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A rich strawberry

from the self-employed to self-employed entrepreneurs, Liu Hong in the entrepreneurial initiative to use their brains on the road, the courage to pay, so that a small strawberry became his tool to get rich. I also gain wealth and pride.

"I kind of strawberry is popular not only because of good taste, and has no environmental pollution, can eat without washing off!" January 12th, the reporter in the town of Dingtao County, even the village set a strawberry picking greenhouses, interviewed Liu Hong is busy greeting customers. Liu Hong planted strawberry picking greenhouse for 4 years, a year to a new level, become famous for rich hotshot, this and his courage, daring Ganpin character is closely related to pay. read more

Scrape together a single area so that the business booming shop


encounters a few cents change, customers do not want, the owner also feel inconvenient, but if you do not change, if things go on like this, will certainly be subject to customer complaints, it will have a very negative effect for the development of the business of the shop. In this case, the owners how to solve it? In the daily operation, often encounter some fraction of the customers do not check out.

for example, there was a young man at the store. He bought a pack of cigarettes and some fruit. I receivables 29.6 yuan, he gave me three bills of 10 yuan, I hastened to bow to him in the coin box change. The young man picked up the fruit and said, "forget it. Don’t look for it." Although customers clearly say don’t change, but I do business for many years to develop a habit, never a penny cheaper for customers. "That’s OK, 40 Fen is money, how can I ask you for money?!" I say. read more

Do sales must be professional

if the operator does not attach enough importance to the product itself, how can we ensure that the goods can be successfully sold out? Even if the sale out, really can ensure that consumers understand the commodity enough, really can let it play a role? So, if you want to do sales business, we must be professional.

I recently engaged in new home decoration, meet individual professional sales, it is a bit upset. Of course, it will no longer be a repeat of the store, and will not introduce this shop to a friend. read more

How to open a beauty salon to do business promotion activities

beauty industry is able to make money in the industry, and now people are very concerned about their own external, so that the industry is very market, so the beauty salon has become the choice of many small investors. But for the novice, in order to successfully open a beauty salon, you need to do a good job promotion, so as to attract more consumer attention, bring you good business. Specifically how to do it? Details are as follows:

the first step, to have a distinctive theme.

theme can proceed from many aspects, such as this year’s "super beautiful angel Award", is to improve the quality of the beautician; such as last year’s "I add luster for the Olympic Games" is from the customer to care for the country; such as a few years ago to do the "fire" of "love and beauty zero distance — charity donation activities" this is from the customer, offer love to. read more

Man its customers for more than 20 years old girl writers

intern reporter Li Hongxun Liu Qi Lu

correspondent Kang Jin

reading tips

a man founded "energy-saving", spread more than 1200 article describing gay romance pornographic novels, "the creative team behind" is actually a group of 20 years old of girls, the youngest 17 years old. Yesterday, reporters from Zhengzhou city 27 District Procuratorate, the procuratorate prosecution, the webmaster Wang Ming by the court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials sentenced in one year and six months, and fined ten thousand yuan. read more

P2P how to conduct emotional marketing

Abstract: what is the feeling of marketing, I think is to find, discover, remind, others concerned, induced demand, interest, pain, cut in.

chance in a financial community to see a main question: P2P how to do marketing? I have a deep feeling, then talk about their own views, hope that we can communicate with more and better ideas.

first of all we have to know about what is called emotional marketing: emotional marketing is the consumer demand and personal feelings differences as the enterprise brand marketing strategy of emotional marketing core, by means of emotional packaging, emotion promotion, advertising, emotional feelings, emotional design and strategies to achieve business objectives. read more

Search engine optimization column absolute & relative URL impact on site rankings

    compile: what is the "URL absolute" and "relative URL"    
– absolute path using the full URL to the specified page.  
– relative path: the use of automatic URL to the specified page. For example:  absolute path  
/page1/index.html  it is a relative path.  
for the relative path, the browser will automatically add links in the ""   read more

Teach you a few strokes easy to get rid of the campus WeChat platform promotion

campus market is always an outdated market, regardless of the former campus network, or later in the curriculum, fought the exploration of campus business model, this paper focuses on the campus of WeChat public promotion platform. Before doing this we need to set up an outline:

1 target user

campus public face is the number of students in the school (the main user), part of the graduates (potential users), part of the upcoming students (new users).

we analyze the characteristics of three types of users read more

Circle of friends mask truth survey two months to prepare the international big name

Dialogue screenshots

agents and primary agents, reflect the primary dealers to earn money.

Express a single and ready goods drying out

mask agents circle of friends, to create a micro business is busy making money.

Express a single and ready goods drying out

mask agents circle of friends, to create a micro business is busy making money.

WeChat in your circle of friends is a mask captured? If not, you may suggest that the circle of friends is too small. Recently, the Beijing News and Qing research think tank jointly launched a survey showed that 84.8% of people in the circle of friends to see someone selling mask. read more

Jiang Likun network marketing to enhance the income of the law

in the workplace, we must have seen such a strange phenomenon: some people are very good, but it can not find a job, but also the position and salary is not always go. While some people ability is very general, but never worry about work, and even income positions are very high, this is why? This question I’m often asked, like the first two days, there is a friend let me give his friend, and his friend, the work has been 3 years, but or worry, but less than three thousand yuan a month. What are the factors that determine the income? read more

Share network marketing department job description writing

In the process of

to provide Internet marketing services, we found that many enterprise network marketing departments corresponding responsibilities and job requirements are not allowed to hold, and the monitoring department is difficult to work effectively. The effect of the enterprise’s network marketing can not play to maximize, to a certain extent, the control of personnel is not in place. Basically speaking, the network marketing department, such as the operation manager, operations specialist, network editor, SEO Commissioner, website promotion, network marketing copywriter planning, web programmers, web site and other basic positions. Of course, each enterprise according to their different needs and the company’s internal management mechanism can be corresponding increase or decrease. The following network marketing job responsibilities and job requirements are summarized below for your reference. read more

Almost become Betta A station B station why come over

if the A station fill pit (updated video resources) to keep up with the pace of change the speed of the director."

– A station user "Goki sauce"

recently, barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran, due to frequent infighting in the resignation of the company "news, this distance Moran took office in January less than 8 months. This is the third time A station in the past 6 years to replace CEO.

According to the Sina

game, reported that barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran recently to the board of directors resigned from all positions, A board of directors has also agreed to Moran’s resignation, and appointed Vice President of the Austrian flying entertainment and chief strategy officer Li Bin served as chairman of the board, the original A station Liu Yanyan took over as editor in chief CEO. read more

Buy site credit certification effect is not a lack of recognized standards

in October 29th this year, China International Electronic Commerce Center released the country’s first e-commerce credit certification rules, a total of 29 websites to buy a certificate issued by the first certification. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] November 25th news reports yesterday, Beijing lawyer Wang Yajun Department of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center is certified to the relevant units to report, once again sparked discussion about the topic of the group purchase certification. This TechWeb interviewed a number of site leader. read more

Experts say false registration information can be canceled domain name

at present, mobile phones, network real name system is being widely concerned by the community. As an important part of the Internet access, the domain name will also become an important part of the real name system. Then, from the perspective of the international organizations concerned, how to define the domain name system, the registration information is not real name will be what kind of punishment? In this regard, Dr. Tan Hualin assistant dean of Beihang University School of law, said that the domain name registration information real name requirements can be said to be International practice. According to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers) of the relevant provisions of the obligation of each holder of the domain name registration information authenticity, accuracy of self-examination, if it is found that the registered information is not real, should contact the Registrar to be corrected. If the domain name holder provides false registration information, the Registrar shall have the right to cancel the domain name. In the grace period prior to the cancellation, the domain name will be temporarily owned by the Registrar until the registrar has updated the domain name registration information. read more

News website Reddit valuation of more than $500 million worth of domain names

renamed China ( September 9th news, it is reported that the social news site Reddit intends to sell nearly 10% of the shares, after the completion of the transaction, the valuation of more than $500 million or Reddit. The value of domain name will also rise.

Reddit was founded in 2005, the site content for the user to see the news on the Internet or original content, in the form of a post, and in accordance with the user to determine whether to vote in the rankings on the home page. According to a 2013 survey report, Reddit users accounted for 6% of total U.S. people * *, and Tumblr par. According to the query "China whois information system, other suffixes are registered in Reddit read more

After the two half of the six months after the main line of the network again paralyzed collapse

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) less than half a year on the line may be due to the closure of the business network again. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday found that in December last year, with the concept of open platform to re launch the mission treasure network, its dual domain names have been unable to visit.

buy navigation website group 800 founder Hu Chen told the Beijing Daily reporter, due to taking into account its funding problems, mission 800 in the first six months before the collapse of the group treasure has stopped cooperation. Beijing Daily reporter found that Groupon has 400 customer service phone number is empty, had to suspend Groupon included, at the same time, Groupon in Sina’s official micro-blog group of single link has been unable to open, micro-blog in May 10th to stop the update. As of press time ago, the Group Po CEO any spring thunder phone is in a state of service. According to a person close to the person who said the spring, estimated not optimistic, is not willing to come out to say". read more

2017 CES science and technology exhibition opening soon there are 7 major trends in science and tech

lead: U.S. technology website CNET recently wrote, 7 important trends leading CES technology exhibition this year is summarized.

below is the full text of the article:

the world’s largest technology fair will be held this week, this article lists the content you need to know.

this year, about 200 thousand people will pour into Las Vegas to participate in CES. In addition, this year is the 50 anniversary of the founding of CES. Stand on a variety of products and services will remind us of the 1967 science fiction: from driverless cars to voice control and personal assistant to a wide variety of UAV camera. read more

Grassroots wonderful information review (11.28–12.02) recommended

webmaster story: my life second stop

I do not think I will go today such a no return,

high school fall, continuous repeat two years of high school, has experienced 3 times during that time, the college entrance examination, in the end what to do what, since I myself still do not know ~

went to Hangzhou, the United States to train fine arts, to the subsequent training of Fine Arts in Fuzhou, it is better to say that the Internet cafes fall.

at that time, I only play the game (when the legendary fire), on the Internet to see some of the three stream of hacking technology. read more

Small group purchase website survival sample closures after the case of a tide

"our website usually two or three days will have a click, so everyone can think of our sales right?" officially launched in Guangzhou in September 2011 of a local group purchase network CEO Mr. Chen to ridicule the "China Times" reporter.


network group purchase sales performance since the establishment has been tepid, is currently hovering at the edge of collapse, and Mr. Chen experienced business pain, sadness is a microcosm of many earlier trend is difficult to endure the creation of group purchase website. read more

Just do what you like

I am a graduate school specializing in graphic design students, has been working for nearly two years, has been engaged in the network and closely related to the work.

a year ago, began to take a great interest in the personal website, that we are not afraid of a joke, although the university is about graphic design, website knowledge, or a little bit in their work slowly accumulated, always want to build their own websites, is a test of their understanding of the website the knowledge of the two, is the hope that through the website and through the website operation later to bring some of their extra income. read more