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Seven seconds fish pot agent to make money

2017 years, entrepreneurial choice to join the hot pot project? The quality of delicacy to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is also the very market development space choice. Seven seconds fish hot pot? Good taste, the best choice of the business with a small capital!

seven seconds to create "fish nutrition soup pot, the creation of the famous mountain recipe pointing and participate in the research and development of preparation, the ginseng, dangshen, Chinese wolfberry, jujube and other herbs stew pot, can directly drink the soup when. "Seven seconds fish" labeled green, nutritious, healthy label. Fresh, fragrant and tender, cool features, taste through the ages, the North South safe, and the food is not lit up the beauty, appetizers, spleen, puzzle and other effects. read more

The latest three Taobao rules in 2016

is now more and more people choose to shop in Taobao, but if the rules of Taobao are not clear, so how to make their business to be protected? In the Taobao market impact of increasing competition and high operating costs, risks and problems should be realized as soon as possible Taobao sellers shop there, with the latest Taobao rules to diagnose their own shop, let us look at the new rules three Taobao latest 2016.

first, Taobao will focus on supporting new

Taobao support for the new action has been there, as many sellers complain that there is no weight after the new shelves, it is a lack of technical level. The new provisions of the new rules in 2016 once the product shelves, if Taobao think with a baby little or with a number of 0, then Taobao will support this product, this product once the latter maintain good, so after Taobao will better support our baby. read more

Entrepreneurship shop thirteen questions in detail

entrepreneurship itself is not a simple thing, when a lot of people choose to start their own business to achieve the dream of becoming rich, presumably there will be a variety of problems in the process of bothering you, so that you are very tangled. Such as: how to choose their own business entrepreneurship can imitate people first work a business is not better and so on, the following small series to share the entrepreneurial shop 13 questions in detail.

entrepreneurial question 1, how to choose their own business projects read more

Hong Kong Style dessert business harvest delicious wealth

in China, the catering business is always very popular with investors. Especially in the improvement of people’s lives today, the proportion of leisure catering market is growing. Hong Kong Style dessert is the first purely in various plants and fruits as raw materials, adding natural sugar, formed by slow tune syrup and stew. After development, the traditional desserts, Chinese and Western and nourishing stew has become the main component part of Hong Kong style dessert. With the passage of time, Hong Kong Style dessert has gradually been accepted by the Chinese mainland, and has become a new hot service industry. read more

Each enterprise should have a professional network marketing consultant

no matter what your businesses are now engaged in network marketing or not engaged in network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce, will be the future development trend of the largest, who can use network marketing to better carry out their business, with the rapid development of the information in the way today, can seek a better breakthrough breakthrough the.

had to admit that many companies are doing promotion of Google and Baidu, but the effect is good how many people? Who is going to teach us how to effectively prevent malicious clicks? I think it is almost inevitable, Baidu Google this could not help you to avoid this 100% malicious click and the reason is very simple, they also need to rely on this to make money, but also is the most important way to make money. read more

Today (2006-12-25) domain deletion recommendation

domain name registration com 60 yuan / year Chinese   Beijing CN channel; 50 yuan / year Chinese new network channel more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

New rules for Internet Infringement users are jointly liable for infringement of network service pro

day before the Supreme People’s Court issued a formal trial against "on some issues of applicable law in civil disputes over human rights with network regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), and formally implemented yesterday. The 19 relates to the network platform, to avoid responsibility, paid posts, and other aspects of the network navy. For Internet rumors, the phenomenon of network human flesh search legal edge ball made clear rules and punishment. read more

The wave of short video information gradually from the new media to turn a new page

Abstract: new media is innovation, innovation from another point of view is trial and error. The constant trial and error, continue to fall, the rapid rise of the new wave.

in October, a short video documentary "brand Arrow Factory" interface Pactrometer has long been the news to be released, business information short video project "before the Oriental Morning Post and the surging news director Qiu Bing pear also launched a video". The news in the short video will become popular after China following the live broadcast of another wave of new wave of media. read more

The history of the dark micro-blog the story behind the roots

take a walk, it is suitable for all walks of life, also applies to micro-blog.

A friend said "

" pops come, give micro-blog a slap in the face, unfamiliar street came to micro-blog, a slap in the face, WeChat, micro-blog to lovemaking several slap in the face". Ready to evacuate micro-blog, not only ordinary users, but also those grassroots large.

has a friend in Nanjing, Dou Dou, the first large operators, micro-blog circle many people should be familiar with this ID. He directly control the indirect control of 10 million fans, 100 million fans, no name, but run deep, evacuate from entering into, see micro-blog’s wild, dark, flourish and decline. read more

PayPal server failure interrupt service 1 hours

, according to foreign media reports, the Wall Street Journal quoted eBay officials as saying Monday, eBay due to internal problems, its online payment service PayPal in the global interrupt for about 1 hours.

"The Wall Street journal"

revealed that the PayPal service interruption began in the United States Pacific time on August 3rd at 10:30 in the morning (Beijing time on August 4th at 1:30 in the morning), all users around the world are affected, 4 hours after the majority of users of the service has been restored, but there are some users still failed to connect. read more

Analysis 28 push to attract new network promotion of the five factors

Mou Changqing with 28 disciples to create a forum to push the 28, this time in the industry that is a household name. From November 11th 12 at noon on the line, to the press time, membership reached more than 11700, more than 129 thousand of total posts, the daily average of more than 5 thousand and 600 new posts, and such "high fever" has been sustained, such brilliant achievements, the forum can do not much, even the year of the A5, the laggards are unable to match! And in the 11435 to have more than half of the members belong to the network novice, active in each section between. What are the reasons to attract a large number of new network, the author briefly analyzes the reasons for the five, the following list: read more

Online auction chaos price gouging, margin, fancy violations emerge in an endless stream

Abstract: a look very ordinary five coins, in a Shanghai credit card all auction appraisers in the "pure gold" and "the only three pieces of rare cultural relics". From Online to Offline, thousands of complaints are similar in different auction companies experience.


looks very ordinary five coins, in a Shanghai credit card all auction appraisers in the "pure gold" and "the only three pieces of rare cultural relics". In order to make the gold coin five angle can take a good price in the auction companies, the owner Mr. Wang paid 3 coins million yuan appraisal fee and auction fees, unfortunately, this "gold" has no shot, pay it daleshuipiao. read more

One second to save more than one person

Wenchuan, Sichuan in May 12th, a strong earthquake, the magnitude of up to 7.8, the affected population of hundreds of thousands of people. Community donations to the disaster area, and in the disaster assistance operations, the most obvious is the network increasingly influential.

in the first report, the network media before the release of the news media in Sichuan earthquake, and the epicenter, magnitude and other information have made an accurate forecast. Whether it is a traditional text reports, or recently very hot video reports, all reflect the characteristics of the "fast" in the network communication. read more

WeChat selling high-end red wine depends on not fly

a high-end wine selling friends want to carry out network marketing, has its own corporate website, just do not very good, and now the company wants to recruit a few people to take charge of the network marketing this. The main task is to optimize their own enterprise station, and as a platform to carry out network marketing, the boss valued WeChat marketing, but now the lack of talent in this area. I am in a second tier cities, from the level of consumption, such as high-end wine market is not very large, most people rarely buy this high-end wine. Of course, there are some gifts to customers need to buy, if you really want to sell these high-end wine in WeChat, the first step to do is the accumulation of contacts, we must find the potential customers, the general types of people need this wine? I think the premier is those small business owners, they have to spend so this grade the goods. Furthermore, those who like red wine products, such as: the city’s white-collar class, this part of the population can also be consumed. read more

Trips will be completed $2 billion financing valuation of $25 billion

May 6th news, according to foreign media reports, drops of travel is about to complete a new round of $2 billion financing, valued at approximately $25 billion.

It is reported that

, the $2 billion financing drops travel will be completed in the next few weeks, if the successful completion of the financing, drops travel will become the world’s fourth valuation after Uber, millet, Airbnb high start-up companies.

and Uber are the drops of travel for dominance China taxi market drops, travel was a Alibaba and Tencent investment group, the official said the company soon will be profitable, but did not give a specific timetable. read more

Rookie station can also make money back

      I was at this station, wrote an article "rookie" stations can also get a lot of money, many netizens responded, here, I hope netizens go more in-depth understanding and experience: I do the experience of GOOGLE

      1). Do not think that the so-called website operators do is the pursuit of low profile. In the webmaster and the head of the exchange, you should not fear their own experience to speak out, not to hide what, what the 50 thousand per month, which needs to be low? After all, we are not in the business, such as Baidu, YAHOO, and so on a large site, in fact, they are also grown from the exchange. Site traffic is the key, the daily IP 100 thousand, the monthly income of at least up to 50 thousand. The United States has a monthly income of 10 dollars every webmaster, boldly to communicate with you? For what is (there is mutual benefit in it), his website can get better publicity, and now his popularity is very big, we also get a better way to do web site. Web site traffic is indeed the key, and the communication between the webmaster can be more essential (and indeed, many Chinese do GOOGLE earn money webmaster, generally will not go to announce their income, what is the reason? Jealousy is too strong a lot of people, I wrote the article rookie station can make money, someone replied: what makes you a monthly income of 50 thousand. Really terrible! Do GOOGLE know what is terrible: jealousy. To your site dozens of advertising invalid clicks, your GOOGLE account will be closed, although can save method, but also a great loss of the read more

Electricity supplier competition from product sales to financial management


launched the balance of treasure and Ali launched a series of retail stores such as Meiyijia etc. can be directly to the shop to pick up the online payment and other functions, other electricity providers began to sit still. In the field of business development has been more radical Suning unwilling thereafter, also recently launched their own financial tools, coins treasure, in addition, WeChat also launched its own financial products financial links, and Baidu’s high-profile on-line Baidu finance company, NetEase NetEase Tim gold plan"…… The bustling internet war kicked off again. read more