Rookie station can also make money back

      I was at this station, wrote an article "rookie" stations can also get a lot of money, many netizens responded, here, I hope netizens go more in-depth understanding and experience: I do the experience of GOOGLE

      1). Do not think that the so-called website operators do is the pursuit of low profile. In the webmaster and the head of the exchange, you should not fear their own experience to speak out, not to hide what, what the 50 thousand per month, which needs to be low? After all, we are not in the business, such as Baidu, YAHOO, and so on a large site, in fact, they are also grown from the exchange. Site traffic is the key, the daily IP 100 thousand, the monthly income of at least up to 50 thousand. The United States has a monthly income of 10 dollars every webmaster, boldly to communicate with you? For what is (there is mutual benefit in it), his website can get better publicity, and now his popularity is very big, we also get a better way to do web site. Web site traffic is indeed the key, and the communication between the webmaster can be more essential (and indeed, many Chinese do GOOGLE earn money webmaster, generally will not go to announce their income, what is the reason? Jealousy is too strong a lot of people, I wrote the article rookie station can make money, someone replied: what makes you a monthly income of 50 thousand. Really terrible! Do GOOGLE know what is terrible: jealousy. To your site dozens of advertising invalid clicks, your GOOGLE account will be closed, although can save method, but also a great loss of the read more

8000 yuan report a short board and real estate investors misjudged the cause of O2O, they found room

Abstract: the entrepreneur is not the greatest grief without a dream to change, but the direction of the dream and try to run counter to the trend of the industry. Investors do not have the greatest grief is not money, capital, but the investment time to vote the wrong track, the wrong players." This is the real estate transaction is now leading entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs.

President of the Institute of

chain Yang collar yesterday (December 2nd) issued a real estate report in Beijing, even the price of 8000 yuan a share, a lot of points. In the end how much gold, dare to let a real estate research report so high? read more

On the development and innovation of domestic e-commerce

in 2009 is the first choice of e-commerce business circles are unanimously recognized. In December 17th last year, Shanghai business school and iResearch in Beijing jointly launched " 2009 China e-commerce innovation development forum, " see from many experts forum, e-commerce has been widely recognized, and gradually mature. Why e-commerce will become the first choice for business?

1, business model is clear, and there are many successful cases, investors are also concerned about this piece. read more

Electricity supplier competition from product sales to financial management


launched the balance of treasure and Ali launched a series of retail stores such as Meiyijia etc. can be directly to the shop to pick up the online payment and other functions, other electricity providers began to sit still. In the field of business development has been more radical Suning unwilling thereafter, also recently launched their own financial tools, coins treasure, in addition, WeChat also launched its own financial products financial links, and Baidu’s high-profile on-line Baidu finance company, NetEase NetEase Tim gold plan"…… The bustling internet war kicked off again. read more

Taobao UAV completed the first single distribution

Taobao for the first time to test the water UAV distribution so many users excited. During the period from February 4th to 6, wide north region specific users in the specified page orders to buy ginger Black Tea, have the opportunity to experience the service, will be a total of 450 people can experience the UAV delivery, the first single in Beijing on the morning of 4 has been completed, in 37 minutes.

but the "First Financial Daily" reporter learned from Taobao, the UAV delivery just want to do an activity, the UAV is provided by the Yuantong express, Taobao is currently no subsequent commercial UAV delivery plan, also did not set up a special department of the field. read more

How to achieve the maximum effect of light marketing mode of group purchase

in recent years, with its large group purchase discount, convenient consumption by more and more Tianjin consumers, according to the local consumer platform public comment 2012 Tianjin city of Tianjin in the first half of the taste of life, a total of about 1600000 single group purchase group, a total of consumers to save about 62000000 yuan. In attracting consumers at the same time, the group is also a lot of local businesses in Tianjin to bring a lot of traffic, but after the end of the group how to continue to maintain the enthusiasm of consumers has become a hot topic of concern. In this regard, held in Tianjin in October 31st 2012 public comments on the forum, the Tianjin merchant gives a solution: let the customer see the first light marketing approach to continuous exposure to the brand by providing "electronic coupon" download and "keyword promotion". read more

Taobao auction will become China’s largest online auction platform

Taobao auction will become China’s largest online auction platform

sina science and technology news August 12th afternoon news, Taobao recently announced that its auction business in the first half of 2014, an increase of 1528% in the first half of the transaction, a single quarter has exceeded 10 billion. Auction industry is expected to calculate the size of the transaction, Taobao auction will be the sum of Sotheby’s and Christie’s beyond 2015.

from the China Film Association data show that Taobao’s auction has become China’s largest online auction platform. According to shoot Association released the "Outlook" in 2013 China auction industry blue book, 2013 China online auction of more than 20 billion yuan, of which Taobao auction will occupy half of the country, with absolute advantage to become the boss of the network platform. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, Taobao auction turnover has reached 12 billion 100 million, exceeding the total of last year, with the increase of up to 1528%. Auction industry is expected to calculate the size of the transaction, Taobao auction will be the sum of Sotheby’s and Christie’s beyond 2015. read more

Warm congratulations V5SHOP differential sales get 2015 national top 100 electricity supplier honor

V5shop 2015-2016 won the national top 100 enterprises honor! Today Yiwu International Expo held the national hundred electric service providers electricity supplier awards, V5shop 2015-2016 won the national top 100 enterprises deliver the goods business honor! 14 years of hard work, now is the best


April 11, 2016, at the occasion of the international electricity supplier Fair held by the Chinese electricity supplier alliance selected the annual national top 100 electricity supplier service providers, and held the awards ceremony. Shanghai Weibo O2O as an intelligent differential leader are very honored to receive this honor pin. 14 years of persistence and many people’s achievements today’s V5SHOP. V5SHOP will continue to practice the do users need electricity providers software, for small and medium-sized enterprises to plug Internet plus wings, walk with more enterprises read more

Ninety-nine percent of the Amazon business ideas

cross-border electricity supplier has experienced the traditional exhibition, the traditional import and export of large orders and similar Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, wish and other mainstream platform for online transactions.

for the current hot Amazon platform business is now the general perception of what I am Jiang Huan, I think there are many errors.

what is the relationship between us and Amazon?

this is a question of understanding the fundamental Amazon, many sellers think that Amazon is the source of traffic, yisifumu. Abide by the rules, account security, maintenance posts, deal with customer complaints and so on, these general perception can be derived to Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, as well as Google, Baidu and other search engines. The truth is, the only problem is that all of this is based on the platform and the product. read more

ndia is the biggest shopping season approaching Amazon sprinkle heavily on

[Abstract] Ma’s other key goal is to attract potential buyers and first-time buyers. The explosive growth of smartphones in India has made it possible for hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers to trade through the internet.

science and technology Tencent [editor’s note] Bloomberg pointed out that in the India grand Diwali festival is approaching, Amazon and other major electricity supplier has already done the showmanship preparation, analysts pointed out that this year will affect the success or failure of the establishment of India in the future electricity market pattern. The following is a summary of the article. read more