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The 5 most shocking curiosities about Russia and its culture

first_imgImage: iStock Russia is the largest country in the world. Its large area reaches 17.1 million square kilometers, which are divided between the European continent and the Asian continent, but much of it is not populated.Some of the things that everyone knows about Russia is the cold weather, its large production of Vodka and the large number of brown bears that inhabit its lands. However, this country and its culture has many more interesting facts. Here are five shocking curiosities about this country and its culture. Its area reaches 17.1 million square kilometersOne of the things everyone knows about Russia is the cold weathercenter_img Russia’s most shocking curiosities There are about 60 secret cities: While most people know that Russia was closed during Soviet times, today there are still some cities that are hidden. These cities, where normal families live, are prohibited for foreigners and even if a natural person from Russia wants to visit their relatives, they must ask for a special permit.In Russia, there are more women than men: In the Russian Federation, the number of women is much greater than that of men, reaching 11 million above. This fact means that there are currently 86.8 men for every 100 women and to find their better half they have to find a foreign partner.There are bears “addicted” to kerosene: The Kronotsky Nature Reserve in southern Kamchatka has more than 700 brown bears, considered the largest in the world. Many of these specimens have been in contact with discarded kerosene boats, and seeing one on its way, running towards it to sniff its smoke and thus observe the effects that it produces. There are more than 1 million people with HIV: Russia is one of the countries in the world with more people with HIV. According to some research, it is believed that around 2.3% of the population was infected because of injectable drugs while the vast majority were infected by contact with their partner. Given this crisis situation, the government decided to increase sex education and improve access to health resources.You can be arrested for being gay: Since 2013, the Russian government with Vladimir Putin in command, prohibited homosexual propaganda claiming that same-sex relationships were unnatural and illegal under the country’s legislation. As a consequence, gay people in Russia can be arrested by the police.last_img read more

Travellers prefer inflight fun to work

first_imgPassengers would rather engage in leisure activities than work while on a plane, according to GO Airport Express.The Chicago based ground transportation company surveyed more than 640 respondents about how they chose to spend their time while in flight.Preferring to get some shut eye and sleep was 14 percent of respondents,  seven percent watched in-flight movies while two percent played computer games.Just 10 percent of travellers said they work while on the plane and 12 percent read business books and publications.Two percent of those surveyed admit to engaging other passengers in conversations and two percent also said they do nothing at all.Indicating people prefer to use their travel time to relax and pursue leisure activities instead of catching up on work is 19 percent of travellers who stated they do a combination of all activities listed on the survey. Others activities engaged included watching their own movies, listening to audio books, knitting or doing puzzles. Go Express president John McCarthy said these activities may change however as more airlines offer low-cost or free in-flight WiFi. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more