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Celebrate the national day tournament level number sea sailing style show

September 2nd, the three day Xining municipal authorities towards National Games ended, the city Bureau of statistics and achieved good results in the women’s three basketball tournament runner up, the women’s table tennis men’s table tennis in seventh and eleventh and twelfth in the competition. Three men basketball and football has not yet achieved the position, but the players show the competitive state and the spirit of good in the game, by the Bureau of cadres and workers of praise and applause, but also by the participating units Comrades praise.

in the three days of competition, the city Bureau of statistics of athletes with "I exercise, my health, my happiness" for the purpose, to carry forward the spirit of the Olympic movement struggling to effectively enhance the overall image of the Bureau of statistics. The arena is the battlefield, it is sow friendship garden, the athletes in the process are strictly abide by the rules, the movement will obey the referee, in fights, but also fully carry forward the friendship, solidarity and fair competition spirit, embodies the good athletic morality. The three men’s basketball game has become a highlight of the games, the game was surrounded by the audience packed, the entire stadium was laughter, cheers linger.

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Do you qualify for a high temperature allowance

autumn has come, seeing the end of the summer, has already seen government requires payment of high subsidies, but many people’s seemingly no such ideas, which makes many workers puzzling. Am I not eligible for a high temperature allowance? So many companies do not violate the rules?

high temperature allowance is a special compensation for workers engaged in economic construction and enterprise production and operation activities under high temperature conditions. The purpose is to ensure the payment of the summer season under high temperature conditions for economic development and enterprise production and management activities, safeguard the enterprise workers in the labor in the production process of safety and health. read more

Tommy Boy drinks

want to do to join the drinks are you still struggling to find a good project, goods more than three still undecided. Xiao Bian to help you choose to join the project final, Tommy Boy drinks.

drinks are popular in the market, opening the prospect of Tommy Boy drinks shop. Tommy Boy join? Tommy Boy joined the headquarters brings together the essence of the northern and Southern food culture, to achieve the integration of a variety of flavors, creating a new concept of drinks. Unique natural taste for consumers all praise, linger, open stores in the popular business Tommy boy. read more

What are the characteristics of female entrepreneurship

in the new era, women in the family is not only the status of continuous improvement, but also in the professional market is also more and more attention, and embarked on the road of women is increasing. In a word, Nei, start on the road there is no shortage of women to add style. Female entrepreneurship, investment projects to make more money? Now the female entrepreneurship and build up the family fortunes examples of more and more, it also realizes the female self value in promoting economic development and at the same time. read more

Make open noodle dish combination to follow the principle of what

if you want to open a business more prosperous shop, but is only a simple pasta business won’t be able to bring more profit for the shop. So, the more abundant food security will become a popular business noodle. However, if the development of the relevant dishes but also plagued many people, in fact, is related to the principles can be observed. Then, make open noodle dish combination should follow the principle?

is one of the ultimate combination of dishes should reflect the noodle shop location, as the restaurant dish combination is the performance of the restaurant menu. The development of restaurant dishes portfolio based on the analysis of market positioning is based on four principles can be followed: read more

Worry about how to join the pancake

delicious pancakes, in our lives, has been very popular choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture industry is a very powerful pancake, choice. Worry about entrepreneurship, to join the pancake bar!

pancake is most consumers are more love pasta food, in many places the sales are very good, of course, has become a lot of investors are in favor of the project selection, in the choice of business, there are a lot of people will consider opening a pancake shop to make money by selling pancakes, then sell pancakes a day can earn much money then, one day can sell how many pancakes? As long as the appropriate location, target consumers are also many cases, only one or two individuals operating small stores, every day sales would have two hundred or three hundred pancakes, price is generally four to six yuan between, and then remove the net cost of sales. Every day can also profit in 800 yuan. read more

It’s hard to keep the dessert shop open

is a fashionable dessert delicacy, many people like it, there are a lot of friends are ready to invest in a dessert shop, but it is not good to dessert shop open in where to make money, then, let’s look at Xiaobian tell you now, the most suitable open dessert shop lots what!

the lot of work staff, and by commuters like dessert, which determines the business district is a good place for dessert. In the modern society with high efficiency, fast-paced life, the fatigue state of many workers are at a high pressure, dessert has effectively taken into account the lifestyle and the consumption needs of the people, show ingenuity in shop decoration, and strive to create an elegant and comfortable, warm and stylish dining environment for consumers. read more

A person can also do the catering project

if you want to start a business without a team, not a lot of investment funds can also realize their entrepreneurial dreams? Of course, everything is from scratch. Entrepreneurship, so if you do not have much start-up capital, no partner, no relationship, you can choose to start from the restaurant business, and slowly realize your entrepreneurial dream. So what is the food and beverage industry can do a project? Many venture investment projects, to develop for a long time, people choose daily consumables investment tips. Pancakes every day, very hot market, one can also do so, consider selling pancakes pancake, is a good choice, the market is unlimited, unlimited prospects, unlimited income, is the best choice for entrepreneurs can get rich. read more

Analysis of the status quo of those veteran Internet Co

development of the Internet industry is change rapidly, once the fame of the Internet Co may have ceased to exist, may be heady, Internet Co can actually continue to survive, but also the mode of operation of the company to keep up with the times the pace of development.

for the domestic Internet companies, ten years can change a lot, can change people’s surfing habits, can change people’s needs of the Internet, ten years can even let mainstream users have changed a generation, ten years is a period. From 2005 to 2015, some old Internet companies fall into the curse of ten years, declining, declining. But there is also some old but not aging of the enterprise, or accumulate steadily after or steady, more powerful with a thousand li a day. read more

Inventory of China’s cloud computing 2016 cloud those flowers

"2016 Accenture Technology Trends and prospects:" the world is undergoing a major technological change, especially a digital revolution. Our research model and analysis show that digitization is leading all areas of the economy. In 2015, the global digital economy accounted for 22% of the global economy, and continues to grow rapidly. We expect this proportion will rise from 15% in 2005 to 2020 of 25%. This is the optimistic forecast of Accenture digital transformation of enterprises prospects. The impetus to promote the transformation of the fourth so-called "industrial revolution" digital tide is derived from the three interdependent, mutually reinforcing technology trends: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence. Especially the cloud computing infrastructure, as this "change", is burst out dazzling brilliance "". read more

Dressed in the feelings of the false cloak of the Internet takeaway food into the cause of the harde

17 rice

[Abstract] positioning white-collar, packaged takeout, not only 17 steps, even with the use of raw materials is expired.



business partner Tencent seedlings

lucky, I have 17 meals with top weiyuan.

pen hand scissors, bibimbap, chicken, cockroaches everywhere, this is news Beijing News survey in August 9th published the "Baidu" eco kitchen "expired" described in the dishes do takeout scene. Baidu takeaway platform on the 17 rice, big gong and other popular takeaway snack, Ann Xiaolu have caught, broke the existence of unlicensed health conditions and problems. read more

Daily topics LETV became a subsidiary of cool second shareholders was stabbed 360

A5 ( station network June 29th news, yesterday evening cool made announcement that the board of directors of the company received a controlling shareholder of Data  Data  Dreamland told Dreamland in June 27, 2015 and the agreement. After the completion of the transaction, LETV cost $2 billion 180 million stake in cool, accounting for 18% shares, becoming the top second shareholders of cool.

announcement, Data  Dreamland agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to purchase 780,38 million shares (representing 18% of the company’s issued share capital), at a cost of HK $3.508 per share. After the completion of the agreement, Data  Dreamland holdings in the cool group will be reduced to 881,96 million shares (representing 20.3% of the issued share capital), and Data  Dreamland will no longer be the controlling shareholder. read more

Marketing forum posts.

we all know, online marketing is not just SEO, to promote the site, community marketing is essential. All were removed from the post on the forum is an important form of community marketing strategy, here’s.

forum posting

we should make clear the purpose of posting, the most basic purpose is to attract people’s attention, get traffic. But this is precisely the most difficult to do the work. More and more in the pursuit of personalized network, want to publish an article can cause most people interested in speech is not easy, but in the individual special needs of today, we must promptly grasp the universal implication of the particularity between. read more

The underground network black industry chain why ordinary hackers can also earning 80000 dollars


[Abstract] the Ivy safety radar group the original compiler, the "Some hackers make more than, 000 a month – here’s how", ivy in the future will Lei Feng network exclusive readers about those little-known story of hackers and security defense.

The modern

like organized gangs, black production network now has been commercially very mature, hackers also have sophisticated industrial chain, every day in the global production of black network transfer of transaction volume in billions of dollars, the overall size is more difficult to estimate. read more

Do a few shallow suggestions to promote medical soft

medical soft from first to last is a controversial subject, some people say it revolutionized the medical network marketing model, to create considerable economic value, some people think that it is made up excessive, cheating consumers feeling more in name than in reality. The people who love it every day, hundreds of thousands of pieces of bombing, deliberate speculation; hate it, teeth, together with all available forces, slander, pressure. But objectively speaking, the medical soft as a springboard for traditional medical advertisements leap forward, with beautiful words and pictures to appease patients with broken hearts, give confidence and hope, its ultimate goal is reached between the buyer and seller transaction, to achieve purchasing power, spread the brand value. Naked, but it’s true. However, this road is not smooth sailing in medical literature, just like life, full of frustration, there are inherent flaws, there are external unrest. Some people are happy, some people worry. How to go more long, small make up the following points are not without effect. read more

June product manager to advocate darwinism

editor’s note: the concept of community e-commerce as early as 08 years was born, but the community e-commerce website really into people’s horizons has just begun, such as Amoy arena, love, beauty etc.. In the Taobao Product Manager June has done many years with my knowledge and resources to the electronic commerce, in the last year founded the network community e-commerce volume bean Adsense service, so as to find out the potential community of e-commerce, online shopping this year in favor of the female founder sharing website He holds a "Darwinism" attitude, the products he believes that good products in the market to continue to exercise birth, community e-commerce is still a piece of blue ocean, need to beat the market. The current Talks interview, listen to June talk about his community e-commerce blueprint. read more