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P2P personal net loan capital feast or Ponzi scheme

Low return

[review] private capital adequacy and the banking system to foster private lending boom, individual net loan as a new thing, is not currently known, platform risk control and regulatory gaps, make P2P net loan platform in the future there are many variables.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian November 12th Roundup

Sequoia Capital recently pat loan investment $25 million, indicating that the personal net loan market is rapidly becoming another target of venture capital investment. As early as last year, KPCB also teamed up with IDG and Morgan Stanley to another company, the letter should inject tens of millions of dollars. read more


Webmaster, do stand must adhere to

after the SP profiteering era

no sex, (not all different) without high uplink

many webmasters are confused, should not be out of the site (Wang Zuan)

is the phrase "think that year", think that year, the daily income of 300~500 is not a strange thing

to now, 30~50 has been very good

now I do a regular stop, IP in 1000 or so, put the GG, daily income is only about 1usd

it’s been a tough day… However, I believe that will always be a victory

whenever people say that every day there are dozens of USD are particularly excited, 10USD is equal to 78rmb, there are dozens of USD not hundreds of read more


Network fraud scam online shopping in the name of a refund for personal information

newspaper correspondent Gao Yanfei newspaper reporter

After the

5 message beep sound, 25900 yuan home Yan Zhen Kuang camphor tree village of Cixi, Ms. Du bank card, all take wings to itself. Just to the shopping site server provides a bank card number, ID number and SMS verification code, and did not leak the bank card password, how the money will not be


and her family went to the Cixi police station Kuanyan burning with impatience, encounter online fraud report. After investigation, the money does not transfer the liar account, but on behalf of Ms. Du, bought a fund of money soon returned to the bank account of ms.. read more