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News website Reddit valuation of more than $500 million worth of domain names

renamed China ( September 9th news, it is reported that the social news site Reddit intends to sell nearly 10% of the shares, after the completion of the transaction, the valuation of more than $500 million or Reddit. The value of domain name will also rise.

Reddit was founded in 2005, the site content for the user to see the news on the Internet or original content, in the form of a post, and in accordance with the user to determine whether to vote in the rankings on the home page. According to a 2013 survey report, Reddit users accounted for 6% of total U.S. people * *, and Tumblr par. According to the query "China whois information system, other suffixes are registered in Reddit read more


After the two half of the six months after the main line of the network again paralyzed collapse

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) less than half a year on the line may be due to the closure of the business network again. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday found that in December last year, with the concept of open platform to re launch the mission treasure network, its dual domain names have been unable to visit.

buy navigation website group 800 founder Hu Chen told the Beijing Daily reporter, due to taking into account its funding problems, mission 800 in the first six months before the collapse of the group treasure has stopped cooperation. Beijing Daily reporter found that Groupon has 400 customer service phone number is empty, had to suspend Groupon included, at the same time, Groupon in Sina’s official micro-blog group of single link has been unable to open, micro-blog in May 10th to stop the update. As of press time ago, the Group Po CEO any spring thunder phone is in a state of service. According to a person close to the person who said the spring, estimated not optimistic, is not willing to come out to say". read more


2017 CES science and technology exhibition opening soon there are 7 major trends in science and tech

lead: U.S. technology website CNET recently wrote, 7 important trends leading CES technology exhibition this year is summarized.

below is the full text of the article:

the world’s largest technology fair will be held this week, this article lists the content you need to know.

this year, about 200 thousand people will pour into Las Vegas to participate in CES. In addition, this year is the 50 anniversary of the founding of CES. Stand on a variety of products and services will remind us of the 1967 science fiction: from driverless cars to voice control and personal assistant to a wide variety of UAV camera. read more


Grassroots wonderful information review (11.28–12.02) recommended

webmaster story: my life second stop

I do not think I will go today such a no return,

high school fall, continuous repeat two years of high school, has experienced 3 times during that time, the college entrance examination, in the end what to do what, since I myself still do not know ~

went to Hangzhou, the United States to train fine arts, to the subsequent training of Fine Arts in Fuzhou, it is better to say that the Internet cafes fall.

at that time, I only play the game (when the legendary fire), on the Internet to see some of the three stream of hacking technology. read more


Small group purchase website survival sample closures after the case of a tide

"our website usually two or three days will have a click, so everyone can think of our sales right?" officially launched in Guangzhou in September 2011 of a local group purchase network CEO Mr. Chen to ridicule the "China Times" reporter.


network group purchase sales performance since the establishment has been tepid, is currently hovering at the edge of collapse, and Mr. Chen experienced business pain, sadness is a microcosm of many earlier trend is difficult to endure the creation of group purchase website. read more


Just do what you like

I am a graduate school specializing in graphic design students, has been working for nearly two years, has been engaged in the network and closely related to the work.

a year ago, began to take a great interest in the personal website, that we are not afraid of a joke, although the university is about graphic design, website knowledge, or a little bit in their work slowly accumulated, always want to build their own websites, is a test of their understanding of the website the knowledge of the two, is the hope that through the website and through the website operation later to bring some of their extra income. read more


Easy mom million yuan Pre-A round of financing

relaxed mom CEO Liu Liangliang witnessed the whole process of his wife’s production, he had personally experienced the delivery of 10 pain test, to level third, he could not bear. He can also understand his wife from 110 pounds to the weight of 160 pounds of hard work. Postpartum, his wife suffering from mastitis, breast milk in order to adhere to, had to reluctantly choose no anesthesia surgery.

easy mom CEO Liu Liangliang

in order to make mothers more relaxed, Liu Liangliang set up a relaxed mother". Easy mother is a free agency fee for Yuesao and nursery teacher platform, provide reliable docking services for mother group. read more


Three state borrowing and digital marketing innovation and dedication

images from the network

the popularity of the Internet, so that the evolution of traditional marketing network marketing, the prevalence of mobile Internet, so that the network marketing into digital marketing. From advertising to fine and come to the inheritance of the essence of traditional marketing era, learn new ideas, to a higher level, broader horizons. Thanks to the innovative interactive, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot Ying; Sheng Zhongguo; Wan Si Jiu Fu, mobile finance; poly wins Wanhe MediaV, SIEMENS appliances; new media, Remy Martin CLUB; send Ruiwei line, click Cheil, OpenTide carpool; Taikang adsame technology; Hand-Pulled Noodle, Ajisen HYLINK, telunsu; interactive; Hawaii Tourism Bureau, the International Union made jointly and with digital marketing case. read more


To do BBS new Adsense

as a meet the requirements of the BBS site, first of all to express your blessing: as long as your intentions, success will belong to you!

When the

N method to improve site traffic when flying in (I had a similar post), as the new owners may enter a misunderstanding, that improve the flow by the means of promotion can be stable, in fact, is completely mistaken, because they do not consider some basic questions, again good promotion will seem pale. According to my 2 years BBS management experience, method, some of the most basic BBS station is wrong, please do not throw bricks read more


Ninety-nine percent of the Amazon business ideas

cross-border electricity supplier has experienced the traditional exhibition, the traditional import and export of large orders and similar Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, wish and other mainstream platform for online transactions.

for the current hot Amazon platform business is now the general perception of what I am Jiang Huan, I think there are many errors.

what is the relationship between us and Amazon?

this is a question of understanding the fundamental Amazon, many sellers think that Amazon is the source of traffic, yisifumu. Abide by the rules, account security, maintenance posts, deal with customer complaints and so on, these general perception can be derived to Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, as well as Google, Baidu and other search engines. The truth is, the only problem is that all of this is based on the platform and the product. read more


The status quo and the way out of WeChat position marketing

micro-blog marketing ascendant, WeChat marketing has been in full swing. However, compared with the early micro-blog grassroots large earned disk full bowl compared to WeChat grassroots want to do a large amount of money can not be so easy. Recently many penguins ban advertising grassroots large, perhaps in order to avoid the occurrence of sina micro-blog profit model? This leads to a lot of WeChat from micro-blog to WeChat on the loss of good managers to look forward to, and switch to do anything else, even now rarely heard bad mouthing micro-blog’s remarks. read more


Cross border electricity supplier farewell 0 tax, the last wave of preferential attack

days ago, cross-border retail electricity supplier will implement the import of new tax news, finally confirmed the relevant departments of the state, "0 tax era" is coming to an end. For the new deal to take the largest part of the business model to take part in the bonded, in order to catch up before the implementation of the new deal to clean up inventory, have started to dump goods model. It is reported that the well-known domestic electricity supplier from the end of the month to open a "clear inventory model really is the theme of the half off rest assured purchase. read more