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Beijing the first national intelligent manufacturing innovation contest held successfully


wants to occupy a place in the world competition and the great power game, it is urgent to strengthen our scientific and technological strength and industrial strength. In the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, China is expected to once again create a new wave of rapid industrial development.

"Chinese" need to constantly inject new strength. The first national intelligent manufacturing (Industrial 4) innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially launched in Beijing on the 23. Organizers said the contest aims to find talent, innovative technology, will also provide business incubator platform to promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, to meet the third industrial revolution and industrial era of the 4. read more


What are the dessert shop decoration techniques

dessert store decoration in fact there are skills, as long as you choose a favorable and decoration program then the store business will certainly have a positive impact. If you are not very good at the decoration can learn a lot of skills. Xiao Bian summed up a few points, hoping to help you, to learn about.

1, dessert shop decoration focus on cleaning. General dessert shops to use the outer wall decoration glass with a strong degree of transparency, to create a bright sense of dessert stores, in the winter but also allow consumers to enjoy the warm sunshine. read more


Simple demand is the beginning of entrepreneurship

says many people are entrepreneurs complain incessantly say business is difficult, said, entrepreneurship is not easy. Many people want to know whether there is a good way to start a business, there is no good plan. Here, Xiaobian for you to be a lot of successful people respected – simple demand is the beginning of entrepreneurship!

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After 80 three returnees entrepreneurial interpretation of the myth of the auto industry to become r

now more and more people like the car, but can not afford to buy, in fact, as long as a film can be easily replaced by a gorgeous car for the new clothes". Car modification ideas also attracted a lot of high-end customers.

to driving a car with a matte orange Lamborghini on the elevated speed? Want to let the body of the ocean style SMART stop at the roadside to attract attention? Recently, the Shanghai three young handsome returnees on the entrepreneurial path another way, the introduction of 3M vehicle color film technology to replace the car. Reporters visited the mysterious luxury car after the camp found that not only cars, yachts, aircraft can also be there for new clothes. read more


Businesses should attract attention to credibility

in order to attract customers, and now a lot of businesses hit the ad is very attractive, but the service can do this, but it is very suspect. According to the "Xinmin Evening News" reported that some time ago, the net V straight "column on the world famous fast food giant McDonald’s, said consumers have several night online meal ordering, but was a McDonald’s restaurant in the same" excuse "to postpone the delivery time, the hungry consumers depressed.

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Tile stores need to pay attention to what the problem of investment

mentioned Jiezhuang, we will first think of what is it? The home is a big range, the ceramic tile is also part of the family now in the decoration of the time will choose a tile, a lot of entrepreneurs now see tile market prospects good, choose their own investment tile stores, so that entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what the problem when investing?

tile stores to identify the direction of the industry to determine the future development trend of the industry

Development of

tile industry are closely linked with the real estate market, the ceramic tile industry major customer groups is the new owners, users and large public engineering decoration. The decoration of the user selection is often controlled by a certain wind direction, for example, now a popular material, and the next stage may be popular in a more practical environmentally friendly materials. Behind the material, including the use of this material will be unsalable goods. So tile stores must identify the direction of the industry to determine the future development trend of the industry. read more


Aletai region to support farmers and herdsmen business plan to start today

is now all over the country are actively promoting people’s entrepreneurial activities, especially in the vast rural areas, farmers now promote entrepreneurship has become very common today, Carrefour and the Xinjiang Youth Development Foundation launched in Aletai area support of farmers and herdsmen business plan started in Xinjiang area.

2015 in August 17th, through hard screening Aletai area of the Communist Youth League, Xinjiang youth development foundation and Carrefour positive communication, finally ushered in the "Carrefour herdsmen skills training and entrepreneurship support project" the first small loan formally issued, the new hope began to sow this beautiful land in Aletai, the first phase of the project launch ceremony in Aletai Cameroon was held over the township. Vice Minister of Rural Youth Work Department of the Central Committee, deputy secretary of the autonomous region Youth League tiger Qi, Aletai prefectural committee of Ministers of the organization Hou Jianxin, vice president Ran Andong, Chinese Carrefour Carrefour Xinjiang general manager Bao Jierui, Xinjiang Youth Development Foundation Secretary General Fei Ligang, Aletai area relevant departments and counties, township leaders attended the ceremony, and to in the area of Aletai big tail sheep fattening farm demonstration households issued the first batch of small loans without interest, supported by their own businesses. read more


Very good strategy can be successful how delicious


of our country sea fishing can be said to be a leader Hot pot inside, the market also continued to expand, McDonald’s foreign fame is great, so what is our sea fishing business model, or McDonald’s better, please look at the small as you organize content.

recently, a letter about Sibelius "very good strategy" internal message spread like wildfire, compared to the previous heat transfer "undercover" Haidilao Sibelius, this letter of common internal mail triggered shock ifheavier. Sibelius restaurant founder Mr. Jia Guolong, May 29, 1988 engaged in the catering industry in Inner Mongolia District of Bayannaoer city river. After 25 years of persistence and hard development, from the beginning of a "loess slope snack" developed into now has "Sibelius northwest cuisine (oat Village)" and "Tengger Tara" and "Sibelius seafood exchange", "ninety-nine yurts" four brands, restaurants, stores and nearly 100 home a dining restaurant chain occupation school. Employing more than ten thousand people. read more


Open drinks shop to join

due to the beverage store investment is not large, if properly managed, the market is very broad, money can be said to be a matter of minutes. For this reason, many investors are now thinking of opening a shop in the shop. However, in the end is their own shop or choose to join the investment, but plagued many entrepreneurs. So, do you want to join the beverage store?

first open beverage shop is the most important flow of people, do not have much to say, shop location is a most important factor of liquor stores, not in pursuit of exotic put all the money in the decoration, put as much money in the store to find the large flow of people, the target customers. There is a word on the mall called cash is king, in the shop process, the flow of people is king, we must attach great importance to the choice of store location. read more


Litton keyless intelligent safety door to join a good trusted brand

health and safety, to choose Litton keyless intelligent safety door? The quality of the project to choose the best choice for entrepreneurs, business with a small capital. Litton keyless intelligent safety door to the choice of the project, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

no good Litton brand key intelligent safety door trusted. Now on the market a lot of intelligent security doors, dragons and fishes jumbled together. Litton keyless intelligent safety door with twenty years of industry experience, to Litton so that each piece is more excellent, durable, reliable performance, and in recent years, focusing on the research and development of high-tech intelligent safety door. Keyless intelligent safety door industry R & D innovation, science and technology to change lives, let thousands of households feel at ease. read more


Dozens of crown class shop was closed shop Taobao

reporter Zhu Ningning

integrity management is the fundamental business, which is the most basic way of doing business on the Internet was drilled loopholes. Recently, dozens of Taobao crown level shops, due to the use of brush credibility to create false transaction records, the same day was closed shop.

now, online shopping has become the choice of more and more people. In the hundreds of thousands of selected shop sellers, an important basis to identify is the credit level, the so-called "grade", if a shop to do even diamond crown level, it means that this is a high degree of credibility of the business, this is undoubtedly an important weapon to win the trust of the buyers, natural business will be getting better and better. read more


The third week of May Chinese.COM domain names rose to 7 million net increase of over 50 thousand

IDC network ( on 26 August 05 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency show that in the third week of May, the total Chinese domain.COM rose to 7004867, a net increase of 50413, or still ranked in the top ten in first. Also worth mentioning is that the long time in smooth water.COM domain name change in the total ranking, this week: the original ninth Australia replaced the Cayman Islands eighth place. Next, look at the review and analysis of the data of IDC. read more


A new algorithm of Google and Yahoo rank who are more benevolent

      here is a tool for comparing Yahoo and Google ranking results. Yahoo and Google ranking results compared to the blue dot represents the same site in two sites of different rankings. The two ends of the line with a blue dot is the same site, the mouse can be seen above. And all the lines did not show parallel lines, shows the same website ranking in different search engines, this experiment tell us, take Yahoo and Google in technology is two completely different algorithms, which is the king who dared to say! Because these two sites do belong to the world’s leading institutions in the world. read more


Online music copyright normalization, profit bottlenecks

in July this year, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music dissemination, ordered major network music platform in July 31st before the music without authorization and give the total line, in the transition period of 2-3 months, now has three months to transition already, unauthorized music time has come; and not long ago, the Ministry of Culture issued the "notice" on Further Strengthening and improving the network music content management, which means that from next year, network music need to review to the on-line. With the standardization of the Internet music platform, how to make money online music? read more


Beijing industrial and commercial publishing third party merchants blacklist bad businesses will be

[Abstract] this move is a major measure of industrial and commercial regulatory authorities to combat online fakes, innovative regulatory approach.

Tencent Francisco September 23rd news, Tencent of science and technology today that will soon introduce a series of electronic business platform for third party merchants strict regulatory measures, which is the most innovative: business regulators will between the electronic business platform set up specifically for the third party business qualifications and credit management system, for infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products and bad business responsibility, will risk warning on all platforms, the major electricity supplier platform strict access to its. read more


How to do a good job tracking effect, the selection of the method is the key!

I am an extension specialist, doing the job is my responsibility and the main content of my daily work. So every day I toss about question is how to do a good job tracking extrapolation effect! And like many people, I also understand before the extrapolation is boring, as I found time to do deep extrapolation work is not difficult, the key for


for the tracking effect how to make this extrapolation problem I think has not come back, but no matter how to do also cannot do without "repeat" and "trivial" such words, until once accidentally saw a netizen released share extrapolation stickers, I understood why, I do it the trouble is, because from the source has been around the far, no shortcuts, so it is natural to go the long way more than others. The users also do network extrapolation work, but they are not as dumb as my daily manual query results. He wrote in the "track extrapolation effect how to do" in the article, he has been using a cloud claw analysis of network marketing intelligent processing platform management system, whether it is tracking keywords occupying the status quo, the news source competition situation, competition situation, effect of the amount of information platform present situation, effective news source status etc. can one go, automatic generation of data analysis report, the extrapolation results at a glance, don’t worry about not enough time to work or do other conditions, simply enter a few numbers, simple operation has obvious effect, in the past to spend the day time to sum up the results in the cloud network marketing management system analysis of claw assistance it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, read more


07073 Wang Jian 16 year old business from 0 to 5 million monthly

introduction he was 14 years old at the age of 16 to create a website, make a pot of gold at the age of 21, the establishment of the company, at the age of 24, his website has become a leader in the field of game company (, a monthly income of 5 million yuan.

what are the young people born in 1988,


people have just entered the community, no work experience, respect for colleagues to call my brother and sister.

Wang Jian is not the case, he was 14 years old at the age of 16 to create a website, make a pot of gold at the age of 21, the establishment of the company, at the age of 24, his website has become a leader in the field of game company (, a monthly income of 5 million yuan. read more