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Glasses equipment expensive

whether we are ready to open a large number of optical shops, ready to invest much money, but if you want to open a successful glasses shop, naturally need to purchase the relevant optical equipment. So, is it expensive? Let’s get to know each other.

when talking about the opening of the glasses shop, glasses shop equipment is an open topic. Indeed, shop equipment is very large, the total value is not cheap, for many people is the cost of a lot of money, but the glasses market in the price of the device can dragons and fishes jumbled together, are tens or even hundreds of times, and many glasses store are joining the headquarters directly with the equipment, the quality is uneven. Next, we went into the market to see the glasses equipment. read more

How to choose the brand to join the brand when starting a business

we all come from childhood, we all know the importance of toys for a child, so that the industry is also very profitable, open a toy store is not a good choice to start a business. But in order to successfully run a toy store, we must first choose a good brand, so you have the basis of success in order to create brilliant achievements. So, how to choose toys to join the brand?

1, toys to join to see whether the brand strength

McDonald’s join millions, why so many people want to do? The reason is simple, because McDonald’s strength, there are many successful precedents. This experience tells us that if you want to choose a toy to join forces to investigate the strength of the brand is very important thing. Join the brand strength include: read more

The first row of good taste delicious chicken heart choose Entrepreneurship

now a lot of people like to eat chicken, chicken is delicious and unforgettable, in the street alley, there are a lot of young people eat the first large chicken, we evaluate for the first large chicken is very high, the first large chicken as a mature catering brand, continuous development, unlimited business opportunities.


] how large the first chicken

the first large chicken in-depth consumer market research, understand the current consumer demand, using the finest quality raw materials crafted fashion delicacy. The first good Taiwan chicken is a mature brand catering, flexibility and join the management policy, not subject to site constraints, with greater profit space. The first good chicken by special equipment production, the secret sauce pickled, from the source to ensure the healthy and delicious products. read more

Daily topics Ali entertainment treasure turned out to create the national investment disputes

A5 ( station network April 2nd news recently, Ali launched the entertainment treasure caused extensive discussion, of course we will also have certain questions indifferent. "Entertainment treasure", "balance of treasure", is a treasure, it is easy to fall into a reverie.

then the entertainment treasure in the end is where sacred? And whether the balance of treasure has a same vein blood? According to Ali introduced unlike the balance of treasure attributes, entertainment treasure will depend on Taobao mobile end products to consumers by offering financing, financing configured as part of the trust plan, and ultimately invest in Ali’s cultural and entertainment industry. Taobao mobile phone users can in the entertainment treasure reservation page, select the items of interest were investment, the expected annual yield of 7%, and have the opportunity to enjoy the crew visit the set, the star will meet other entertainment interests. Different from the balance of treasure monetary fund, entertainment treasure docking is investment linked insurance products China Life’s "Guohua Huarui No. 1 A life insurance". read more

China’s first forum aggregation portal banner network suddenly closed

banner network announcement

Phoenix Science and technology news July 28th news, China’s earliest forum portal portal network polymerization announcement, saying that due to business needs, with immediate effect to terminate the provision of content services. In fact, in early July, the banner of network has stopped updating, but the official did not always give any explanation.

public information, is the earliest Chinese banner network forum aggregation portal was founded in November 2004, originally called, renamed in March 2006 has been a banner network, IDG technology venture investment fund and the United States in the group’s investment. read more

Taobao mall by rival poaching Tencent Dangdang give emergency small businesses

October 14th morning news, Taobao mall remains trapped in confrontation and small sellers, its competitors to high-profile small businesses olive branch: Tencent mall said security costs far lower than Taobao, and do not accept the technical service fee. The Dangdang issued a high-profile announcement that it will not increase the cost of platform management.

this game because of substantial price increases caused by the storm, let Taobao mall these days face small sellers attack brand business’s troubles, malicious attacks continued in the case of small sellers, Taobao mall is faced with "foreign aggression", competitors have to stand at this high-profile small sellers, intended to draw more small merchant. read more

Uncover the mysterious veil of circle marketing

in the social life of the Chinese people, "circle" is a very important words, large enterprises, social circles, small to small circles in the unit, everywhere in the circle. And everyone is a circle of people, no circle of life seems unimaginable. But just because of the "Like attracts like. circle phenomenon, and the Chinese Birds of a feather flock together." consumer distribution in different circles and became a circle, but also because of people inside the circle have certain homogeneity, or common interests, or common interests or common taste, or a common goal. read more

How to maintain the vitality of new sites is the key

today to talk about how to do as soon as possible to attract new sites Google, Baidu and other major search engine crawler – search spiders, in order to quickly increase the number of sites included in it.

get everyone happy, the website domain name in late November for less than half a month’s time, Google has included more than 2 thousand website information, Baidu has included items have also been in more than 100. Some people will ask why the site included from the domain name registration to the search engine included thousands of messages so quickly? In fact, the so-called secret even for ordinary people is not what one is too profound to be understood, the original article. read more

16 network marketing moves and master in the YY million people meeting to share

when we visit the QQ space yesterday evening, I saw about the stator: dynamic. The content is probably a YY million Internet Conference activities, there will be 8 expert for dry cargo sharing. At that time no matter what, then open the YY into the specified channel. The master teacher began to share, on the screen Title: network marketing 199 trick cheats, to last a total of about 16 moves, the master teacher of this trick is really high!

then, I’ll take these with their own memory contents probably sorted out, for everyone to share, the middle part might not want to record, the details of the master teacher can go to room to see QQ. read more

Check Google, Ali and other God class enterprise domain Daguai articles

renamed China ( September 29th hearing, actually playing the game with like, there are a large number of people hope to "upgrade clearance" every day, there are many people playing all kinds of "the way the monster", died on the way, but there are a lot of people destroyed "ultimate BOSS successful clearance is regarded as" god". Such as Google, Amazon, Ali is regarded as God class enterprise is how to arm their domain name to Daguai


Google domain name journey read more

Dai Zhikang opportunities for small and medium sized vertical industry segments

news recently, 2012 China webmaster General Assembly held in Chongqing Railway Station Nanping International Convention Center in Chongqing on April 21st, Kang Sheng company president, Discuz! Founder Dai Zhikang attended the meeting and made a keynote speech. Dai Zhikang in the 2012 Chongqing stationmaster Congress said that entrepreneurship is a road of no return, without the experience of business life is not complete, he shared his journey as an entrepreneur, and tells Discuz! A road, stick with the harvest. read more

From the web page of the development of the garbage, talk about the planning and promotion of person

in the six months ago, perhaps we do not know there is a spam page such a site, and today, I almost everyone on the QQ know spam page such a garbage station. Even if I do not know the web site, also heard of such a name. Why is it that a web site that has been developed for just a year can build such a high level of garbage awareness so quickly? I have to study the development of our station analysis and promotion methods, "the webmaster do promotion planning in individual stationmaster sit first put the garbage, the garbage fully deserve. Analysis of

when you do website must be in the domain name, site name, column design targeted. Be clear at a glance. Who knows who the user is. Analysis of

the so-called garbage promotion: wine is also afraid of deep alley, do not say the website promotion, it is no good web spam webmaster to do the promotion is very set. His methods are mainly three.

read more

Website promotion

do not know where to come today, ready to send an article on the Admin5, since the exposure to the webmaster network, really should be the words of them – – webmaster will be on the site. Read every day to write the soft Wen predecessors, what good, think about it, to see if there is no relevant. What pull, not much to say, to support the webmaster network, support Zhang eldest brother.

the Internet every day a habit, take a look at your website, and then open the email, and then open the campus network, because the students are there, so the students move, you can have an understanding, this is the so-called user stickiness. Do you know why SNS is so hot? That could be a reason. Campus network has just opened an open platform. QQ alumni still beta, do not know can not shake the school, let us wait and see. After the opening of the students to see the dynamic, to see what the students have something new, to see a shared log. read more

Taobao auction will become China’s largest online auction platform

Taobao auction will become China’s largest online auction platform

sina science and technology news August 12th afternoon news, Taobao recently announced that its auction business in the first half of 2014, an increase of 1528% in the first half of the transaction, a single quarter has exceeded 10 billion. Auction industry is expected to calculate the size of the transaction, Taobao auction will be the sum of Sotheby’s and Christie’s beyond 2015.

from the China Film Association data show that Taobao’s auction has become China’s largest online auction platform. According to shoot Association released the "Outlook" in 2013 China auction industry blue book, 2013 China online auction of more than 20 billion yuan, of which Taobao auction will occupy half of the country, with absolute advantage to become the boss of the network platform. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, Taobao auction turnover has reached 12 billion 100 million, exceeding the total of last year, with the increase of up to 1528%. Auction industry is expected to calculate the size of the transaction, Taobao auction will be the sum of Sotheby’s and Christie’s beyond 2015. read more

Pay for copywriting training In fact, free is the most expensive

this article from the "free is the most expensive," the beginning of this sentence.

from the beginning of 2010, Yu of extraordinary technical field of hackers gradually to the field of network marketing transformation, in some network marketing and network training, the training instructor most often say that I mentioned this sentence – free is the most expensive, but when possible because of the mind is still immature, what is not too deep understanding of this sentence, at the time of some things in the understanding of Internet marketing or habitually and technology in the field of thinking together, feel free is the most expensive "meaning should be a lot of hacker training network station charge a few hundred dollars or a thousand courses in the Internet there are a lot of free learning, these free courses are great value. I believe that many of the network may be the same as I thought at the time. read more

A laptop in the eyes of 618 electricity supplier price war

in the 618 electricity price restless battle yesterday ", in whose heart hurt?" the article mainly introduced the 618 anniversary of the main activities of the electricity supplier, with the right has been Lenovo Y400N-IFI ready to start to join the major electricity supplier gangster, discovered that in fact is not like before mentioned, the original you chiefs have left hand


Mall: leading bags, clothing shoes clearly say special, today suddenly changed their mind, to the four war zone, respectively, Liu explosion area, the category of special promotions, brand promotion, special member Liu District, the scene is very lively, it is said that the early morning of June 18th, only 7 minutes appliance category sales have exceeded 40 million. In the shopping search box enter the Lenovo Y400N-IFI, GT650 CPUi5 graphics model, but said no goods, even more exasperating is the type into a Y400M, Liu do not take this end of the read more