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Whether looking for love Shanghai news source grab the mystery

3, comprehensive website about: Tencent, NetEase, ifeng贵族宝贝,

? released the timeliness factor

, why is love Shanghai news sources included: six a

4, significantly enhance the soft reprint rate;

can be love Shanghai "included are not one hundred percent things, not to mention the love Shanghai news. Want to own as much as possible to be included, then choose one of the website published an article is the key.

2, the content of original elements of

2, increase the weight of the website and browse volume; read more

You can crush the webmaster Shanghai dragon but not superstitious

this problem generally appear in the Shanghai dragon to achieve the desired effect, the customer will ask this question. For example do you top the first, the customer will say you want to keep a year in this position, or even longer. But is it possible? The answer is affirmative: impossible!

! Shanghai dragon is not immediate

Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive technical work, but also need time, not the accumulation of a certain time is unable to achieve the desired effect, if you want immediate, then love Shanghai promotion is a good choice. read more

How to deal with the new love Shanghai new algorithm

, may be helpful to everyone’s questions.

chain is quality rather than quantity, the chain is not soft, the chain should be targeted, relevance, effectiveness.

during this period, I also exchanged a few Links, note that more than a dozen, instead of dozens of these chain benefits is self-evident, the friends of the chain are effective anti chain, content are also relevant to my website, my site is higher than the basic weight. (in fact almost, slightly higher than the right, or you and how can we exchange?) I think a day in exchange for some dozens of friends of the chain, 80% are junk chain is much better. A small number of friends of the chain, high quality, so do not worry about the negative impact brought by the friends of the chain. Third conclusions can be drawn: read more

How to bring traffic to Taobao single page using long tail keywords

finished the program, we get the following. Want to use the long tail keywords bring some traffic to your site, natural selection became the focus side key. In the selection of the long tail keywords, we can use the search engine to be screened in addition to select the drop-down box, is also good to use some Adsense tools, the current mainstream webmaster tools have the function of keyword query, finally to obtain the available keywords is good through the analysis of their rival ideas.

method first talk about the blog. We can’t register with ready-made blog, this blog theory is almost useless, as far as possible the use of registered for a long time, the number of included blog. Blog first, love Shanghai space and Sina blog and blog NetEase. The interconnection between blog, we will step by step, can not put all the stations are connected in the first week of the first interconnect 10, and then again next week after the completion of the 5 interconnection, interconnection, we can join in the content to the master at text connection weights and enhance the effect is absolutely obvious. read more

How to do keywords and content of organic integration of collocation

site map, as the name suggests, is to tell the search engine website links all the information node. Love in Shanghai to crawl the page, we will first determine whether the site map of this function, the site map can be used to achieve XML map, you can also add to the manual. Regardless of the method, the first time be able to tell the search engines to crawl the site in a variety of information.

second: prioritize keywords, reasonable use of DIV tag in H1, H2, H3 tags.

home page website map

when we determine the needs of the individual keywords to optimize through the site, we will start the layout of web page information. Here is a large proportion is more keywords website optimization, information home page will be bigger, between the two is proportional to the. For example, I set up eight key words, then the page should be as far as possible the use of these eight words as a sub forum to load the corresponding information. read more

Only 2% owners know to build key thesaurus rankings strategy


1. website optimization direction, guidance content update

2. related construction, the construction of the chain guide in

(2) if the words of your website is only limited to the amount of the core words, then your keyword coverage is definitely not enough. What is the keyword coverage? Keywords hypothesis on the Internet about "site optimization" is 100, and the keywords of your web site only website optimization, website optimization, website optimization techniques, rookie website optimization and so on Related words, that is 10, then the site keywords "your website optimization" coverage only only 10%. In fact, when the vast majority of owners in the management of the site, the site keywords are not even to ten, then the user search keywords, some keywords your site is not, you will lose a lot of traffic to your site, competitiveness is not enough! Please remember key word coverage P= website keyword / keyword (keywords read more

Love Shanghai spark plan the blacksmith needs its own hardware!


recently occasionally heard a word: there are three bitter life since ancient times: "the blacksmith, boat, grinding tofu; — this is certainly not me; don’t know exactly who come from the mouth, but I know: This is definitely a pirated goods (words), because can not find its original source head. Have a friend told me: where the fate of pirated goods almost is the same, but they will always experience a person to another person, and then it will become: "I speak"! That is the unique culture China unspoken rule! But in any case, the past few years, China because of some reason resulting in a huge outbreak of evil culture: in reality always like imitation, piracy, and frantically copying other people’s products, in this piece of land "ism" prevails, these qualities are the practice of soil, and the better play to the extreme and the use of the Internet is in industry: because with great economic and commercial interests of the industrial chain, the cost and risk of the outbreak of inferiority is limited to moral, so no outbreak of white white outbreak outbreak, who does not break out? "The idea of being fully obtained Irrigation sowing transmission, causing most people heart "low resonance", so "crazy copy" breeding ground has thus increased after expanding read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques are often neglected in the

love Shanghai

site a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is hoping to make love Shanghai as much as possible to their own websites, as much as possible to grab more web content, but when the site after the emergence of a large number of dead links, spiders love Shanghai even, it is easy to get lost, more likely to hit south the wall without knowing it, eventually lead to the site of the offensive, so for the website optimization, website optimization of external light to enhance the website ranking, or not, also need good basic skills, their website page optimization, for example, to set up 401 pages, inform the love in the face of Shanghai spiders dead links in the back, don’t let love Shanghai spiders are trapped inside the site, so that love Shanghai spiders better grab your web page. read more

Sohu micro-blog keywords ranking also follow the principle of word segmentation

This paper consists of

1, Xiamen to Guangzhou freight logistics company

3, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics freight

2, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics


4, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics company

Sohu micro-blog recently by the fire, many webmaster friends favor, not because the Sohu micro-blog function or the impact, but in the Sohu micro-blog content could soon be love Shanghai search engines to crawl, and quickly let the words have a good ranking; looking at the webmaster friends by Sohu doing micro-blog keyword some competition is relatively small, which can quickly row to the first page, you have a heart, there is an idea in mind: whether to follow the principle of love Shanghai Sohu micro-blog word read more

Sharing experience through love Shanghai know a new brush drop-down box

that is what I want to do today, let others in the search of hotel reservation, there (hotel reservation, Le you live) this keyword, so invisible to your website to bring potential customers. We can look at the hotel drop-down box is the word:

to do the webmaster, we all know love Shanghai knows the importance of promotion, also have a good understanding of love in Shanghai know the difficulty of promotion. In recent months, the link cannot be made, even sensitive articles will be shielded. Today, I only share my love through a method, how to know Shanghai brush out the new drop-down box, allowing customers to find you. read more

Talk about the search algorithm after the update of the current status of Shanghai Dragon

today, more and more owners are in use in Shanghai Longfeng operation site, but the vast majority of the webmaster is a pursuit of your website, weight, rankings and flow, but not to do site optimization really sense. Only a short while ago, Shanghai dragon operation is so simple, give you a website, can easily do the home page, and can be stabilized, but now there is so easy? Only a short while ago, "content is king, the chain for emperor" was also popular, but this sentence is practical? Do this for more than a year love Shanghai update test experience, believe that many webmaster friends are thinking, you are not hard enough, but not adhere to your direction might be wrong. Our ultimate goal is to make profit, and the user is the main source of our profit, only to obtain the user’s trust and concern, it is possible to realize the possibility of profit, therefore, the user is the root of the web site. read more

The analysis of search engine rankings more attention to integrity

is precisely because of this reason, many problems become easy to understand. Many of my friends will take a single reason to explain the phenomenon, this is not logical. Because the search engine to give "good rankings and not because of a factor. So today and share my views: Web search engine ranking is based on the consideration of integrity. I hope this article can let the webmaster inspire.


do Shanghai Longfeng, improve

website ranking will be influenced by many factors, it is known as everyone knows things, because more web pages on the Internet now, the links are more complex, so the search engine algorithm contains many factors, and not because of a small factor will give "good rankings or severe punishment. read more

Farewell to Shanghai Longfeng by Q & a promotion website optimization

two, with the account of the question and answer

with the proliferation of Q & a chain, each site has a strict management for the Q & a section, especially love Shanghai know, for questions and answers in the form are strictly controlled, when your site is not enough authority, the chain is difficult to bring into the chain of hair is much harm to the account in addition, there are risks of sealing the account, at the time of publication will be restricted, here we still recommend to promote the brand, the purpose is to publicize and promote their own websites, such as intoxicants mall love Shanghai quiz: read more

From the downhill to earning million H5 game industry in the spring has really comeOriginal potato C

"the Internet is moving into the mobile era. It’s a big step and a big turn.". Bend is the best time to overtake." Bumblebee founder Li Yongjin explained that he thought the latecomers would have a better chance. Perhaps in the surging video site "burn money" tide experienced a lot of tests, they are particularly calm in the new tide.

"as Shenzhen relevant departments that a variety of third party software called the car is not mature, existing problems, will give the industry regulatory difficulty, so the suspension order issued before the date; Beijing municipal government also reiterated the call 96106 hotline support." Li Yongjin said, fortunately, Shanghai Municipal Traffic Management Bureau Secretary Sun Jianping made it clear that Shanghai will not stop the third party software called the car, but the introduction of relevant management measures, strictly restrict the use of a taxi cab driver software to increase behavior. c read more

April 2016 love Shanghai behind the adjustment of the secret

2016 April, some people are happy people worry, for the webmaster, April is a critical moment of love Shanghai adjustment, a few days ago in the group to see everybody generally discussing a problem in common, a total of Shanghai is love included down, if only one site included decreased, then it should be your web site, but the site found that most are reduced, in the face of this update, Shanghai dragon road of the webmaster Cen Huiyu specifically looking for the decide on what path to follow? Included drop site to carry on the analysis, a small series of opinion hope to help, but also hope deficiencies are pointed out; read more

Business models of these pits kill how many ignorant young entrepreneurs dreamJiyang net Xu Zheng pl

its own work place very close to their home, before it is work time can be controlled, and look into the house downstairs, as long as there is a wave of friction in front of him, and then put it in a few minutes to its work, so he got up in the morning time late.

since there is a shared bicycle, his living habits changed, is still the time node to get up, the first thing is to find a wave down the mount, but to open a mobile phone to find a bike sharing, then a dollar cost can send it, or his own side of the exercise side the company will be able to. read more

Fast several ways to improve the weights of the website station

two to improve the quality and quantity of the content of the website

but no way, to be more successful than others to pay more than others, diligence is our Shanghai dragon Er leading to the quality of a successful, also need to pay attention to is: the content of the web site update must pay attention to the law, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, "wrote today 3 original. The day after tomorrow to write 6 articles, but one does not write, this may be the opposite effect to enhance the weight of the website, we have to do is to keep the rhythm of. What kind of articles belong to the high quality of the original article, I personally think: 1 words can not be too short to 2, some readability was 3, must with " read more

Website optimization caused by the failure of reflection

, understand the error on the content and the chain Optimization for the site of the

if the review does not, failure is not the mother of success, failure will not direct conversion become successful, we need to draw lessons from failure, and correct them will be able to success. For the website optimization, the author has been holding this attitude, each site failure will bring heavy reflection to the author. Website ah, I was not good:

reflection: Although content is original, but the reading of the site can not directly lead to the development. We must improve the quality of content. read more

Website promotion direction identify the point of demand

, a data analysis, find out the object. Such as market research, through the collection of qualitative information. As is the apparel industry, do fashion, targeted for young people. Therefore, through the actual data, the outline to effectively plan the clothing, will appear in front of the direct map customer groups. The assessment of such data, will spend some time. Is the basic work, also is the key point;

Identify the needs of

, is to find those potential customers, high precision. The customer demand is real, the lack of certain product information to know, in a kind of hesitation. To find this group of customers, direct sales of enterprise products, can achieve good effect. Thus, effectively save manpower and time certain. So, how to find it? This is the key point, an important process in the. The main direction and content, can be expanded from the following aspects. read more

The mobile version of Google maps launched the association of advertising

said the new advertising experience "noble baby appeal to users more and more efficient for advertisers". Of course, the fact is really noble baby said it remains to be seen.

click on the link, the user will see more information about the enterprise, such as address, phone, photos, comments etc.. The enterprise can provide payment to potential customers (navigation, click to call, click on the ad title) and free (save the enterprise information for later use, and friends to share enterprise information etc.) Click options. Only the nobility baby every ad image up to 2 pay per click charges. read more