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100 years on UNs Bunche still casts shadow of inspiration for peace

“Every United Nations staff member, no matter where he or she toils, and whether or not he or she realizes it, is working in the shadow of Ralph Bunche, who believed passionately in the need for an independent, international civil service,” Mr. Annan said in a ceremony marking the issuance of a UN stamp in honour of the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for his role as mediator in the 1948-49 Israeli-Arab war.”He would be satisfied, I think, to see what we are doing to improve UN peacekeeping and other responses to conflict. Yet he would be deeply dismayed that it has taken so long to take such modest steps, and truly appalled that it took new acts of genocide to set these changes in motion,” he said of the man who as Under-Secretary General for Special Political Affairs until his retirement, and subsequent death, in 1971 played a leading role in UN peacekeeping efforts.Mr. Bunche, who was present at the creation of the UN, one of the co-authors of its Charter and a leading advocate of decolonization, was a patient and meticulous negotiator on the outside, but “inside him burned a blazing urgency and idealism about the many problems facing the human family, especially the oppressed and disposed,” Mr. Annan declared.In “a few memorable words” he encapsulated the UN’s mission in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. The world body exists “not merely to preserve the peace but also to make change – even radical change – possible without violent upheaval. The United Nations has no vested interest in the status quo,” Mr. Annan quoted Mr. Bunche as saying.”We should all strive to recapture that spirit today,” Mr. Annan added. “As we continue Bunche’s efforts to rouse the world from complacency and indifference, we should do as Bunche did, and ask what each one of us can do to build a safer, better world for all people.”Such daily devotion to peace, coexistence and mutual respect would be the best way to celebrate the force of life, the champion of peace, the inspiration that was Ralph Bunche,” he concluded. read more

Killings of two people approaching Yemeni coast prompt alarm from UN refugee

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) deputy director for the region, Radhouane Nouicer, said yesterday that the agency has asked Yemeni authorities to instruct the local coastguard to refrain from shooting at boats as the arrive.“We are extremely concerned about this incident, where innocent civilians got hurt,” Mr. Nouicer said.Survivors of Monday’s incident have told UNHCR staff that Yemeni armed forces starting shooting as passengers on a boat carrying 120 Somalis and Ethiopians disembarked on a beach near the town of Belhaf. The fatalities are believed to be one Somali passenger and one smuggler.The remaining smugglers on the boat – who were in possession of a gun, according to the passengers – then decided to head back to sea with about 60 people still on board, before later dropping the passengers further along the coast near Jila’a.About 110 of the boat people have now sought assistance from a UNHCR reception centre in May’fa.The killings come as UNHCR has expressed growing concern in recent weeks about Yemen’s treatment of the thousands of people who have been arriving from Somalia, usually in extremely rickety boats, during the annual sailing season on the Gulf of Aden.As many as 23,000 people have been documented making the journey this year, and UNHCR records indicate that at least 360 people have perished during the crossing – there are reports that smugglers sometimes attack passengers and throw them overboard – and another 150 people are missing.Earlier this month UNHCR urged Yemen to reconsider the imminent deportation of a group of 126 Ethiopian boat people and urged the country to abide by its commitments under the 1951 Refugee Convention. Yemen is one of the few countries in its region that has signed that pact. There are now more than 88,000 registered refugees in the country, with nearly all hailing from Somalia. read more

Ohio State field hockey to open Big Ten Tournament against Northwestern

Sophomore forward Peanut Johnson (3) passes the ball during a game against Indiana Oct. 26 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost, 5-4.Credit: Sam Harrington / Lantern photographerAfter being shut out by then-No. 12 Northwestern, the Ohio State field hockey team (5-12, 0-6) is scheduled have a chance for revenge against the Wildcats Thursday in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament.The Buckeyes, who are seeded seventh in the tournament, are scheduled to take on the second-seeded Wildcats at 12:15 p.m.Despite the previous result against Northwestern, OSU coach Anne Wilkinson said the tournament is a new beginning for the Buckeyes.“To be in the tournament, starting fresh, it’s a new season,” Wilkinson said. “I think that (the players) are excited about it.”Senior midfielder Mona Frommhold said another chance against Northwestern is a great opportunity for OSU.“It’s a good chance to do something better … The last game we lost 5-0,” Frommhold said. “We just want to play differently this time. We want to win, actually.”Sophomore forward Peanut Johnson said this match will be different from the last because the team has a better idea of what to anticipate from the Wildcats.“Now we know what to except from (Northwestern),” Johnson said. “We worked on things specific to them so I think it should be a lot better game. We’re more focusing on what we can do in relation to how they play, but we are definitely focused on making ourselves better.”The Buckeyes need to focus on being able to finish the plays they have control over, Wilkinson said.“Really it’s our ability to execute,” Wilkinson said. “Statistically we had more corners than they did, but they finished their opportunities. So really we need to be able to execute our opportunities, so we worked on that with a little bit of pressure this week.”She said the main goal is to stop Northwestern from hitting dangerous areas on the field.“We have to be aware,” Wilkinson said. “They’ve got a lot of speed so we need to be able to shut down certain areas of the field. We need to recognize (their players) early, whether we can step and deny them the ball … we are trying to get some good matchups out there both defensively and on the attack.”Johnson said the other teams in the tournament might underestimate OSU because of its record, but that they shouldn’t count the Buckeyes out.“People might be taking us lightly but anything can happen in tournament time,” Johnson said. “We are all really committed to showing up this tournament.”OSU plays host to the Big Ten Tournament this year, with all games set to be played at Buckeye Varsity Field, and Frommhold said the home-team advantage will be a boost.“I think a lot of our fans are coming and will cheer for us,” Frommhold said. “We are all very excited for the tournament.”Wilkinson agreed.“We are excited but so is Northwestern,” Wilkinson said. “They are co-champions of the Big Ten and they’ve got a lot of quality players. We know it’s going to be a lot of work and we need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that we get and really limit their chances.”The tournament is scheduled to open at 10 a.m Thursday with Michigan taking on Iowa. The Buckeyes are set to play after the first match. read more

Bishop of Oxford to face police questioning over allegations of sex abuse

No arrest is expected and the Diocese of Oxford stressed there was no suggestion of guilt.  Matt Ineson, who has waived his right to anonymity, says he was raped by a former priest, the Rev Trevor Devamanikkam, in Bradford in the 1980s…. The Rt Rev Steven Croft will be interviewed under caution by South Yorkshire Police as part of an investigation over alleged failures to report abuse, sources have told The Telegraph.  However, a senior lawyer involved in the case said that Bishop Croft is set to be questioned over possible offences of misconduct in public office. The Bishop of Oxford will be summoned for questioning by police over claims he failed to pass on allegations of rape against a priest. read more

Copa Del Rey final Atletico Madrid 3731 Barcelona

← Previous Story Polish Ekstraklasa: Vive Kielce and Wisla Plock both lose! Next Story → Edin Basic and Cedric Paty staying in Chambery Savoie As everyone expected, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid met in the final of Copa del Rey, the two giants of Spanish handball. Barcelona started the game well and at times had 3 goals difference in the first half, but Atletico always managed to catch up and the first half ended with Barcelona advantage of 15-14. However, the second half brought us a huge game turnover. After losing by 3 goals at the beginning of the 2nd half, Atletico Madrid managed to make an incredible run, and have 5-6 goals lead about 15 minutes before the end. Calling a timeout, Barcelona made 3-0 run from 51st to 54th minute, but then Atletico Madrid got back in goal-scoring shape, and concluded the game with a victory of 37-31, lifting the Copa del Rey trophy! read more

Samsung predicts record profit for fourth quarter in a row

first_imgSAMSUNG ELECTRONICS company says it’s on course to record a record quarterly operating profit, likely driven by strong sales of high-end smartphones that offset weak semiconductor orders.The guidance for Samsung’s third quarter earnings showed it was on track to report a record-high quarterly profit for a fourth straight quarter, despite legal tussles with Apple that resulted in a $1 billion compensation judgment in August.But analysts said a rise in marketing spending will decrease the company’s profit in the October-December quarter and sustaining fat margins in premium mobile devices could be increasingly tough.Samsung estimated in a regulatory filing that its July-September operating income nearly doubled to 8.1 trillion won (€5.6 billion) from 4.25 trillion won a year earlier.The result, which is 21 percent higher than Samsung’s previous record high profit posted in the April-June quarter, was better than the market consensus of 7.6 trillion won, according to a poll of 26 analysts by FnGuide Inc., a financial information provider.The world’s largest maker of mobile phones, memory chips and TVs estimated its quarterly revenue at 52 trillion won, up 26 percent from a year earlier and meeting expectations.Shares of Samsung traded 0.4 per cent lower in Seoul. Samsung will announce its full quarterly results including net income and a breakdown for each division toward the end of this month.Analysts believe Samsung’s mobile communications business that sells smartphones, media players and tablet computers generated almost 70 per cent of its operating profit in the last quarter.last_img read more

Pixel Qi display kit puts a DIY netbook within reach

first_imgBeen waiting to get started on that DIY netbook or tablet until you could easily integrate one of Pixel Qi’s daylight-readable displays? Now’s your chance! Tin Can Tools is offering up a slick new kit that includes everything you need.That even includes a 10.1-inch Pixel Qi display — no small bonus, because it’s still not easy for the average Joe to get his hands on one. The kit also includes an Animal LVDS expansion board, an LVDS adapter board, and two 40-pin ribbon cables. It’s compatible with the very popular BeagleBoard Rev-C and xM, and both the PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES. Complete hookup instructions are included, of course.So what’s all this going to set you back? Tin Can Tools is selling the kit for $299, which is about $24 more than you’ll pay for the Pixel Qi display alone — assuming you’re able to find someone that has it for sale in the first place. They’re still a bit tricky to purchase online, and many of the company’s listed distribution partners show no inventory on hand or backorders with no ETA.The LVDS adapter board sells for $29 and the Animal for $59, so this is a pretty solid deal if you’re looking to lighten your DIY workload a bit.At the time of writing, Tin Can Tools only had four kits for sale. That means you’ll have to be fast if you want to get your hands on one and impress your friends with that fancy new hand-made gadget you’ve been pondering. Just make sure you save $500 for a 3D printer to add the requisite finishing touches.More at Pixel Qi  Image: Make forumslast_img read more

11 Incredible Homemade Robots

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. It’s the 21st century, and we were promised robots. Science fiction made us think that we’d have automated servants at home and at work, taking care of menial tasks so we can devote our valuable human minds and bodies to… reading comics and playing video games. But commercial robotics, while fun, just aren’t up to snuff yet.The core tenet of the true geek is that if something doesn’t exist, we make it ourself. So join us on a journey around the world to meet eleven inventors who weren’t satisfied with the state of contemporary robotics and hacked together personal mechanical assistants in a staggering array of shapes. From scrap metal servants on a Chinese farm to a face-recognizing laser drone in a pizza box, these are our picks for the coolest and craziest homemade robots out there.LokiMany of the homemade robots we’re going to see here started out as hobby projects before getting out of control – sort of like Ultron. David Shinsel’s “Loki” probably isn’t going to evolve into a malevolent superintelligence aiming to eradicate all organic life, though. Built from aluminum, the rolling robot is four feet tall and about 40 pounds. It uses a pair of three-fingered hands on the end of fully movable arms and uses facial and color recognition software to identify CDs, count money, respond to voice commands and navigate his house using an odometer, compass and maps.Bum-BotThe problem of homelessness is one that is puzzling many cities right now, as housing becomes more expensive and the opioid epidemic drains productive people from the workforce. The situation is complex, but Atlanta barbecue restaurant owner Rufus Terrill has come up with… well, we wouldn’t say a solution exactly, but it sure is a robot. The three-wheeled unit is controlled remotely and built from a meat smoker. It has a camera system, loudspeaker and lights that Rufus – who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2009 – uses to roust out undesirables after dark in the parking lot around his business. If they resist, the front-mounted water cannon gives them a cold squirt.BlessU-2Robots and religion typically aren’t subjects that go together well, but a group of Protestants in Germany are trying to erase that divide with the help of a clergybot. BlessU-2 was built in honor of the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation to expand the notions of what getting a blessing means. It can speak in multiple languages in male and female voices, and recites from a selection of pre-programmed prayers. We don’t see this somewhat terrifying looking machine replacing human priests anytime soon, but we said that about travel agents and look what happened to them.Robot RickshawChinese farmer Wu Yulu is probably the world’s most prolific homemade robot inventor. From his property outside of Beijing, he’s spent decades creating charming single-purpose robots out of junk. His first creation was a robot rickshaw driver to chauffeur him around the farm in style, and since then he’s built several dozen more. A different robot pours his tea, lights his cigarettes and more. His hobby hasn’t been without cost – an exploding battery scarred his face pretty badly and another failed experiment burned his house down. He still soldiers on, though, building new friends and helpers.MX-PhoenixWhile most of the robots in this article have appearances that give away their amateur construction, the MX-Phoenix looks slick and futuristic, like something that could have come out of a black ops lab and not a garage in Norway. Inventor Kåre Halvorsen has a day job as an engineer, but on weekends he lets his lust for robots take him over. The MX-Phoenix was built to display a proof of concept for a hexapodal walker that could take on a variety of rough terrain. Constructed mainly from 3D printed ABS plastic, it’s a creepy crawler that could develop into something very cool.ScrapbotLet’s head back to China for one of the beefiest homemade robots on this list. Inventor Tao Xiangli built his massive robot companion, who clocks in at over six feet tall and nearly 500 pounds. Brightly illuminated, the vaguely humanoid creation can perform simple motions like rotating its neck and raising its arms at the flip of one of the dozens of switches that stud its body. It can also respond to commands through IR beaming. Tao’s creation isn’t mobile on its own, though, so there’s no risk of it going on a rampage.Laser Eye BlasterAsimov’s first law states that no robot should ever harm a human, but laws are meant to be broken. 19 year old Arizona college student Michael Reeves made headlines in April by constructing a robot that scans the room for his face and, if it sees him, blasts him in the eye with a low-wattage laser. Made from a pair of servos and a webcam hooked up to a database, the contraption is housed in a pizza box for maximum funkiness. As for why exactly he felt the need to create something that hates him, Reeves didn’t seem to have a particularly good answer.The SafecrackerLet’s continue with the theme of robots who use their mechanical powers for evil. When engineer Nathan Seidle came into possession of a second-hand safe with no combination, he set to building a robot that could crack it. The finished project is an automated device made from 3D printed and off-the-shelf parts that can crack a safe in an average of 36 minutes with no fuss or muss. The machine illustrates the scary reality that brute force isn’t the only game in town. If a tireless machine can algorithmically test every combination, safe manufacturers are going to have to come up with some new tricks.The Bear ElectrocutionerGoing face-to-face with a bear isn’t the smartest idea, so Turkish inventor Mustafa Karasungur decided to deputize a robot to do it for him. His bizarre creation is a white-faced homunculus that rolls along on a wooden platform, jerking its arms wildly. Here’s the kicker, though: if it does encounter a bear, built-in batteries release 25,000 volts into the beast. Unfortunately, it’ll do the same to a human because Karasungur’s not really up on the latest AI developments.AikoWhile some robot makers pursue their craft to make human lives easier, others have a different motivation: companionship. Le Trung is a Japanese software engineer who lives with his parents and hasn’t had much luck on the dating scene, so he sank some $20,000 into the creation of artificial femme Aiko. The humanoid robot has a network of sensors throughout her body, speaks both English and Japanese and… can’t walk. Trung is working on that, though, and hopes to have his perfect woman ambulatory soon.Captured! By RobotsIt can be hard to put a band together – egos clash, skill levels vary, and the pay’s not great. So in 1996, Jay Vance decided to throw all that out the window and just construct his own backing musicians. The result was Captured! By Robots, the gig that he’s been doing for the last two decades. Clad in a gimp mask, Vance shreds on guitar as automated drummers, bass players and other noisemakers hammer away behind him. His creations are both hilarious and totally terrifying.last_img read more

Foster kids helped by former foster kid

first_imgMisty Ashdown hasn’t had the easiest path to her last year of high school. After entering foster care at age 11, she has overcome an adolescence of unstable circumstances to reach a point of helping others.The Union High School senior has lived with three foster families since entering the system. In that time, Ashdown learned to never rely on other people for much — a mind-set she said softened the adjustment of entering new families and the reality of never having the same lifestyle as her peers.If you’d like to contribute to Misty Ashdown’s donation drive, contact Union High School Culminating Project Coordinator Connie Hennessey at 360-604-6250.That personal experience inspired Ashdown’s culminating project that focuses on the needs of foster youths.“I thought since I’ve been through the system I know what it’s like, and I want to help people,” Ashdown said.The culminating project is a graduation requirement that includes a research essay, 15 hours of community service and a presentation. Those components are completed during a student’s junior and senior years.“A lot of kids will choose the big national issues as their project topics,” said Connie Hennessey, who coordinates the projects at Union High School. “Then others will choose things, like Misty did, that are much closer to home.”last_img read more

Metro Wants To Update The Way It Collects Fares

first_img Share X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Gail DelaughterA Metro bus waits to pick up riders at the Northwest Transit CenterMetro says some of its fare collection boxes are over 20 years old and some of the components can’t be updated. But technology has raced ahead, and riders now want more options with their smartphones. The transit agency is now trying to figure out how to collect fares in the 21st century.  It’s now hiring a consultant to help with the effort.   Metro CEO Tom Lambert says one thing riders have been asking for is a way they can pay a single fare and then transfer to other bus systems.   “That’s a platform that we can think can be seamless no matter what jurisdiction you’re in,” says Lambert. “We’ve been talking to our colleagues at Harris County Transit and Fort Bend Transit to see, can they leverage off of that platform.”Along with customer convenience there are other issues. Board member Christof Spieler says fare collection can affect Metro’s entire operation.  “A fare system has huge impacts on the reliability and travel time of our service,” adds Spieler. “How you board a vehicle and how long that takes.”Officials say no matter what system Metro eventually chooses, riders will still have the option to pay cash. 00:00 /01:03last_img read more