first_imgBeen waiting to get started on that DIY netbook or tablet until you could easily integrate one of Pixel Qi’s daylight-readable displays? Now’s your chance! Tin Can Tools is offering up a slick new kit that includes everything you need.That even includes a 10.1-inch Pixel Qi display — no small bonus, because it’s still not easy for the average Joe to get his hands on one. The kit also includes an Animal LVDS expansion board, an LVDS adapter board, and two 40-pin ribbon cables. It’s compatible with the very popular BeagleBoard Rev-C and xM, and both the PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES. Complete hookup instructions are included, of course.So what’s all this going to set you back? Tin Can Tools is selling the kit for $299, which is about $24 more than you’ll pay for the Pixel Qi display alone — assuming you’re able to find someone that has it for sale in the first place. They’re still a bit tricky to purchase online, and many of the company’s listed distribution partners show no inventory on hand or backorders with no ETA.The LVDS adapter board sells for $29 and the Animal for $59, so this is a pretty solid deal if you’re looking to lighten your DIY workload a bit.At the time of writing, Tin Can Tools only had four kits for sale. That means you’ll have to be fast if you want to get your hands on one and impress your friends with that fancy new hand-made gadget you’ve been pondering. Just make sure you save $500 for a 3D printer to add the requisite finishing touches.More at Pixel Qi  Image: Make forumslast_img