Very good strategy can be successful how delicious

Very good strategy can be successful how delicious


of our country sea fishing can be said to be a leader Hot pot inside, the market also continued to expand, McDonald’s foreign fame is great, so what is our sea fishing business model, or McDonald’s better, please look at the small as you organize content.

recently, a letter about Sibelius "very good strategy" internal message spread like wildfire, compared to the previous heat transfer "undercover" Haidilao Sibelius, this letter of common internal mail triggered shock ifheavier. Sibelius restaurant founder Mr. Jia Guolong, May 29, 1988 engaged in the catering industry in Inner Mongolia District of Bayannaoer city river. After 25 years of persistence and hard development, from the beginning of a "loess slope snack" developed into now has "Sibelius northwest cuisine (oat Village)" and "Tengger Tara" and "Sibelius seafood exchange", "ninety-nine yurts" four brands, restaurants, stores and nearly 100 home a dining restaurant chain occupation school. Employing more than ten thousand people. read more

Mala shop how to location

Malatang also called Chuanchuan Xiang, which is also called the "small Hot pot". Streets, snack street, snack bar can be seen everywhere. Malatang, Sichuan and Chongqing is the most distinctive, a special snack is the most representative of "Sichuan". Large and small shops, stalls Malatang, throughout the high streets and back lanes is a bright and beautiful scenery, Sichuan and Chongqing city. Now Malatang has been all over the country, streets and lanes everywhere, many investors will encounter a problem in the Mala shop early in the store, which is suitable for read more

Top ten brands of rice in Northeast

in China’s rich rice market, the northeast rice is a very important component, and the northeast rice also has a lot of good brand. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the northeast rice ten brands list, so that you can on China’s northeast rice brand with more understanding, and then choose to really fit a rice brand.

northeast rice ten brands list NO.1, the Great Northern Wilderness:

Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness Agribusiness Group Corporation is one of the 120 large enterprise groups pilot, is a modern large enterprise groups and listed companies. "The Great Northern Wilderness" brand series of rice has been rated as "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "China famous brand", "the most competitive brand", "industry leading product", "national exemption product" title. read more

Creative breakfast

Several common forms in the eyes of our breakfast

simply steamed buns, dumplings, Steamed Buns, Soybean Milk, is also a common breakfast of rice and vegetable roll. As a food and beverage investors, you have found: the form of a single breakfast, people will have a sense of aesthetic fatigue, followed by tasteless food.

breakfast monotonous how to attract consumers, it is time to write creative food. Eat for rice and vegetable roll followed the Japanese classic burning essence rice and vegetable roll at the same time, with the desktop style of the main hue modulation to create the all-match rice and vegetable roll, rice and vegetable roll personality, both when the snacks, meals can also call the shots. Not only that, but also let diners visual experience over foot addiction. The unique shape is more popular with people, which brings irresistible charm. read more

How to win hawker steak

Steakhouse investment projects editorial recommendation – hawker how about steak for you? The hawker wins how about steak? What is the specific process? Look at the following Xiaobian for your specific description:

– hawker team began since 1998 engaged in Western-style food industry, has been more than ten years of business management and Western-style food industry experience, the main force is also engaged in health, delicious delicacy fashion culture promotion in the field of professional. We will meet the needs and challenges of the market with an accurate market positioning, innovative business philosophy, delicious steak products, elegant and stylish dining environment, warm and friendly service. Talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the market, then what is the process to join Sheng hawker steak? Xiaobian to introduce below. read more

How to join a piece of yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice

the rapid development of China’s economy is the cost of the human ecological environment suffered serious damage, which is one of the problems facing economic development. Because of living in such a bad environment, life and health is threatened, China people more fancy in their health, as long as there is what can threaten the health problems that people are not allowed. Diet is an important part of health, diet is essential to people’s lives, so now the transformation of social catering is extremely important. read more

Small buttons make great life

would you believe the small button can turn it around? Can you believe that a small button can also create a golden future for you to create a rich legend? Here is a look at how the small button Liao Chunfeng’s big life!

read more

Join the jewelry to choose what brand is good

jewelry is the moment by everyone’s attention to the good project, adorn article of many brands, if joined, then choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

join jewelry what brand is good? The city is worthy of choice, product design to youth fashion as the main focus of the shopping experience. Not into the store is driven by dynamic music, inspire youth xuemaibizhang caused by energetic resonance, a superb collection of beautiful things fashion items for further enhanced vision at that moment, the customer will be in which can not extricate themselves, warm and thoughtful, various characteristics of the service to get customers heart last scruples breakthrough, at this moment they will be willing to become a fashion read more

Snack bar opened in Hangzhou monthly income of 10000 yuan proposal

snacks in Hangzhou can be said to be an integral part of people’s lives, in Hangzhou to open a snack bar is the best place for young people to invest in entrepreneurship. Now in Hangzhou to open a snack food to join the project to make money? Although the snack bar is a business particularly good entrepreneurial projects, but if you do not operate a snack bar, it will affect the snack bar business. If there is no entrepreneurial experience how to shop? The following is the full network for the three point proposal to introduce shop.

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The basic method of small weapon teach you shop layout

open a flower shop is a lot of female friends entrepreneurial dream, the cost will not be too large, do a good job of income. In fact, the layout of the flower shop is very skilled, the core of the layout is the layout of the customer flow line design, the success of the design to maximize the extension of customer retention time in the flower shop. Different customers due to age, gender, personality differences, the course of their mobile certainly different.

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Open drinks shop to join

due to the beverage store investment is not large, if properly managed, the market is very broad, money can be said to be a matter of minutes. For this reason, many investors are now thinking of opening a shop in the shop. However, in the end is their own shop or choose to join the investment, but plagued many entrepreneurs. So, do you want to join the beverage store?

first open beverage shop is the most important flow of people, do not have much to say, shop location is a most important factor of liquor stores, not in pursuit of exotic put all the money in the decoration, put as much money in the store to find the large flow of people, the target customers. There is a word on the mall called cash is king, in the shop process, the flow of people is king, we must attach great importance to the choice of store location. read more

Strange customs shop will no longer be registered

is probably in order to attract the eye, is perhaps one of the shopkeepers complex, in short, the current market all kinds of strange custom shop a lot, because such ideas, is indeed able to attract consumers, but to the business of how unpopular it would not be easy. Moreover, the government is now strictly controlled, strange customs shop will no longer be registered.

District of Neijiang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered shares of the deputy chief Li Xiaogong said, Neijiang now gradually standardize the name of the store, the business sector and resolutely put an end to the "strange" and "vulgar" name to the city construction cause adverse effects. With homophonic idioms instead of individual words to take the name, as long as it is not harmful to social morality, has little effect on the city construction, the general will be registered. read more

Ten famous hot pot franchise

hot pot Chinese dinner in a magical food and beverage project, even if the Chinese market is no matter how saturated meals, it is always in the hot market. Many investors to join each other Hot pot project, but suffer from their own do not understand the brand Hot pot is very difficult. Xiaobian for everyone to list the ten famous brands of hot pot.

Little sheep (

1 Hot pot A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese enterprise 500, Hongkong listed brand chain catering enterprises, large restaurant chain, Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd) read more

Zou Shiming’s first gold belt domineering king

China Muhammad Zou Shiming recently won WBO gold belt, over 13 years younger than their opponents. This is the first time he won the gold belt, with stunning performance confirmed his boxing strength.

1 30 April in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, China two Olympic Games champion Zou Shiming in a perfect match, TKO (TKO) Coutinho from Brazil, won the vacant WBO international gold belt. This is Zou Shiming since entering the professional field, playing the most perfect game, showing a full range of progress. read more

Operating tea shop need to pay attention to what

with the increasingly fierce competition in the tea market, in the end how to open a hot profit milk tea store? Entrepreneurship should pay attention to what? Operating tea shop need to pay attention to what? This and let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze it! Here’s a look.

we on the tea industry to analyze the market, I hope to be able to enter the industry to open a tea shop friends some guidance and advice. Just like Mi Zhilian milk tea, they are how to make the milk tea shop to do more powerful of the Mi Zhilian? In fact, we all know that pearl milk tea is added to the Pearl of milk and tea mixed. The general is the beginning of the pass in Taiwan, so called Taiwan pearl milk tea. In our continent, the most important thing is the taste of tea, we are very concerned about the taste of this. We all know that people’s living standards are improving, and we don’t just want to eat and wear. A lot of varieties of milk tea shop is actually very simple, in addition to milk tea and drinks, there is nothing else. read more

Make open noodle dish combination to follow the principle of what

if you want to open a business more prosperous shop, but is only a simple pasta business won’t be able to bring more profit for the shop. So, the more abundant food security will become a popular business noodle. However, if the development of the relevant dishes but also plagued many people, in fact, is related to the principles can be observed. Then, make open noodle dish combination should follow the principle?

is one of the ultimate combination of dishes should reflect the noodle shop location, as the restaurant dish combination is the performance of the restaurant menu. The development of restaurant dishes portfolio based on the analysis of market positioning is based on four principles can be followed: read more

Worry about how to join the pancake

delicious pancakes, in our lives, has been very popular choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture industry is a very powerful pancake, choice. Worry about entrepreneurship, to join the pancake bar!

pancake is most consumers are more love pasta food, in many places the sales are very good, of course, has become a lot of investors are in favor of the project selection, in the choice of business, there are a lot of people will consider opening a pancake shop to make money by selling pancakes, then sell pancakes a day can earn much money then, one day can sell how many pancakes? As long as the appropriate location, target consumers are also many cases, only one or two individuals operating small stores, every day sales would have two hundred or three hundred pancakes, price is generally four to six yuan between, and then remove the net cost of sales. Every day can also profit in 800 yuan. read more

Ma’anshan will build East Internet plus new business representatives

in such a public venture period, "Internet plus" has become a new business new icon, and attracted a lot of different entrepreneurs in Anhui, in Ma’anshan to build the East "Internet plus" start a new landmark.

19 afternoon, reporters from Ma’anshan City 2015 second Chinese (Ma’anshan) noted that the Internet Conference press conference, Ma’anshan city will focus on creating "Internet plus"   Innovation Zone and "Internet plus"   intelligent manufacturing agglomeration area, the ecological park to provide low-cost, convenience and total factor for entrepreneurs the new landmark in East China to build entrepreneurship and innovation. read more