85 donkey groom Gu Fenyuan youth entrepreneurship taught me to play

85 donkey groom Gu Fenyuan youth entrepreneurship taught me to play

before the rain and snow, the temperature suddenly dropped, the northwest wind from the open door and window into cold, people shivering. The morning of the 20 day, keep the buzz, a jeans 85 "donkey groom" Gu Fenyuan has been busy in the pens inside and outside. As more than 200 donkeys "nanny", he gave the donkey injections, while handling the hay, with his donkey only the whine from time to time.

Gu Fenyuan currently known in Urumqi. 4 years ago, he gave up a house and a car to work every day, nine to five city life, into the business stream, back to the three Road Town Village in the rice palace in his home city of Urumqi, built as the size of the Shandong Dezhou black donkey breeding base in the local localization. read more

Marketing forum posts.

we all know, online marketing is not just SEO, to promote the site, community marketing is essential. All were removed from the post on the forum is an important form of community marketing strategy, here’s.

forum posting

we should make clear the purpose of posting, the most basic purpose is to attract people’s attention, get traffic. But this is precisely the most difficult to do the work. More and more in the pursuit of personalized network, want to publish an article can cause most people interested in speech is not easy, but in the individual special needs of today, we must promptly grasp the universal implication of the particularity between. read more

WeChat public platform quick start tutorial Part8 WeChat is a back-end service marketing tool

recently told me about some customers when WeChat marketing, the first one asked me a month can bring the number of fans, to tell the truth I will help you brush brush fans, you want to how much I can give you a brush, but WeChat is not the micro-blog, micro-blog brush fans although there is not much marketing effect, but at least you can show the customer to see the number of fans to get their sense of honor. WeChat brush fans only look, but also face every day what is the significance of a lot of stiff silk powder? There are a lot of WeChat public account number of fans is not more than 1000, but has been able to achieve performance improvement about 10%-30%, so we have to do is accurate, rather than the pursuit of the number of fans, WeChat aims to provide marketing accurate customer service for. read more

Content is king in the content of the nine rules of marketing (on)

editor’s note: in the content is king today, many companies have begun to invest a lot of time and resources to do content marketing, but the effect is often not satisfactory. How to do a good job of content marketing, content marketing website Coleman founder Contently share he summed up in the years of work experience in content marketing experience in this paper, which he will experience is divided into 9 rule, I hope to inspire do content marketing and content marketing practitioners. read more

Luo Yonghao entrepreneurial story speech from the end of the individual brand to hammer

Luo Yonghao "an ideal entrepreneur story" end speech

last time, Luo Yonghao announced the price of the hammer, the speech will be the last of its personal brand series of speeches, an ideal entrepreneur story. Scheduled for November 18th speech, due to various reasons postponed to December 6th.

escaped the haze, in exchange for a clear sky, the controversial hammer, do not know is not a good sign. However, for Luo Yonghao’s fans, weather and environment these factors do not affect their Luo Yonghao fans. read more

Almost become Betta A station B station why come over

if the A station fill pit (updated video resources) to keep up with the pace of change the speed of the director."

– A station user "Goki sauce"

recently, barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran, due to frequent infighting in the resignation of the company "news, this distance Moran took office in January less than 8 months. This is the third time A station in the past 6 years to replace CEO.

According to the Sina

game, ifeng.com reported that barrage video site AcFun (A station) chairman and CEO Moran recently to the board of directors resigned from all positions, A board of directors has also agreed to Moran’s resignation, and appointed Vice President of the Austrian flying entertainment and chief strategy officer Li Bin served as chairman of the board, the original A station Liu Yanyan took over as editor in chief CEO. read more

Buy site credit certification effect is not a lack of recognized standards

in October 29th this year, China International Electronic Commerce Center released the country’s first e-commerce credit certification rules, a total of 29 websites to buy a certificate issued by the first certification. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] November 25th news reports yesterday, Beijing lawyer Wang Yajun Department of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center is certified to the relevant units to report, once again sparked discussion about the topic of the group purchase certification. This TechWeb interviewed a number of site leader. read more

Baidu to do the destruction of the ecological content!

      Baidu to do the content is not a secret, but the content is not large also several major portals for joint sniper, now according to sources, Baidu’s CMS system and other financial channels have been developed, is the internal test.

      Dr. Li Kaifu, in a video interview with CNET, Tencent, and techweb, said that Google would never hire an editor to do its own content because it would destroy the ecosystem! Yes, ecology!

      how important ecology is! The desertification of our country is becoming more and more serious, and the northern area is often disturbed by the sandstorm. The people of the world are setting off the upsurge of environmental protection. Our Internet is the earth of our IT people, is the place where we live, the ecological situation of our Internet read more

The death of an idealistic hacker the cold Wonderland and the end of the world

famous American hacker, RSS 1 specification makers, Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz

famous American hackers, RSS 1 standard setters, Reddit co-founder Aaron Sworth (Aaron Swartz) on Friday in New York’s home suicide, only 26 years old.


break the database two fame of young people, with the tragedy ended a short life painting. If the free flow of Internet information and sharing is the cold fairyland of hackers, so he in such a way to go to the end of the world, can not help but sadly sigh. read more

WeChat white paper seven months of punishment for the original report of more than 19 thousand copie

A5 (admin5.com) station network January 11th news, according to the "2015 WeChat copyright protection white paper" shows that in the period from May 2015 to November, WeChat received the end user’s mobile phone original articles reported more than 1.9 articles. In addition, more than 60% of copyright infringement plagiarism.

WeChat official said that the public account will be the focus of WeChat’s intellectual property protection strategy.

Experts say false registration information can be canceled domain name

at present, mobile phones, network real name system is being widely concerned by the community. As an important part of the Internet access, the domain name will also become an important part of the real name system. Then, from the perspective of the international organizations concerned, how to define the domain name system, the registration information is not real name will be what kind of punishment? In this regard, Dr. Tan Hualin assistant dean of Beihang University School of law, said that the domain name registration information real name requirements can be said to be International practice. According to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers) of the relevant provisions of the obligation of each holder of the domain name registration information authenticity, accuracy of self-examination, if it is found that the registered information is not real, should contact the Registrar to be corrected. If the domain name holder provides false registration information, the Registrar shall have the right to cancel the domain name. In the grace period prior to the cancellation, the domain name will be temporarily owned by the Registrar until the registrar has updated the domain name registration information. read more

Station three days of experience summary

      the article is stereotyped but it is the experience I have summed up these days.

      these days idle, follow the trend of a movie website, check the data behind the times began.

      after that, the search engine has not included, traffic can not come, very depressed (my site film is definitely not card, so still maintain a certain number of /100 members, can not improve).

      new station first to go to each search engine submission included (keyword must be better), after the completion of the collection began to promote, (don’t use self-help connection. Complete garbage flow) mutual brush does not make much sense. Alexa is just a statistic. read more

What do you need to know about when a startup founder buys a domain name

lead: who is the owner of the domain name now? How much is the price of similar domain name? What is the domain name owner contact



domain name market can be said to be the most capricious, mysterious also say it’s not too little, and most of the time you will feel in the domain name market in many decisions cannot be out of their own choice. Those who contact me, want to buy the domain name, usually complained to me the same words, buy domain name is like a stone across the river, how should I do? read more

CCTV push even two national team reached the big video website copyright chaos

CCTV network launched two new video site

November 26th morning news, cctv.com recently also introduced two video sites, located in the online broadcast and users to share, these two sites have been low-key beta.

contact the Xinhua news agency, before the launch of TV and increase network video news, it is not difficult to see that the "national team" reached the private capital dominance of the video industry is a foregone conclusion.

CCTV aimed at the two models directed at PPS and Youku read more

Adsense network broadcast Sohu video trap prisoner dilemma Ali attempted TV screen

1, Sohu video trap prisoner dilemma: infighting continues to face being marginalized

retreat two years later came back to Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang can not help but sigh Internet arena changed sharply: Sohu matrix three core – tour, Sohu video, Sogou Video Industry is suffering serious challenges: Youku Tudou, PPS merged with Iqiyi, Sohu opened a small gap video search industry; out of 360, "let Sogou listed gloomy.

related reading: http://www.admin5.com/article/20130515/503857.shtml? 1368606093 read more

Guest alliance tournament hot line in seven off from the BMW car

whitening skin spring brand and Admin5 station network jointly organized the "guest league tournament" in November 1, 2011 the hot line, the contest gathered multiple guest promotion master, whitening skin spring brand products can obtain 20% of the Commission, and BMW, as well as a variety of Apple Cruze automobiles, series of equipment battle has kicked off Hold could not join hegemony.

this contest for a period of 3 months, set up a green hand, 7, Deck the tree with bogus blossom. turn from a guest into a host of Raiders, each winner can get the award Raiders valuable. read more

Beijing industrial and commercial publishing third party merchants blacklist bad businesses will be

[Abstract] this move is a major measure of industrial and commercial regulatory authorities to combat online fakes, innovative regulatory approach.

Tencent Francisco September 23rd news, Tencent of science and technology today that will soon introduce a series of electronic business platform for third party merchants strict regulatory measures, which is the most innovative: business regulators will between the electronic business platform set up specifically for the third party business qualifications and credit management system, for infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products and bad business responsibility, will risk warning on all platforms, the major electricity supplier platform strict access to its. read more

The news that jumei.com tonight will be submitted IPO application after the Jingdong after a planned


] April 11th news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that jumei.com will start tonight in the cosmetics business IPO application, listing locations may be selected in the United states.

in this regard, billion state power network contact jumei.com CEO Chen ou, the phone has been in a busy state. Another independent B2C Lasafo CEO Zhang Jing said, temporarily not heard a similar message.

however, billion state power network from sources close to Sequoia Capital was informed that jumei.com will announce the relevant information on tonight, but to disclose the specific circumstances too much. It is reported that jumei.com Sequoia Capital is Le bee network cosmetics two B2C investor. read more