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Global electricity supplier services to become entrepreneurial leader

in a year of management activities, our business has entered into a period of development. Rely on subsidies for the development of entrepreneurial projects are gradually eliminated by the market, small entrepreneurs who dropped. After a period of survival of the fittest, cross-border electricity supplier business class service projects or will become an international leader.

2015 venture capital circle in full swing, but from the second half began brewing a change, part of the financing difficulties of start-up companies, entrepreneurial forces from the scale to the pattern has changed significantly. In December 21, 2015, in the "entrepreneurial elite evolution" as the theme of the krypton space project phase fifth graduation ceremony, krypton space co-founder Tian Zhiyong released the "2015 report" phenomenon of krypton space venture project, more than 7 thousand venture project application and 101 depth incubation of nearly a year to complete the scan for the samples". read more

Xining City Bureau of education, a number of initiatives to promote the Communist Youth League

To implement the "Qinghai civilization" construction, and promote the work to create a national civilized city, to guide the city’s teachers and students actively participate in the city greening, beautification, purification, creating beautiful environment, create a good order, increasing recognition of the city’s teachers and students, a sense of belonging and happiness, building a better home, and strive to achieve "life of the city, the city of happiness" grand blueprint, in March 26th, the Communist Youth League of Xining City Bureau of Education Committee with the city’s overall deployment in 2011 to create a national civilized city, to mobilize the organization of the city’s primary and secondary school teachers and students in all the main streets, community jurisdiction to carry out the "let civilization into life, clean the family circle, create civilization" theme of practical activities, nearly more than 20000 Komsomolets, participate in the activities of Young Pioneers read more

Stable prices this year, the city’s main enclave card

Stable prices, adequate supply of affordable market, as far as possible to enrich the people table has been the city government is committed to creating one of the most important public works. This year, the city will change, business, business and other departments to proceed from "catch production, supply security, poor circulation, strong supervision, actively accelerate the construction of the enclave vegetables vegetables transported, increase efforts to adopt price regulation and many other initiatives, price stability control.

67 million yuan guarantee vegetable production

30 stores selling cheap food farm
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Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture, animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and development act

In order to further deepen the "chuangxianzhengyou development, rural services as the new" activities, strengthening grassroots party organization construction, explore new ideas of Party building work under the new situation, Xining city farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of the Party committee of different positions of actual work, carry out the party building brand building activities in the whole system of members of the party organizations in He Ji

in order to further deepen the "chuangxianzhengyou development, rural services as the new" activities, strengthening grassroots party organization construction, explore new ideas of Party building work under the new situation, Xining city farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of the Party committee of different positions of actual work, carry out the party building brand building activities in the whole system of the party members and grassroots party organizations. read more

Young entrepreneurs often fall into the 4 major errors

young entrepreneurs lack of experience, then young entrepreneurs how to start a business? In the process of entrepreneurship will encounter what errors? It is a small series of young people often meet the four major errors.


blindly optimistic because of the social experience of young people, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. For the frustration and failure in the shop, many shop owners feel very miserable, even depressed depression. We used to shop, see the success of the example, the state of mind is idealistic. In fact, there are more failures behind success. See success, but also to see the failure, this is the real market, the only way to make the young shop owners become more rational. read more

What are the notes store name

in people’s life necessities, shoes nature is a very important product, after all, no one is willing to go barefoot on the road, so the shoes become necessary for people’s lives, women now have more aesthetic degree to promote the development of the footwear industry, the business in addition to shoes style all their own Zhao, in the name of time is also spent a lot of thinking. Of course, want to shop played a good name and nature more attention we need to pay attention to. So, what are the considerations the shop name? read more

What is the cost of opening a milk tea shop

shop before the operator will do one thing is the cost and revenue estimates. This is the business before deciding whether you need to operate the primary consideration. With a tea shop, we drink Wyatt workshop as an example to introduce, open a tea shop in the cost of what?

1. milk tea join fee

Yin Yue workshop tea shop, with the Michelin brand, you need to pay the money, the use fee of the brand, because the brand of our company Michelin will do maintenance maintenance every year, not money, to drink tea workshop Yue, the cost is not natural. read more

Dr. America hacked parent father how to save ignorance

is the same as the new born child, but why is there such a stupid father? Recently, Shandong Yantai to marry your son for father to daughter epilepsy did not borrow money to borrow money, actually the killing, also said not to regret. Dr. America hacked parent event attracted netizens angry, cursed: crazy! Stupid bastard!

the palm meat, both sons and daughters are the parents of the heartstrings, but many family patriarchal mentality, this thought is often the child is not fair, more prone to family conflicts, but the contradictions to human life, recently, Shandong Yantai United States female doctor Zhao Qingxiang, to visit when the father for his son to marry the daughter of epilepsy, just for money, but she did not what economic sources in school, with the ax dead daughter and her husband Wei Tao. read more

Men’s underwear shop why not run

underwear in the clothing market is everywhere, and the store’s business is basically very hot, many people in such a background on the desire to open a men’s underwear store. However, unlike women’s underwear, the majority of men’s underwear business failure. So, men’s underwear shop why not run? Let Xiaobian to you.

men’s underwear shop "MAN" (men) reported that when the Hangzhou first male underwear shop has attracted the attention of many people, "MAN" is a professional operation of CK, Looksee and other well-known brands of men’s underwear, its unique location is striking. However, after a period of time that keep going by painstaking effort, "MAN" male underwear shop has disappeared, the store also by the addition of businessmen took over. read more

How to open a good dumpling shop

want to say which is a good food and beverage? Also the number of our traditional delicacy of dumplings, a lot of people have opened up a dumpling shop, but we see they are brilliant, is how to open up and how we know about?

A, the technology is excellent, guaranteed authentic dumplings".

their chef is from the north, because the local people are not good at it. The whole process of the operation of the chef, from raw material purchase, a variety of fillings preparation, knead soft, boiling heat, pot time, have a set of special requirements. Some tips are often with many years of experience, "only to be sensed, not explained". The skin is too thin and easy to cook, paste soup; too thick so that diners can not taste the taste of dumplings. read more

Marketing play analysis of unfamiliar street at large the better to apprehend him reverse psycholog

[i] don’t note the network operators in the world…… Don’t…… No need…… Not…… When your ears over and over again sounded so familiar "nagging", how will you feel? This text present in micro-blog has led to a considerable number of Tucao, including Luo Yonghao, Jin Pengyuan, Gong Wenxiang, technology and marketing professionals have joined the hot camp.

Wen / Wo three

"don’t talk to strangers, don’t do anything new, live a normal life. A little timid, do not be curious, you will play, far away from the adventure, some things to think about it, no need to change. Stay where you are. You’d better stay at home and listen to the same music. Repeat the same topic. Don’t think too much, dream to be practical, don’t try anything. Live like this " read more

Cheap lousy P2P platform for the acquisition of cold financing part naked

Abstract: this year, we are often able to see some information about the transfer of the P2P platform in a number of industry groups. So, this kind of acquisition platform, what kind of platform is generally


net loan home news investment promotion finance relevant responsible person recently irritated, because recently often "people do not know the truth" to come to the consultation: I heard that you are "prostitute", really fake

?The original

, May 27th in a WeChat communication group has a message saying: "Sichuan is a well-known P2P platform transfer price (no bad debts, ready-made technical architecture, active investors, reputation)", and "message platform in China has a certain reputation, and has a government background, is the Internet financial platform" government the description of the Sichuan investment promotion and financial is somewhat similar. Therefore, the news out, that sparked speculation. read more

P2P personal net loan capital feast or Ponzi scheme

Low return

[review] private capital adequacy and the banking system to foster private lending boom, individual net loan as a new thing, is not currently known, platform risk control and regulatory gaps, make P2P net loan platform in the future there are many variables.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian November 12th Roundup

Sequoia Capital recently pat loan investment $25 million, indicating that the personal net loan market is rapidly becoming another target of venture capital investment. As early as last year, KPCB also teamed up with IDG and Morgan Stanley to another company, the letter should inject tens of millions of dollars. read more

Webmaster, do stand must adhere to

after the SP profiteering era

no sex, (not all different) without high uplink

many webmasters are confused, should not be out of the site (Wang Zuan)

is the phrase "think that year", think that year, the daily income of 300~500 is not a strange thing

to now, 30~50 has been very good

now I do a regular stop, IP in 1000 or so, put the GG, daily income is only about 1usd

it’s been a tough day… However, I believe that will always be a victory

whenever people say that every day there are dozens of USD are particularly excited, 10USD is equal to 78rmb, there are dozens of USD not hundreds of read more

Network fraud scam online shopping in the name of a refund for personal information

newspaper correspondent Gao Yanfei newspaper reporter

After the

5 message beep sound, 25900 yuan home Yan Zhen Kuang camphor tree village of Cixi, Ms. Du bank card, all take wings to itself. Just to the shopping site server provides a bank card number, ID number and SMS verification code, and did not leak the bank card password, how the money will not be


and her family went to the Cixi police station Kuanyan burning with impatience, encounter online fraud report. After investigation, the money does not transfer the liar account, but on behalf of Ms. Du, bought a fund of money soon returned to the bank account of ms.. read more