Guest alliance tournament hot line in seven off from the BMW car

whitening skin spring brand and Admin5 station network jointly organized the "guest league tournament" in November 1, 2011 the hot line, the contest gathered multiple guest promotion master, whitening skin spring brand products can obtain 20% of the Commission, and BMW, as well as a variety of Apple Cruze automobiles, series of equipment battle has kicked off Hold could not join hegemony.

this contest for a period of 3 months, set up a green hand, 7, Deck the tree with bogus blossom. turn from a guest into a host of Raiders, each winner can get the award Raiders valuable. read more

Beijing industrial and commercial publishing third party merchants blacklist bad businesses will be

[Abstract] this move is a major measure of industrial and commercial regulatory authorities to combat online fakes, innovative regulatory approach.

Tencent Francisco September 23rd news, Tencent of science and technology today that will soon introduce a series of electronic business platform for third party merchants strict regulatory measures, which is the most innovative: business regulators will between the electronic business platform set up specifically for the third party business qualifications and credit management system, for infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products and bad business responsibility, will risk warning on all platforms, the major electricity supplier platform strict access to its. read more

The news that tonight will be submitted PO application after the Jingdong after a planned


] April 11th news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that will start tonight in the cosmetics business IPO application, listing locations may be selected in the United states.

in this regard, billion state power network contact CEO Chen ou, the phone has been in a busy state. Another independent B2C Lasafo CEO Zhang Jing said, temporarily not heard a similar message.

however, billion state power network from sources close to Sequoia Capital was informed that will announce the relevant information on tonight, but to disclose the specific circumstances too much. It is reported that Sequoia Capital is Le bee network cosmetics two B2C investor. read more

Online auction chaos price gouging, margin, fancy violations emerge in an endless stream

Abstract: a look very ordinary five coins, in a Shanghai credit card all auction appraisers in the "pure gold" and "the only three pieces of rare cultural relics". From Online to Offline, thousands of complaints are similar in different auction companies experience.


looks very ordinary five coins, in a Shanghai credit card all auction appraisers in the "pure gold" and "the only three pieces of rare cultural relics". In order to make the gold coin five angle can take a good price in the auction companies, the owner Mr. Wang paid 3 coins million yuan appraisal fee and auction fees, unfortunately, this "gold" has no shot, pay it daleshuipiao. read more

The underground network black industry chain why ordinary hackers can also earning 80000 dollars


[Abstract] the Ivy safety radar group the original compiler, the "Some hackers make more than, 000 a month – here’s how", ivy in the future will Lei Feng network exclusive readers about those little-known story of hackers and security defense.

The modern

like organized gangs, black production network now has been commercially very mature, hackers also have sophisticated industrial chain, every day in the global production of black network transfer of transaction volume in billions of dollars, the overall size is more difficult to estimate. read more

P2P personal net loan capital feast or Ponzi scheme

Low return

[review] private capital adequacy and the banking system to foster private lending boom, individual net loan as a new thing, is not currently known, platform risk control and regulatory gaps, make P2P net loan platform in the future there are many variables.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian November 12th Roundup

Sequoia Capital recently pat loan investment $25 million, indicating that the personal net loan market is rapidly becoming another target of venture capital investment. As early as last year, KPCB also teamed up with IDG and Morgan Stanley to another company, the letter should inject tens of millions of dollars. read more

A lot of things do not know to do so

      a lot of things, do not know is not so difficult to imagine!

      3 months, my Google account at the end of October of $110. I am very happy.

      Web site to do a year after I had the courage to put Google Advertising, because do not understand Google before AD, it has not been done, one couldn’t help, to see how to: Google Advertising, in a forum, a global afternoon. Finally get the Google ad. To find a simple So that is what it is.

      although the number of clicks on the ads is good. The price is very low, 3 months, to $110. read more

News website Reddit valuation of more than $500 million worth of domain names

renamed China ( September 9th news, it is reported that the social news site Reddit intends to sell nearly 10% of the shares, after the completion of the transaction, the valuation of more than $500 million or Reddit. The value of domain name will also rise.

Reddit was founded in 2005, the site content for the user to see the news on the Internet or original content, in the form of a post, and in accordance with the user to determine whether to vote in the rankings on the home page. According to a 2013 survey report, Reddit users accounted for 6% of total U.S. people * *, and Tumblr par. According to the query "China whois information system, other suffixes are registered in Reddit read more

After the two half of the six months after the main line of the network again paralyzed collapse

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) less than half a year on the line may be due to the closure of the business network again. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday found that in December last year, with the concept of open platform to re launch the mission treasure network, its dual domain names have been unable to visit.

buy navigation website group 800 founder Hu Chen told the Beijing Daily reporter, due to taking into account its funding problems, mission 800 in the first six months before the collapse of the group treasure has stopped cooperation. Beijing Daily reporter found that Groupon has 400 customer service phone number is empty, had to suspend Groupon included, at the same time, Groupon in Sina’s official micro-blog group of single link has been unable to open, micro-blog in May 10th to stop the update. As of press time ago, the Group Po CEO any spring thunder phone is in a state of service. According to a person close to the person who said the spring, estimated not optimistic, is not willing to come out to say". read more