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11 working group thorough investigation organ style

in order to further consolidate the city’s "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification activities, strengthen supervision and inspection efforts during the festival period, continuous improvement of work style, strengthen public awareness of service, improve the level of administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection arranged 11 thorough investigation of the working group on the city’s organs and units conducted a thorough investigation in the year. read more

Qinghai three potash investigation project

reporter learned from the provincial department, before the three potash investigation and evaluation of projects in our province in Beijing by Chinese Geological Survey Bureau of the demonstration project, and strive to national prospecting funds more than 6000 yuan.

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Mid Autumn Festival, the mayor tourist identity Tourism

September 30th is the first day of the golden week, the Xining Evening News International Auto show scene crowded. 16 or so, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Tong Wang appeared here, accompanied by only two staff. This is a unannounced visits, do not say hello, without the Department staff to the identity of the tourists walking experience.

"here should build some place for tourists to rest."

"to excavate the cultural heritage, rich connotation of scenic spots."…… While walking, stop and go, Wang Yubo has always been a visitor’s identity, trying to figure out the needs of tourists, and how to further explore and improve the scenic spots in the construction and services of Tong Wang. "Where are you from? How do you feel here?" In Kumbum Monastery, Wang Yubo walk all the way, ask all the way to listen to the feelings of tourists, asked the views of tourists. read more

Creative money to invest in small projects

is now a lot of entrepreneurs no longer follow the old way of business, when choosing investment projects also have an ulterior motive. We often find that many cards will be printed on the Meng version of the seal, which uses a wide range of consumer favorite. Today, the wedding seal also began to pop up, there is a market prospect.

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What are the operating skills of the game store franchise

game is a lot of people love things, want a better business, you can try this industry, resulting in investment mistakes and finally hastily said of an aged person. Therefore, to start empty-handed investment entrepreneurs, how to correctly in the entertainment market, to avoid investment mistakes, it has become the key to business success. How to avoid mistakes in investment, professional R & D and production of 4D dynamic racing game machine technology Zhangzhou Huizhi summarizes several investment guidance taboos, entrepreneurs effective investment management, success. read more

There are different ways to treat different customers

customer character is different, the nature of the service will be different, if the owner treats every customer is the same way, I’m afraid not to attract customers, let the business do long. In short, do business, whether it is the warm service, the price tag is still…… In a word, let the customer happy and come, after shopping satisfaction is our hard truth. As the saying goes: hundreds of people, how to make customers of different character to buy our goods, as our sales staff, to master a variety of reception skills. read more

Li Hege brand introduced cattle soup

is Chinese hele surface of a sales very hot food items, of course in the catering market the brand is hele much beyond count every hele surface, brands have their own characteristics. If you want to join the election what brand is better? Xiaobian to recommend you Li Jiniu soup Hege brand.

In November

2015, former executive chef at the Li Jianhui hotel complex is also going to the shop business on the road, his hundred years Li Hege cattle soup Museum is located in Shijiazhuang Jianhua street and Harvest Road intersection, opened in two months that reputation may even lead to the specialized franchise brokerage company. This small house to roast beef bones, beef soup Hege primarily, in the absence of any publicity and promotion cases, depending on the product and taste attracted more and more customers, at noon to 12 all night is filled, the end of the line and the most prosperous time, 18 tables every day the reception of 108 guests on the table, the average of over Taiwan six, a chef shop industry myth. Li Jianhui said: "don’t look so hot now, but just then the shop opened, I have experienced many sleepless nights, now popular is a step by step through it." read more

College students to have what hardware

now many college students venture completely is a trend that is not willing to endure hardship or their psychological mischief and abruptly went on the road to entrepreneurship, however, want to get the entrepreneurial success is facing an intolerable risk. In fact, if you want to get the success of college students, but also need to have the relevant hardware. So, college students to have what hardware?

hardware one: Entrepreneurship knowledge reserves

have empty talk is very easy to fall into the errors in students. Because they stay on campus for a long time, lack of understanding of the community, especially in the market development, business operations experience is quite scarce. Therefore, college students should be well prepared before, on the one hand, by the practice of working in enterprises or to accumulate relevant management and marketing experience; on the other hand, rely on entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship knowledge accumulation, receive professional guidance, to improve their own charge, venture into power. read more

The bakery shop business

You can shop

catering industry investment is not limited to, snacks, barbecue and other Hot pot with large investment projects, as long as it is for their own business projects are selected, so what do you think of joining the bakery? The bakery to connect a variety of desserts and their careers, there is not a sweet feeling of happiness?

on the bakery shop business

to join the project some of the relatively large size of the bakery to join the size is not very large, so money is not very much, need to learn some technical and management related knowledge, if the owner for baking knowledge will be more familiar with, and through professional learning and training. So relatively join this project will be more advantages, there are good prospects for career. read more

Foot store manager role know where you are

is the national health activities, a lot of people are in such a thing, also let a lot of people who want to start a business to engage in such business, how to open a foot store? In addition to the site to do a good job, decoration, purchase and service, but also to recruit excellent staff. Among them, the most important thing is to find a good manager. Personally think that the important role of the manager in a store no trivial matter, mainly in:

1, buffer, each store if investors to directly face the employees, direct management, there will be "fairness", this fair judge convicted of crimes like friends, he always has a shield, investor, in this purpose, some decisions will have deviation, the emergence of the buffer manager. The manager stands in the position of the operation, a clear look at the operation and staff problems. read more

How to do a good job Taobao bonsai shop business

is now operating on Taobao products are really diverse, I am afraid that only the public can not think of, and there is no consumer who can not do, and Taobao bonsai shop has become a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. Search input box input "pot" two words in the Taobao search results from the baby, there is about one million, is the search for shops, there are nearly six million, as can be imagined, although many people think that online selling pot how not easy, but many people are mixed this line. read more

Takeaway O2O light mode, heavy mode, third party platform

O2O takeaway restaurant chapter

O2O is just a form of business, summed up three points: cost, efficiency, service.

catering is the Internet industry is very deep, from the initial buy, scheduled to now the most fire takeaway. The main reason is the food and beverage industry market is very large, but there are fierce competition, the current labor, electricity, rent, raw material costs. Catering enterprises are faced with how to improve efficiency and reduce costs, many food and beverage companies hope to O2O. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast CEO run away a community of 001 customer why dead

introduction: because of business failures, CEO run away those few, I do not know whether we still remember before Nora founder Wang Xin has run away, was eventually arrested; recently, was a fresh fruit industry of "dark horse" camp CEO do not know the whereabouts of Xie Guohui, and now there was a special guest to buy CEO Tao Gang run away, Xiaobian this is not good.

1 CEO Tao Gang lost light 1 million 300 thousand customer owed wages

million employees run away

near the end of the year, when the friends around the beginning of the end of the year to calculate the award, but because of the company’s two months of her salary and compensation. read more

The ten most easily misspelled domain name wrong hands get mixed OO and TT

news July 27th, foreign media news, recently, the overseas market to sort out the ten misspelled domain name, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and other famous sites are on the list, is most easily misspelled ten domain name list first.

social networking site a social model of good grades in the industry, the rapid development of overseas social field and has the most users, has become the most easily misspelled domain names, the main reason is that the user will often enter a letter "O" as, the ratio of input error domain as high as 9%, so high the ratio is that their numbers. read more

WeChat white paper seven months of punishment for the original report of more than 19 thousand copie

A5 ( station network January 11th news, according to the "2015 WeChat copyright protection white paper" shows that in the period from May 2015 to November, WeChat received the end user’s mobile phone original articles reported more than 1.9 articles. In addition, more than 60% of copyright infringement plagiarism.

WeChat official said that the public account will be the focus of WeChat’s intellectual property protection strategy.

QQ mailbox with mail advertising mail anti rod drink


team brings three February 10, 2014 Tencent QQ mailbox function for the user, with 1 improvements: 2, automatic writing advertising mail; Lenovo recently contact group; 3, add a large picture to text, but also to optimize the basic functions.

you don’t know the domestic mail marketing messages sent over 80% are sent to QQ mailbox, as do SEO, launched a series of optimization around Baidu and Baidu, every official speaker will cause the interpretation of a large number of SEO staff, as a way to promote the "email marketing" naturally don’t let the dynamic update. read more

Where the electricity supplier or died of a bad user experience

huge investment, the founder of brilliant history, all over the subway sensational advertising, where the first big sales Chinese own brand in the market continue to attack cities and capture territories electricity supplier. However, the recent spread of the negative news, the possibility that the giant PPG all over again looks more and more.

where is the problem?

I think the biggest problem where the customer is a poor user experience. Last year, I bought a pair of shoes in every guest on. Get the hand, feel the quality is very general, because the price is very cheap, so it does not matter. This year, JiaBuZhu guest turns SMS, mail, subway advertising campaign, and bought a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of casual slippers. Shoes for a few days, disappointed. Canvas shoes feel extremely poor quality shoes, tail cloth there is a moment where the customer brand plate toss about, in my mind is equal to inferior goods. Another leisure slippers, if I am hard to squeeze, the foot will blister; if not hard, feel free to foot slipped out. From then on, I know I will never buy every guest products. read more