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A laptop in the eyes of 618 electricity supplier price war

in the 618 electricity price restless battle yesterday ", in whose heart hurt?" the article mainly introduced the 618 anniversary of the main activities of the electricity supplier, with the right has been Lenovo Y400N-IFI ready to start to join the major electricity supplier gangster, discovered that in fact is not like before mentioned, the original you chiefs have left hand


Mall: leading bags, clothing shoes clearly say special, today suddenly changed their mind, to the four war zone, respectively, Liu explosion area, the category of special promotions, brand promotion, special member Liu District, the scene is very lively, it is said that the early morning of June 18th, only 7 minutes appliance category sales have exceeded 40 million. In the shopping search box enter the Lenovo Y400N-IFI, GT650 CPUi5 graphics model, but said no goods, even more exasperating is the type into a Y400M, Liu do not take this end of the read more