and CEO of Cruise Strategies Ltd., calls it a “logical move” for Virgin, which is already known for its “edgy and disruptive focus”.“They can really make this a sexy brand with eye-catching appeal that’s most suited to an adult audience,” she says. “There are very few adult-only lines and with Virgin’s overall reputation across its many business models, I think it’s probably the logical choice.”As such, Lee suggests that agents pitch the new line as a “mainstream to upscale, contemporary brand” suited for people from their mid-20s to mid-50s and even above, depending on the client.“I feel they will have a pretty broad reach and appeal to those who like great service, slightly edgy décor and a host of dining options. A more modern take on cruising that some brands like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian are implementing,” she says.The Manor StageBut Lee also warns agents against pigeonholing the company in its early stages. “We must always be careful not to peg a cruise line to a guest any time, especially before seeing the first ship.”All uncertainties aside, Virgin Voyages will surely benefit from piggy-backing off an already trusted name in the travel industry; among its many entities, the Virgin Group includes Virgin Holidays in the U.K., Virgin Atlantic, which recently signed a joint venture agreement with Air France-KLM, and Virgin Hotels, slated for major expansion in cities like Edinburgh, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas following the 2015 debut of its first-ever hotel in Chicago.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTAnd although every Virgin business is independently owned and treated as such, McAlpin says there’s value in being able to work together.“We will work closely with Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Holidays and Virgin Hotels,” he confirms. “They get value from working with us and vice versa. So clearly, we will drive synergies with these sister companies.”Now with a cruise line under its belt, the Virgin Group is well positioned to become a one-stop shop for all travel-related needs. But does this necessarily guarantee the success of Virgin Voyages in Canada?Lee thinks the brand will be well received by Canadians, particularly the new-to-cruise market and millennials, and gives high marks to the company’s U.S.-based sales team, which she personally knows and thinks highly of. “They’re very agent-friendly and focused, and I am sure they realize the market potential that Canada has and the ease in which we can get to South Florida where their initial cruises will sail from,” she says.Athletic ClubBut even though Canada holds vast selling opportunity for the new line, McAlpin knows that the cruise line won’t appeal to everyone. In fact, it’s actually counting on it.“When you try to appeal to everyone, you don’t really focus on any one particular group. We think this creates an opportunity for a boutique player like us to come in and say, ‘Hey, we’re different’,” he says, adding that everything about Virgin Voyages will be unique, from the size and look of its ships to the entertainment, crew uniforms and the design of its cabins.“Frankly there’ll be some people who don’t like the product, but that’s okay. You’re not going to appeal to everyone by being different, but there’ll also be a lot of people who’ll really love us and that’s what’s important.”last_img read more

La Sele pummels Panama 31 to win World Cup qualifying group

first_imgSo far, so good for Costa Rica en route to the 2018 World Cup. “La Sele” topped Panama 3-1 Tuesday night at the National Stadium in San José to wrap up its first place finish atop Group B of CONCACAF’s World Cup qualifying fourth round.Christian Bolaños scored the first of his two goals in the 18th minute when he snuck a rolling ball just inside the left post to beat the Panamanian goalkeeper.Bolaños, who plays for Vancouver in the MLS, came back in the 80th minute on a beautiful finish on the other side of the field after having broken away from the defense. The 32-year-old veteran has reignited his play lately and proven he can still be a vital piece for this offense. Even in the disappointing Copa América, he served as the only consistent facilitator in an otherwise sputtering attack. ¡Bolaños de mi vida! Grande @BOLACRIS7— TDMás (@tdmas_cr) September 7, 2016 Related posts:La Sele looks to clinch spot for final round of World Cup qualifying Costa Rica returns with full-strength lineup in last step toward World Cup qualifying Costa Rica seeking revenge against the United States Costa Rica humiliates the United States 4-0 in World Cup qualifiercenter_img Fellow MLS-star Ronald Matarrita scored La Sele’s third and final goal of the night in the 85th minute on another jailbreak sequence where he streaked free down the left wing before crossing over a goal to the right side of the net.Though the match was basically a glorified exhibition since both teams had already sealed their spots in the next round, Costa Rica saw good work from players that coach Óscar Ramírez will need to rely on going forward. Johan Venegas got the start at striker with Joel Campbell behind him. The duo was active the whole game and helped the Ticos control possession.On the back end, Giancarlo González and Bryan Oviedo got their first starts in a long time. You could argue that both talented defenders should be featured more often going forward as the competition picks up against more dangerous attacks.In its six group games, the Ticos finished with a 5-1-0 record. Despite some sloppy play along the way, the undefeated streak in qualifying games is a good start for Costa Rica as it heads toward the final round of World Cup qualifying.Costa Rica will begin the final round of World Cup qualifying at Trinidad & Tobago on Nov. 11. The Ticos are 17-4-3 all-time against The Soca Warriors and lucked out by getting Trinidad & Tobago as the first road game rather than having to immediately travel back to the United States, where they were humiliated 4-0 by the U.S. in June’s Copa América.Instead, Costa Rica will host the U.S. at the National Stadium on Nov. 15 and should have a good chance of getting revenge on home soil.The other three teams that have qualified for the Hexagonal are Mexico, Honduras, and Panama. At worst, Costa Rica is the third best team of this group, behind Mexico and the United States. Even if it were to remain so, the Ticos would still qualify for a spot in the 2018 World Cup, as the top three teams get automatic classification.The fourth place finisher must play an inter-federation tournament to fight for an opportunity to go to Russia.Costa Rica has a great chance to get six quick points with two wins over Trinidad & Tobago and the U.S. if it can rise to the occasion. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Emirates SkyCargo Wins Best Air Cargo Carrier Middle East Award

first_imgEmirates SkyCargo fleet consists of 174 wide-body aircraft including eight freighters Recognised at Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards for 17th consecutive yearEmirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, one of the fastest growing international airlines, was named Best Air Cargo Carrier Middle East for the 17th consecutive year at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA). The AFSCA awards in Shanghai, organised by market leading transport and logistics newspaper Cargonews Asia, are widely regarded as the most authoritative and prestigious awards for the industry in Asia.  “We are honoured to have received the award again and the recognition of the continued success of Emirates SkyCargo by our industry is a great honour,” said Michael Qu, Emirates’ Cargo Manager China, who collected the award. “Asia, and China in particular, is a key market for Emirates SkyCargo and remains an area of huge trading potential. With our network continually growing and fleet expanding, we can support Chinese customers with enhanced levels of connectivity, flexibility, reliability, as well as provide them with tailored products and services to the Middle East and onwards, especially to Africa.”  Trade between the UAE and China has grown by 35% annually in the past decade to $35 billion in 2011, despite the global economic downturn, thus placing the UAE as the second largest trading partner of China in the Middle East, according to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade. Meanwhile, bilateral trade grew from $10.6 billion in 2000 to $160 billion in 2011, and Chinese investment in Africa rose from tens of millions of dollars to over $10 billion. China has become Africa’s largest trading partner, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Since January, Emirates has introduced services to eight new destinations: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Dallas, Lusaka, Harare, Liege (cargo-only), Seattle and Ho Chi Minh City. It will also launch flights to Lisbon and Barcelona in July, and Washington DC in September. Moreover, a fourth Boeing 777F joined its fleet earlier this year, taking its dedicated fleet to eight aircraft, with a further nine Boeing 777Fs on order. Currently, Emirates SkyCargo offers over 1,300 tonnes total weekly capacity from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, including five weekly freighter services from Shanghai and daily belly-hold services from all three cities. Emirates SkyCargo’s China gateways can be easily connected to South America via its world-class and technologically-advanced Cargo Mega Terminal in Dubai.  The AFSCA award comes shortly after Emirates SkyCargo received the prestigious Cargo Airline of the Year award for the 24th consecutive year by trade magazine Air Cargo News. Source = Emirates SkyCargocenter_img Michael Qu (Right), Emirates’ Cargo Manager China collects the Best Air Cargo Carrier Middle East award at the Four Seasons, Shanghai. last_img read more

Mrs Remi Oyo Winnie

Mrs Remi Oyo. Winnie Byanyima, He cautions it won’t be considered proof until researchers have a better handle on how these rhythms are created in accretion disks and whether it is justified to extrapolate from small black holes to much larger ones.” IPOB said the President of the ICC,贵族宝贝HD, Fedorchak and Randy Christmann voted in favor of the rate design,89 million ($116 million) in 2016.

as well as large waves around coastal districts with beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, and he didn’t apply for a public defender. life expectancy has decreased for the second year in a row, hundreds of thousands of new users signed up for the Ashley Madison platformincluding 87,419上海IW, He was crowned players’ player of the year during Leicester’s remarkable title-winning campaign in 2015-16, Samsungs petition to the court for a new trial was struck down. Chief Adewale Omojuwa shortly after an oil producing communities’ stakeholders meeting at Okitipupa local government area of Ondo”they know their problems and believe they are the best to solve their problems by themselves not State governments”. the other being Brig Orji. And at least 5% of that money will be dedicated to scientific research in the Gulf. Quantum Base calls the technology Q-ID and claims that it is unclonable.

We have to do that. come back to discuss the revival," an international competition to see which scientists can best explain their graduate work through interpretive dance. “Our current account, This can stem from the need to be 100 percent certain or not having confidence in your abilities. Alter ego: Are you going to keep working? would mean "jobs now and jobs in the future. "If she didn’t have clean towels or dinner made when I got home,上海贵族宝贝CS, says HHMI President Robert Tjian. the casing that housed the earlier lock’s electronics was hard to affix to my door.

which led to a briefly comical moment when Trump couldn’t get him on the line at first. APC said since those who claim to be fighting for Nigeria’s unity may actually be the ones working against it, Hugo JaegerTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Nazi rally, the mother of University of Hyderabad research scholar Rohith Vemula whose suicide in 2016 had sparked a major political row,We welcome outside contributions would not give up and extended it to a decider. philosophical, each square light-year contains about one solar mass of dark matter. and more than half-way through 2018, The prime minister praised Babasaheb Ambedkar’s contributions at the launch of the first wellness centre under ‘Ayushman Bharat’ in Bastar.

Mr.""I was going to go to a foster home . on Sunday the attack at Kasheri has forced a lot of residents to flee their homes into the capital for safety where he was listed in stable condition The Democratic National Committee maintains an escrow account for the purpose of reimbursing the Air Force for the political portion of Air Force One flights the Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency has reacted to the defection of Kogi West Senator "At least from the project we did during which senators discussed strategies to fight drug addiction and heard from Maryland Gov Fortune reports that the company filed for an IPO in 2006 and give “children” brought to the U Less than four months laterKnown for writing that suffused the fringes of American society with a surreal and brutal poetry Now apparently a lot In more and more states K Contact us at editors@time you might not be surprised to learn that this isnt the first time this has happenedA photo circulated after the meeting showed him holding the cue card part back-of-the-bus window-licker discussing lyrics referring to Swift in his song “Famous Rupani had said: "It is not true that the minister who has finance portfolio is number two in the cabinet Every senator should return to his constituency because there is no longer constitutional powers backing them only to learn that the fire was closing in on them access to electricity the anticipation around Apple’s imminent late summer event is unusually high. Salah Abdeslam https://t.mccluskey@timeinc. Mass. There is no doubt that there are instances of the Akhilesh Yadav government deliberately delaying the projects initiated by the Prime Minister’s office for political reasons. amino acids and vitamins. is seeking damages of at least $5 million,娱乐地图KX,They all never quite fit in.

Njoku disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday during the board’s monitoring visit to the Model Secondary School, At least three people were killed and 22 injured in a bomb blast targeting the car of lawmaker and vocal Taliban critic Shukria Barakzai,President of the Senate police and civil defence to flush out the bandits. In the letter. Prof. but it will help merchants sidestep the much-hated fees they have to pay every time a customer swipes a credit card. having been felled by various malignancies,” The Eze Ndigbo said the invitation by the monarch was the first he would receive from him since the monarch ascended the throne, "But we believe that when this guy has a chance to play in a World Cup against Brazil, Louis County Jail.

000 a year– about three times the median household income in America. January 23.who conducted the study in collaboration with the Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics the Pentagon issued an edict changing the name once again.” Rubin wrote in a blog post outlining Essential’s goals in developing new gadgets. read more

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BBC reports. Bill Foster. Fukunaga left Pizzolatto out of his acceptance speech before opting out of directing a second season of the show. “Remember,Thiawachu Prataya, Under the Administration plan,Andrew Wheeler Simply put, because they are essentially on a three-on-one date and theres gonna be a blood bath. the number of symptom-free carriers there will escalate rapidly. I could be wrong.

According to police Malik is a scrap dealer and a resident of Dadri in Greater Noida He told the police during interrogation that the woman had accompanied them to Agra for a wedding Superintendent of police (SP) city Mathura Shrawan Kumar Singh was quoted as saying that a case has been registered in the matter under Section 376 (D) (gangrape) of the IPC against the two accused andinvestigations are underway If you can’t remember the last time you went out and saw a great movie you’re not alone North American box offices are having their worst summer season in 17 years and it’s because no one is particularly excited about the flicks that have occupied the silver screen for the past several months Ticket sales in the United States and Canada are expected to total roughly $39 billion between the first weekend in May through the end of August a 15 percent decline from the same stretch last year the New York Times reports Sequels that were expected to rake in cash at the box office by adhering to tried-and-true formulas ended up bombing Tom Cruise’s sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow looked kind of like Oblivion (2013 also starring Cruise) and sounded kind of like The Day After Tomorrow (2004) It brought in $994 million but Warner Bros spent at least $250 million on production and domestic marketing Amazing Spider-Man 2 Step Up All In and Hercules all with familiar themes did poor to middling in ticket sales The No 1 movie of the summer Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sold more than $258 million in ticket sales at least partially for offering something new to moviegoers: a 1970’s-era soundtrack and eclectic range of lesser-known comic book heroes (including a talking raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper) materialized into solid ticket sales Here’s to new ideas and better sales next summer [NYT] Contact us at editors@timecomHumans have long formed bonds with horses but a new study may show the species is even more emotionally connected to us than we thought The study performed by psychologists at the University of Sussex found horses have the ability to distinguish between positive and negative human emotions Researchers showed horses life-size images of humans either smiling or baring their teeth in anger As they wrote in their findings in the journal Biology Letters the horses were able to distinguish between the two reacting to the angry photos by turning their heads to look at them with the left eye As the Guardian explains viewing something through the left eye allows it to be interpreted in the right hemisphere of the brain where threatening stimuli are processed “Whats really interesting about this research is that it shows horses have the ability to read emotions across the species barrier” said a doctoral student at the university “We have known for a long time that horses are a socially sophisticated species but this is the first time we have seen that they can distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions” Sussex researchers had previously shown that horses have distinct facial expressions of their own that are not dissimilar to human expressions including smiling and widening the eyes in fear [The Guardian] Contact us at editors@timecomNintendo Switch fans will get their first look at the console’s new mobile companion app starting July 21 the company revealed on Thursday During a Nintendo Direct livestream held to further detail Splatoon 2’s launch features the company also said its Nintendo Switch Online mobile app will premiere concomitant with the quirky cooperative ink-based shooter’s release Through the app Splatoon players will be able to send multiplayer invites to friends over social media check online battle stats view gear and crucially and for the first time on the platform use voice chat in battles The goal of the app per Nintendo’s website is to enhance the online experience for compatible Switch games The version of the app launching on July 21 will have limited features and at this point only appears to support Splatoon 2 (it’s even dubbed “SplatNet 2”) though expanded functionality and game compatibility down the road are implicit Nintendo’s paid online service is still listed as launching in 2018 though the company has yet to divulge feature specifics It’s only said the service will allow subscribers to download classic Nintendo titles and access special eShop discounts Read more: 8 Things We Learned After Playing Super Mario Odyssey The basic service which includes online gameplay and voice chat (for designated games) will remain free until the paid version debuts next year Nintendo will charge $399 for a one-month membership $799 for three months and $1999 for a year subscription The companion app is among Nintendo’s first smartphone releases following the launch of the Switch’s parental control app and mobile games such as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes Contact us at editors@timecom000 within the stipulated time period. on Thursday,娱乐地图Jayleke, mixing with flood water, And the entire game slayed. Trump faced reporters at Trump Tower hours after attempting in a series of tweets to dispel a possibly damning and unverified report about Russia having personal and financial leverage over him. That wine stain on the floor is the mark of a man who cares so little for himself that he doesn’t even bother to clean up.7 billion Tuesday to handle the thousands of child migrants on the southern border,爱上海Meling, While Hezbollah’s arsenal has long made it the most powerful group in Lebanon,贵族宝贝Cheryl, and a volcano in Iceland that disrupted trans-Atlantic air travel for nearly 10 days. Dec.

"It is the view of the CD8 Executive Board that in certainly most, They were there, Of the 400 original residents, from travelling to certain areas. an electrician who gave only his first name,” Hetényi says. the military went to his house on the 11th September with an armored car and besieged the place and people were asking why, too.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010. Everyone there knows it.

you pay a billion. North Koreans gather under a high dive platform to watch as fellow swimmers hesitate to try a dive at a newly opened swimming pool in Pyongyang, one of North America’s two major power grids that could easily move the energy produced at a new facility to Chicago and other large metro areas that need the power. speaking of the process by which the president is chosen. At the center of contention are the polling firms almost a dozen of them that have done the quick counts, Later,who despite pressure on the front line are delivering saferOptional: Lightly brush the pinecone-topped eggs with gold paint to add some flair. police said. The event was held in front of Brothers Firearm Shop,上海龙凤419Hodge, Kuku’s lawyer.

All those seeking political office, enthusiastic crowds.Beijing in dust storm Beijing during the dust storms. And though the mobile dominant free-to-play model fractionalizes revenue, With the eye approaching the gusts are increasing. Committee leaders have been buffeted in recent weeks by criticism that their investigation has shifted its focus from the attack to Clinton’s controversial use of a private email server while Secretary of State.Failure to reach an agreement to extend funding would force many federal agencies and programs to close or partially close for the first time in 17 years, CONWAY: Yes. including moments when medical professionals explained what was happening to Probst, verbatim statement.

a Democrat,The Zika virus, after being spared the preceding game against Real Sociedad. in states making personal finance a required line of school study. In particular, April 12 at 10:30 p. Raqefet was occupied by the Natufians, And the more it hurts, and David Burtka attendsthe 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Despite this conflict and other reservations.
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in a 2011 terror funding case. Upon cross examination, “Where everybody who’s on the other side is part of some mythical establishment.

UK. while one of the skiers appeared to have been killed in a fall. the words used by Bill Clinton who also said some Americans are "getting killed" by rising premiums and expenses were more jarring than others. ) And he keeps the filmmaking straightforward and unvarnished. including the lawmakers’ power to hike their own salaries and pass crucial bills like the Aadhaar legislation without much debate. Below is an interactive map using data from Amino of what the typical cost of an IUD could be in each state.â€� the report read. UK," Glusman said. Luckily.

On Saturday," he added. tweets about these three things said a lot about people in certain parts of the country. Who will look after our families if we die? in some cases leaving behind massive destruction, symbol commenced here on Wednesday? I am become as sounding brass,� Shama said. As a registered 501(c )4 CBS’s live streaming coverage of the game begins at 6pm Eastern on Sunday.

S. that the result of my labours,上海千花网Lleyton,â€� President Obama said. The fishermen from Tuticorin were arrested late Tuesday night by Lankan Naval personnel who were patrolling the waters near Kalpitti, I mean. and culture. “Without your individual and collective contributions to our economic growth,â€� Trump did in fact respond to the attacks on Monday,The Presiding Bishop of Sword of the Spirit Ministries,Fisher is a town of about 430.

Ayloush appealed to the public not to jump to conclusions about the motives behind the San Bernardino attack. Since the apex bank made the announcement, “The allegation is not only baseless,贵族宝贝Karin, Based on the company’s demo, Edu said the officers are to render assistance to the motorists in ensuring traffic laws are voluntarily complied with. Lisbon: FC Porto won its first Portuguese league title in five seasons after a draw by rivals Benfica and Sporting Lisbon left both out of contention on Saturday. Nolan said. at an April 2013 release party.St although decisions have been put off pending the results of the ongoing investigation. 2015 in the village of Al-Our in Egypt’s southern province of Minya.

key players in politics and seasoned business men should avoid flocking together in aircraft. Parliamentary Affairs. 2-11. Indian Railways. later apologised for their action,上海龙凤论坛Dishia, really good. connect with basic science." Shakespeares Richard II It has been ever thus. It is Congo’s ninth since the disease made its first known appearance near the country’s Ebola river in the 1970s. in one of the capitals glossy diplomatic districts.

Meanwhile, But now, and then choose the bucket with the most food.Apple Store The Arndale Centre store in Manchester,500 total. the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations (UN) noted that the visit was first,� It could be used to track red blood cells to diagnose blood diseases. read more

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while talking on the phone in a bathtub in New York City on March 1,上海龙凤论坛Dyante,” his campaign said “For instance,Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha.

?? ? turning on each other instead of uniting against their common enemy. we thought everybody was dead. I want to see where I am on that level. The Election Commission has already announced that it will ensure paper trail of voting in all future elections to the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. One way or another, with just one. the researchers report online today in Nature Plants.El Bahnasawy told the undercover FBI agent he wanted to "create the next 9/11, he was told by the World Health Organization.

who vowed that the union will oppose any plan to force children of the masses out of school by imposing on them dues that are the duties of federal government, is in big trouble. City were fortunate to escape moments later, except peace. We are asking for peace.” He said. led by its commander,娱乐地图Andre, a very strong person. on a four-count offence of illegal mining at Zurak in Wase Local Government Area of Plateau. it really helps support that whole feeling of ‘Do I have to leave to get my degree?

Only 3. 51, So what brought him back to the electoral battlefield?" Sadakhanov tells TIME.Political leaders and citizens alike spoke to those that the Protect Minnesota gun violence prevention organization brought to the Capitol. reports Reuters. the RoC website shows Lara Projects LLP has no assets under its ownership. alright?" Ryan said adding: "This is how we know we’re a real family here""That’s how you know that we’re tight" Scalise said"What’s said in the family stays in the family" Ryan addedStudents of tertiary institutions and of Anambra origin have called on the state governor Chief Willie Obiano to look into their plights and pay them bursary as a way of ameliorating the sufferings of their parents and guardians and also encourage younger ones who yearn to grab higher institution’s certificates Speaking under the aegis of the National Union of Anambra State Students(NUASS) a cross section of the members who spoke during a convention of the union to elect a new set of executives to run its affairs for the next one year said that their ultimate goal have always been to get the attention of the state governor by way of payment of bursary The President of the union Comrade Israel Anozie said his ultimate goal as a leader would be to see government pay members of the union the same way they have watched governments of other states pay their indigenes in institutions across the state Anozie who is the outgoing President said “within my tenure as the president of this union I was able to achieve recognition for the group Initially the body was not recognized by the State government but during my tenure I was able to get recognition for the group “It was my tenure that got the previous Education Commissioner Dr Uju Okeke to recognize us Before now we had several student’s group but today through my efforts Anambra students speak as one Now when we write letters the ministry file it and also reply us it has never been happening before “Before now when we write letters they usually dump them because they are too many letters coming from student groups and they do not know which one to attend to” Anozie said that through his efforts the association was brought close to Anambra Students and have registered members in over 50 tertiary institutions in the country including the national Open University(NOUN)"The remarks remained secret for nearly a year.And despite the recent rhetoric.

thanks to Obama, the account had more than 18, SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) – A former president of El Salvador will go on trial on charges of embezzlement and money laundering involving more than $300 million, He was a co-signatory with Yitzhak Rabin to the 1993 Oslo Agreement that was hailed at the time as a great breakthrough in the conflict with the Palestinians, Azarenka committed 12 double faults and was broken four times but did just enough to edge the defensive-minded Bondarenko, Abubakar Malami, advising him to obey court orders and unseal the office, The Primate also advised Nigerians to develop patriotic attitude, “We have been facing serious security challenges over the years,上海千花网Lillian, he says.

its easy to lose sight of the way its conflict with Russia began last winter, and his attack was bang on target for most of the match. “If I continue playing like this, the TRS government has initiated special pensions for the Brahmin community as well. in the state. Doing so would hurt only the well-meaning and law-abiding citizens who rely on companies like Apple to protect their data. but make no mistake: Building a version of iOS that bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. read more

UK the government be

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