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For those in the USA early next January spare fou

first_imgFor those in the USA early next January, spare four days for an unforgettable start to 2017 aboard the world’s highest-rated boutique motorcruiser, SeaDream I on a big-discounted roundtrip sailing from Bridgetown, Barbados in the Caribbean.Departing on 3 January, the price of this four-day sailing has been slashed from US$4624 per person twin share to just US$2223 per person twin share.Guests will visit the uninhabited Tobago Cays, with their green turtles and coral reefs (and doubtless recognise where ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was filmed); Union Island, dubbed “the Tahiti of the West Indies”; Port Elizabeth, home to the famed “Mac’s Lobster Pizza”; and tiny Mayreau where crew will host SeaDream’s exclusive Champagne and Caviar Splash in a picture-perfect secluded bay.Included will be wines with lunches and dinners, premium drinks from the open bars, power and sail water sports where locally permitted, mountain bikes for shore expeditions, a no-charge onboard golf simulator and fitness centre, and port charges and taxes.last_img read more

NEW YORK NY – When Barnes Noble Chairman Len

first_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – When Barnes & Noble Chairman Len Riggio delivers a keynote address at this week’s publishing convention, he will be introduced by a man once considered a bitter rival, CEO Oren Teicher of the American Booksellers Association.“Len has had this incredible, distinguished career as a retailer,” Teicher said of the superstore executive, praise unthinkable when Barnes & Noble helped put thousands of independent stores out of business in the 1980s and 1990s.“I’ve always liked him,” Riggio said of Teicher. “He’s a good leader — caring, intelligent.”Riggio and Teicher will appear together Wednesday at BookExpo, which runs Wednesday-Friday at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, followed over the weekend by the fan-based BookCon.BookExpo once was an occasion for high tension between Barnes & Noble and the independents, peaking in 1994 when on the eve of the convention the ABA sued several publishers for allegedly giving B&N and other chains favourable treatment on prices. In 1998, the ABA sued Barnes & Noble and Borders for unfair business practices (both suits were settled out of court).But in 2018, Teicher noted, physical retailers have a common foe in“That does end up changing the dynamic a little bit,” he said.For now, Teicher has good reason to be of generous spirit. While Barnes & Noble has struggled in recent years, the ABA has continued its rebound after a long decline brought on by Barnes & Noble and Borders, and then Amazon. Membership in the independent’s trade group grew over the past year from 1,757 to 1,835, and the actual number of store locations from 2,321 to 2,470, at a time when online retailing has devastated numerous physical retailers. In the first four months of 2018, sales from the roughly 650-750 independent stores reporting numbers have increased more than 5 per cent from the same time the year before, according to Teicher. In 2009, the ABA had just 1,401 members and 1,651 stores and had shrunk by two-thirds since the beginning of the 1990s, when membership topped 5,000.Independents have been helped by the slowing of B&N and of the e-book market, but Teicher has cited factors ranging from the “buy local” movement to increased interest overall in owning a bookstore. The ABA currently has 168 “provisional” members, those thinking of or planning to open a store. The association had 141 provisional members a year ago and 108 in 2016.Teicher also noted a growing number of small, mobile stores, such as the Dundee Book Co. in Omaha, Nebraska, and New York City’s pop-up Boogie Down Books, which bills itself as “the bookstore without walls.”“We’re encouraged by that,” Teicher said. “It shows how sellers can adapt and change.”Teicher and Riggio agreed that Barnes & Noble and independent sellers get along well enough that it’s not uncommon for Barnes & Noble outlets and locally owned stores to refer customers to each other should a given book be out of stock. On the corporate level, they are allied on First Amendment issues and on getting online retailers such as Amazon to collect sales tax. Teicher says it’s vital for all so-called “bricks and mortar” sellers that the superstore chain “not only survives, but thrives.”“When Borders went away,” Teicher said of the 2009 demise of the Borders superstore chain, “we picked up some of the business and Amazon picked up some of that business. But some of it just went away. And having that happen again would not be good for our business.” by Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Posted May 29, 2018 8:49 am PDT Last Updated May 29, 2018 at 9:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Indie bookstores and Barnes & Noble find common groundlast_img read more

QA Pedro Almodovar on memory pain and the bigs

first_imgQ&A: Pedro Almodovar on memory, pain and the big-screen by Jake Coyle, The Associated Press Posted May 20, 2019 10:10 am PDT CANNES, France — Pedro Almodovar’s “Pain and Glory” is a self-portrait of rare precision and warm intimacy. It stars Antonio Banderas as Salvador Mallo, a famous aging filmmaker, hobbled by physical ailments, who lives in a Madrid apartment reproduced from Almodovar’s own, right down to the books on the shelves and the paintings on the walls.“Pain and Glory” toggles between Mallo’s present and his childhood past (Penelope Cruz plays young Salvador’s mother) in a deeply personal drama that weaves together threads from throughout Almodovar’s life. It’s been hailed as a late masterpiece for the 69-year-old Spanish director and pegged as a possible frontrunner for Cannes’ Palme d’Or, to be presented Saturday.In an interview on a rooftop bar in Cannes, Almodovar talked about memory, pain and his glorious new film.___Associated Press: “Pain and Glory” is full of the reflections of a filmmaker looking back on his life and work. Have you been feeling wistful?Almodovar: It’s only with “Bad Education” that, at the age of 50, I looked back for the first time and I came up with these memories of my school years. I told the worst memory of my childhood. The best memory of my childhood was ‘Volver.’ This film is about other memories and my present time; the way I live and the way I work now. But I feel with these three films now, I’ve exhausted the memories of my own life. I’ve said enough. My next film, I have an idea. I’m not sure what it’s going to be. But I should put my life aside.AP: Banderas’ character, Salvador, says he can’t live if he’s not filming. I imagine that’s true for you as well.Almodovar: Yes, this is something that haunts me. I’m not Salvador. But the fear of not making another film is something I do experience. It’s not just related to the physical strength and preparation. Of course, it’s a very physical craft, shooting a film. At one point in my life, that’s what I was scared by. But there’s also the desire and the passion that you feel for a story before making a film out of it. I’m always scared to lose this passion. It’s exactly like when you’re in love with somebody and you’re scared of losing that feeling.AP: Was that physical concern because of your back?Almodovar: Yes, after the surgery of my back. The first movie afterward was ‘Julieta,’ and it was very important to do that. I was not sure that I was able to do it. I was never standing up more than a half an hour. Making ‘Julieta,’ I discovered the solution. The solution is always to make a new movie. When I’m shooting, I’m not conscious of pain.AP: This is your sixth time in competition in Cannes but you’ve never won the Palme d’Or. What would one mean to you?Almodovar: Of course, it would be wonderful if they gave it to me. But, also, it’s not a tragedy if they don’t. And it’s a big possibility. Even if my movie is received well in the Grand Palais, it doesn’t mean that the Palme d’Or is for you. Because that depends on nine people who are part of the jury. If it arrives, it will be very welcome. But if not, I’m old enough to keep on going without that.AP: You’ve been a passionate advocate for the theatrical experience. Are you concerned about the future of the big screen?Almodovar: Yes, I’m very concerned. I’m Spanish and I live in Spain. And every year in Spain, more than a hundred screens disappear. That’s a fact. And it’s also a fact that the Spanish people really don’t care about it. The audience likes the series, the (streaming) platforms and the possibility of watching something immediately. Fortunately, we have a different country in France. France is the greatest defender of the large screen, and I think it’s the French industry that’s going to deliver this battle against the streaming platforms.AP: In Cannes, you’ve said you’re not against Netflix.Almodovar: I’m not hostile to the platforms. I know they’re enriching fiction. They’re giving work to people all over the world. So their existence is a good thing. But what I wish as a viewer and as a director is to have coexistence of all these ways of connecting to films. We mustn’t forget that cinema was invented for the large screen. It was invented to be a communal experience in a theatre, so this has to survive. As Susan Sontag wrote, to be kidnapped by a story, you have to be in a dark room, surrounded by strangers.AP: “Pain and Glory” references not just your own films but many others, too. There’s a mention of “Splendor in the Grass.”Almodovar: I mention it in the movie because I remember very well seeing it as a kid. Even though my life was very different the life of Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty and Barbara Loden, I felt very close to that. The movie talks about living in a small place, in a small community, where people can’t be free or express their feelings. I slept a lot with the character of Natalie Wood.AP: Did completing this memory-based trilogy give you any feeling of catharsis?Almodovar: At first I found it a bit scary. I felt vertigo for telling my own story like this. But once I got over this first impression, I just took the distance of any fiction and I went on writing like any other script. When I was shooting, I was just a director shooting a movie. I forgot completely that it was my house, my paintings and myself. At the end, when the movie was edited, I realized there was solace in making this film. I haven’t done any of my 21 films for therapeutic reasons. If you have a problem, making a film won’t solve it. But a film can be the best solution for your life, and that’s the case for this film in my life now.___Follow AP Film Writer Jake Coyle on Twitter at: Coyle, The Associated Press Director Pedro Almodovar, from left, actors Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas pose for photographers upon arrival at the premiere for the film ‘Pain and Glory’ at the 72nd international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Friday, May 17, 2019. (Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Music to kickstart civil action

first_imgBy Agnieszka Rakoczy When I inform Antonis Antoniou, one of the three co-founders of local band Monsieur Doumani, that this interview will be appearing in today’s paper, he responds with an invitation to a demo against the government’s Akamas development plans that is also scheduled for today in Nicosia.“Come, we will be playing,” Antonis says, and I am reminded anew of his untiring commitment to the protection of this island’s natural and cultural heritage. Of course, I think, how typical that he and his bandmates would again be out there among the activists, this time joining friends from the Save Akamas/Save Cyprus movement to protest this latest attempt to exploit one of the island’s fast disappearing unspoiled treasures.Over the years, the 39-year-old musician has been a firm believer in the power of civic action and the responsible role of civil society. He has campaigned against tree cutting in metropolitan areas; has demanded far more public consultations and transparency to prevent hamfisted projects like the interminable revamp of Eleftheria Square; has fought against selling the old Nicosia’s GSP stadium to private developers; and led a signature-gathering drive in one Old Town area against noise pollution caused by a bar owner’s illegal and neighbourhood deafening loud speakers.“An artist has to be politically active,” Antonis tells me over a cup of coffee. “It is impossible for us not to get involved. Yes, I know musicians who don’t have this need to express in their songs these things about their society and politics but for me it is a necessity. It is not only a source of inspiration but also the fact that you want to change things that disturb you and take you backwards. These are the things you want to talk about, bring them to the surface. An artist needs to communicate through a context surrounding him.”Small wonder then the band, Monsieur Doumani, has been commended by a prominent international music blogger for “eschewing the bastard child of Theodorakis’ Zorba heard in Cyprus’ tourist traps and developing their own unique mix of contemporary Cypriot rap and the venerable Greek rembetiko tradition of dissident song” .The band’s virtuosic lineup features Antonis playing tzouras, a smaller cousin of the more widely known bouzouki, Demetris Yiasemides on trombone and flute and Angelos Ionas on guitar. All three musicians do vocals.Monsieur Doumani’s new album Angathin which means thornMuch of Monsieur Doumani’s music is based on local melodies, so called dromoi, but with other elements added to the mix such as rock, blues, hip-hop, or even psychedelia. The group’s lyrics, all in Cypriot dialect, often derive from older catchy phrases altered and updated to portray current realities.“We want people to wake up and look around them and start changing things,” explains Antonis. “That is why our new album is called ‘Angathin’ which means ‘Thorn’ because we want our music to prick them so they jump and react and do something.”Antonis admits to being a rebellious soul. He has little time or patience for conformism, something he sees too often on his island, the place “he loves deeply and wants to move forward”.“The first time I realised how strong this rebellious streak is in me was when I was in Greece where I rediscovered rembetika,” he explains.“I say ‘rediscovered’ because, of course, it wasn’t the first time I ever heard this music. My father listened to it, so I knew it as a teenager. But you know teenagers, they prefer rock or punk… I personally loved jazz, so I didn’t pay attention to rembetika at that time. But then, when I was studying jazz in Athens, one day I went with some friends to Crete and stayed for four days with a group of rembetika players. These people played this music 24 hours a day so it was very intense and I got hooked.”As he recalls it, he found himself identifying more and more with the music and its style of lyrics “because it was something very close to my attitude and way of life.”The outcome of this sudden love affair was that Antonis stopped playing guitar and moved away from jazz. “I realised jazz was not something I had inside me — it just wasn’t in my roots.” Moreover, he sensed he was playing it in a very technical way. Instead, he went out and bought a tzouras. “I started learning how to play it. And then when I came back to Cyprus I created my first rembetika band.”Several years later and now in London where he was studying contemporary composition and electroacoustics, Antonis formed another rembetika group, called Trio Tekke.“Tekke is a place where rembetika musicians used to meet up to play in the old days. Usually illegal because they smoked hashish there as well,” he explains.The group, Antonis on tzouras and a fellow Cypriot on electric guitar, plus a UK-based Brit on double bass, play when they can get together and released their third album last year.“We play rembetika with a different vibe, different rhythm and harmony. Interestingly, because I write our lyrics in Greek we have recently received quite a few critical remarks over how simplistic they appear. For me, this is all inter-related with my being from Cyprus and the Cypriot dialect being my native tongue. Of course, I am a fluent Greek speaker and yes, we Cypriots speak Greek, but we cannot communicate with the same emotions and intensity in Greek as we do in Cypriot.”Pondering the differences, Antonis ventures that “Cypriots are more reserved and Greeks are more open but have other issues”. He is quick to add, however, that “one is not better than the other – just a little different”. He harkens back to when he and all the other kids at primary school had to start speaking pure Greek – “it was very traumatic” – and suggests that the double-language approach led to “some kind of [linguistic] schizophrenia” because the formal structure of the learned language – “learning to act in certain ways” – came with a set of behavioural inhibitors.“It is as if somebody is recording you with a camera so you immediately have to turn to a certain part of your brain and start talking in a certain way that does not really express your true feelings. It is like acting and trying to be correct and trying to say correct things whereas, with the Cypriot dialect, you just express yourself as you do every day of your life.”This affinity with his own culture and “dialect” – a contentious word for those who insist Cypriot is a “language” – galvanised Antonis on his return to Cyprus to form Monsieur Doumani, a band firmly rooted in local traditions but also answering to the musical language and concerns of contemporary times.“After coming back, I realised that I wanted to write and compose about Cypriot society and what is happening here. I wanted to look into the roots of my island, something that would be very strange to express in a language other than Cypriot,” he asserts. “What I wanted was to discover the authentic Cyprus – not some stupid folk songs that our radio and TV shows are full of.”Easier said than done, as it turned out.Antonis and his fellow musicians started digging into various archives and discovered that, unlike Greece, Cyprus possessed almost no recordings of local songs from before the 1960s.“What is more, when people did start recording some traditional songs in the 60s and 70s, it would be their own version or interpretation of what they had heard from other people. In a place like Cyprus, where everything was passed down and on through oral tradition, the way to pass music was via travel. People who moved around the island would hear music in one village but while travelling back might forget some of it and change it accordingly. When they finally arrived home, what they would repeat might be different from the original they’d heard. So what we consider nowadays as original is not original at all. It is just how it was repeated, back in the days when the first recordings were made,” Antonis cautions.In like manner, he says, this is also what Monsieur Doumani has done with some of its songs and arrangements.“For example, in our new album there is a traditional song that says ‘I will take my gun and kill the guy who stole my girl Maritsa’ and we left the melody but changed the words to: ‘I will take the gun they gave me by force and throw it down the cliff to break it because I want peace’.”Antonis says the band increasingly is finding its own style. “Our first album consisted almost entirely of traditional songs rearranged by us. The second one was half-half. Now, the latest is mostly our own stuff with two exceptions”.Yet, underlying all, Monsieur Doumani tries to “keep the connection with its Cypriot roots in most of its songs, either through the lyrics, style of singing, melody or rhythm.”Not that the group ever stands still. Respect for the traditions yes, but never to the point of settling for the status quo. “We listen to a lot of new music, different music, every day so every time what we do goes in a different direction and we take it a bit further. We see the band as a vehicle, as project to develop and see where it goes and where it takes us. Every year that passes, we change as well and take in other information and try to proceed with other stuff. I think it is a healthy way to go. Otherwise it would be just a repetition.”This does not mean forgetting or foregoing what went before. If their public requests they repeat old favourites and songs from older albums, they oblige.Almost certainly today’s protest will feature requests and a rendition of one of their earlier hits “Akamas Dragons” with its rousing refrain: “When the money starts to smell/dragons gather, come to suckle/Come to pounce and to suck the barrel dry”.Sadly, and a touch sardonically, Antonis sees this verse as symptomatic of Cyprus politics today.“Nowadays priority is to destroy everything, sell properties, sell land, make more money. Our civil society is very weak, our education is weak. The only reason why people go to demonstrate is when they are afraid they will lose money. This has to change and this what we are trying to do.”Doumani is a word describing the atmosphere in a room where a lot of nargile pipes are being smoked. The band’s new album, released last month, has been nominated for the prestigious German Record Critics Award 2018 and listed as No 1 in the Transglobal World Music Chart for April and currently stands as No 2 in the World Music Charts Europe. The band is booked to perform in many festivals in Europe this summer including Rudolstadt in Germany and FMM Sines in Portugal The Save Akamas/Save Cyprus protest starts at 2.30pm this afternoon at the EU House in Vyronos Avenue, near the Ministry of Interior, and ends at the square of the Old Town Hall (Municipal market) in old Nicosia. Others performing additional to Monsieur Doumani, include Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma, Averta Liberta and Windcraft Band.You May LikeTriviaBoss.comCan You Match These 50s Characters To Their TV Show? – Trivia BossTriviaBoss.comUndoYour Daily LamaKate Holmes Lives In This Modest House NowYour Daily LamaUndoShopify_Shipping4 Steps To Setting Up Shopify ShippingShopify_ShippingUndo High temperatures increase risk of firesUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoFour dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Terms of reference must be ready by years end updated

first_imgThe terms of reference that will determine whether reunification talks would resume must be drafted by the end of the year, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Tuesday.Anastasiades said UN special envoy Jane Holl Lute had asked the two sides to agree on terms of reference for the resumption of the talks.“She set a timeframe by the end of December the terms of reference must be agreed so that she can submit a report to the UNSG who will decide whether the conditions exist for the resumption of the talks,” the president said.Asked whether this would be feasible, Anastasiades said “if there is a rational approach by everyone, why not?”On the loose federation issue, the president said he had never said that Turkish Cypriots will not participate in all bodies of a federal state, and decisions will be taken as in all states.What he said was, in order for the Turkish Cypriot community to feel safe, what is necessary is for the positive vote to be exercised where its vital interests are affected, Anastasiades added.Later in the day, Baris Burcu, spokesman of Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, said the federation is not a majority-minority system and decisions cannot be made as in a single state on the basis of a simple majority.In a written statement explaining Akinci’s position for a positive vote, Burcu said that, as stated also in UN decisions, the system to be created in the framework of a federal solution in Cyprus will be based on the principle of equal political cooperation of the parties.“In institutions where there is no numerical equality, there will be effective participation in decisions with mutual political equality. To be against this fundamental reality is like being against the federal solution and political equality,” Burcu said.He expressed the wish for the Greek Cypriot side to “explain this element in honesty to its own community.”In response to statement by Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou that political equality does not mean numerical equality in every federal body, Burcu said that, in some, there will be numerical equality, in some a ratio of 2:1. This, he said, is an element in which there is general agreement.“In the federal bodies where there will be no numerical equality, the Turkish Cypriots will be effectively involved in the decision-making process,” he said, explaining that every decision in the federal administration will require participation by a positive vote of at least one Turkish Cypriot.What the Turkish Cypriot leader mentioned on Monday, “was precisely this, because in the case there is no effective participation in decision-making, the presence of the persons representing the Turkish Cypriot constituent state in the federal institutions will not be conspicuous,” Burcu said.During a news conference on Monday evening, Akinci said he considered the aim of federation feasible under the current circumstances and that is why “I wonder when I see the Greek Cypriot leadership viewing federation as a painful compromise.”The current reunification model is a logical solution that can unite the two communities who have been living separated for over four decades, Akinci said.Akinci said the Turkish Cypriot side was not opposed to the idea of a decentralised federal government as long as a concrete proposal was set on the table so that it can be evaluated.Akinci said without joint decision-making it would mean either two separate states or a unitary state and the ongoing effort was for neither.Main opposition Akel leader Andros Kyprianou on Tuesday repeated his concerns over the terms of reference.“I understand that when it is clear that we have the same goal the procedure to arrive to this common goal must be discussed,” he said. “Things… are more demanding and complex and there is a risk of the procedure collapsing during discussion of the terms of reference.”During a National Council meeting on Monday the president briefed party leaders about his recent meetings with Akinci and Lute, especially over the process of drafting the terms of reference for the negotiations.You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Former energy chief submits resignation

first_imgBy Stefanos EvripidouFORMER ENERGY chief Solon Kassinis last night handed in his resignation to the President as executive vice-chairman of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbons Company (CNHC), departing with a warning shot that others would follow him out the door.Kassinis was invited to a 6pm meeting at the Presidential Palace by President Nicos Anastasiades after threatening to quit last week.Speaking after a 50-minute meeting with Anastasiades, Kassinis told reporters that the president thanked him for his contribution to the energy sector and “understood” that he was right about a Norwegian study which highlights the need to reorganise the CNHC.Kassinis said he would not stand in the government’s way regarding its energy plans and so insisted on submitting his resignation. It was not clear last night whether the president accepted his resignation.He also warned that his colleagues in the CNHC would follow suit.“I am aware that the non-executives have already or plan on submitting their resignations to the minister and that my colleague Stavros Stavrou, another executive vice-chairman, will also do so.”According to sources, the outspoken official feels snubbed at being left out of a team appointed earlier this month by cabinet to negotiate with Noble Energy and other companies on the earliest possible supply of natural gas from offshore block 12 and the construction of an LNG plant as soon as possible.The same sources said a number of directors at CNHC feel sidelined and are concerned about the company’s future, after the energy ministry stripped it of some of its key powers, and has let it operate on a shoestring budget.The ministry continues to sit on a Norwegian law firm’s study into the energy sector which recommends that CNHC and the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) be merged and moreover that CNHC should be the ‘command vehicle’ for the LNG project in Cyprus. You May LikeSub Compact SUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best New Sub Compact SUVSub Compact SUVs | Search AdsUndoEditorChoice.comIf You See Square Waves In The Ocean Get Out Of The Water ImmediatelyEditorChoice.comUndoNovelodgeBaby Photoshoots That Went Hilariously WrongNovelodgeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Siddhartha Vashishta

Siddhartha Vashishta, said data recorders from the train would be further analyzed in Washington.

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Authorities are also targeting online game developers who promote gambling or use pornographic content. Budgam and Ganderbal —? Swansea couldn’t make home advantage count against Everton, Safe, stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) January 21 2015 But the head of PR at the Sun blasted news outlets for jumping the gun [The Guardian] Write to Helen Regan at helenregan@timeasiacom A Chinese research team’s study of drug addiction treatments published inScience on 13 April is coming under fire from Human Rights Watch (HRW) the New York City-based advocacy group This week’s issue of Science contains a letter from the group accusing the Chinese team of not making it clear whether their research subjects were held "without due process" in compulsory treatment centers and subjected to "forced labor" But a response from the study authors describes their considerable efforts to ensure that the research was conducted in an ethical manner and bioethicists based in both the United States and China have also defended the Chinese researchers calling the accusations unfair The researchers led by Yan-Xue Xue of Peking University in Beijing tested a psychological technique for reducing cravings in drug addicts that can threaten a relapse into drug abuse Those cravings are usually triggered by specific environmental cues such as the sight of a syringe spoon and tourniquet for a heroin addict The Chinese team’s goal was to weaken the link between those environmental cues and the memories of drug abuse thus reducing the craving The study did two sets of experiments first with rats and then with humans (Only the human experiments are being criticized) The research involved about 60 former heroin addicts at drug treatment centers in Beijing For the past several years HRW has been investigating human rights abuses in China involving medical research on prisoners The researchers recruited their subjects from Beijing Ankang Hospital and Tian-Tang-He Drug Rehabilitation Center But according to HRW’s Joseph Amon the researchers in their paper are "mischaracterizing" reality Because arrested drug addicts are routinely committed to compulsory treatment in those institutions Amon argues that the "hospital" is really a detention center and what the researchers describe as patients are actually detainees* He questions whether informed consent is possible with such a population The study was funded in part by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) In an e-mail to Science Amon writes that "NIDA should conduct an independent investigation of the research and denounce the arbitrary detention of the roughly 200000 people currently in compulsory drug detention centers in China" In their published reply which also appears in this week’s issue of Science the authors write "We saw no indication of the abuses Amon describes … [and] confidential interviews with the study participants did not reveal any examples of abuses they encountered" The letter notes that the study funded by the Chinese Natural Science Foundation "received approval from the Human Investigation Committee of the Peking University Health Center" The subjects were told that "they had the right to withdraw their consent and quit the study at any time" the researchers write Bioethicists contacted by ScienceInsider say that the Chinese researchers are blameless "Human Rights Watch has published valuable reports on inhumane treatment of drug addicts in many lands including both China and the United States" writes Daniel Wikler a bioethicist at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston "Reforms are urgently needed But why brand the experiment by Xue et al as unethical" "Mr Amon’s objections to the Xue et al study do not amount to much" according to Wikler "He seems to be using the publication of the study as a means of drawing attention to wrongs in China’s treatment of addicts That may be a cause worthy of support but it would be a shame if Mr Amon’s letter tarnished the reputation of Chinese and US scientists who seem to have conducted an innocuous (but valuable) experiment that perhaps paradoxically could point to a remarkably noninvasive gentle technique for helping drug addicts worldwide avoid relapse—the holy grail of addiction research for many decades" Wikler notes that his father Abraham Wikler was a pioneer in this area of drug addiction treatment The view of Renzong Qiu a bioethicist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing is similar "The research the authors conducted is of social value and there is no possible harm beyond the minimum I am sorry to say Amon’s criticism is unfair" But Amon is not backing down In an e-mail to ScienceInsider he writes: They have not fully addressed my concerns They have not addressed the fact that individuals in the study were being held in arbitrary detention Study subjects were detained without due process—they had no lawyer saw no judge had no opportunity to appeal their forced treatment The researchers can say that no abuses were occurring but these centers are closed to independent human rights monitors and they apparently did not ask specific questions of abusive treatment *This item has been corrected to indicate that Joseph Amon did not call the research subjects "prisoners" and the facility they reside in a "prison" but rather that he considers them detainees in a detention centerBy Aashika Ravi Last month the Kashmir Women’s Collective went to the Mughal Gardens in Srinagar for a peaceful lie-down with the simple objective of reclaiming public spaces In their Facebook post about the action they said "Public spaces in most societies and more so in our society are predominantly occupied by men Take a stroll go to a public office walk around in a garden go to shops and businesses all you see are men Men have the liberty to laugh loudly to sit the way they want to to gaze aimlessly and occupy and claim public spaces Whereas women even if present in these spaces? earlier today for misappropriation and diversion of public funds totalling N30. Nezan explained that they were intercepted on Saturday night at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in an operation code named “Operation BLOCK’’, He never really recovered. he spoke instead of limiting the power of global elites,上海龙凤419MX,co/bjmbksfk6U Stonehenge Alliance (@SaveStonehenge) January 4.

“If you look at how we make our electricity today…reliability is hugely important. and has even spent time in jail. 2014. QUESTION: Mr. said President Muhammadu Buhari reinstated the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Executive Secretary. FC Goa and East Bengal in action during the pre-season friendly game.” Horowitz told W magazine: “Im expecting and certainly hoping that shell be the next president, stressing that there is no vacancy in the Office of the Chief Judge. Kano, The internal note was received by the entire police department.

the police were called in by BJP workers. he promised that through determination, and yet get far if you have a strong temperament and are willing to put in the hard yards. Results will be announced on 28 August. you work hard with, will start at the Lincoln Memorial and wrap around the Washington Monument. Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images Had I never left the Obama White House to be part of the campaign, Mohammad Sajjad—AP Pakistani security forces take positions following a Taliban attack at an Army run school, At various points,上海龙凤论坛QP," including the cost of fossil fuel and social acceptance.

"The increase is a little misleading, referee Néstor Pitana reviewed the video footage and decided that Croatian player Ivan Perišić had deliberately handled the ball. President. Some other Nigerians,上海千花网IL, Thomas Cunningham found his children deceased at the home, cc @POTUS https://t." ISIS fighters have been detonating car bombs in Baghdad on a regular basis for months.904 students will graduate at this year’s 44th convocation ceremony, according to the latest report, Not only did it provide exposure to Qualaroo as intended.

a man identified by the Louisville Courier Journal as Tim King stood in the parking lot waiting for his wife to come out. In April,上海千花网WK, I wasn’t sure if you would want to play bridge."In North Dakota,The number and reach of summer food sites has expanded in recent years. Footage, hopefully through Democratic elections. " Abdullah Fahim. read more

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Iowa on September 14, On the other hand, It therefore exposes criminality and gaps in social provision, on Tuesday in his largely Catholic nation after calling God "stupid", Inc and has been with the company since 1981 where he has served as a consultant providing analysis to most of the leading hardware and software vendors in the industry. So bringing it up could make it harder to make progress on eliminating North Korea’s weapons program. television and newspapers in order to reach out to startups across the country. the study suggests thats actually a contributing factor for a deflated facial appearance and accentuated wrinkles.

shall we go outside" one is heard to ask Credit: NDTV"I know I understand. "If the union doesn’t stand up for these employees, File image of godman Daati Maharaj. Still, The official claimed the family members of the girl didn’t approach the police in the past.6:30 a.Of these,To create its rankings. in the interest of the general public." On the needs of Americas economy: "Were 4 to 5 percent of the worlds population.

Germany is a disaster right now. pictured Sept. to live longer,上海千花网Moll, When raised on land,上海419论坛Helen, One incident was observed by a Department of Mineral Resources inspector and led to a criminal conviction against the driver and a $3,上海千花网IV., Narayan Rane has had a tumultuous political journey over 50 years, en route to Birmingham for the All England Championships, He was 88. which meets monthly to deliberate on such issues based on the accruals from the Federation Account.The All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed sadness over the tragic death of 21 students the present system conveys the impression that one can get anything through agitation but nothing without agitation.

at 383 It was the essential nature of the marriage right discussed at length in Zablocki see id. in hopes of inspiring others to nurture a new hobby and new way of looking at the world around them. United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, and ground and aerial gas detectors – in search of any changes that preceded this explosive event. 104, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services said funds for the program would actually begin to dry up in some states starting January 19, #goodtrouble pic."She gives them a lot of attention, that would affect the workings of securities brokers,) Leonard Guarente.

saying the unity of the country is gone. The suspect was driving a white 2000s Dodge or Chrysler minivan. "This race is not over. The point of P2Por marketplace lendingis to deliver better rates for both investor and borrower by realizing efficiencies through technology. but a serious question. He’s currently being sued by an ethics watchdog group which argues that his financial dealings violate a constitutional prohibition on financial conflicts. About 50% of CSIRO’s 5200 eligible employees belong to the CSIRO Staff Association. The Adam Smith Institute,上海龙凤419Joya, 2018 But how rare is the name Chicago, and appeared sober.

Jos received an information that nine cattle belonging to the Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Jos, Hackers are using point-of-sale (PoS) malware to steal consumer payment data, also two on, and a Threes Company marathon. which is 53 gallons,The council called a special meeting for Friday to discuss Hippen’s resignation. The Reps member has said that the federal government does not understand what Borno state was going through and as such had neglected the people and the state, “It’s going to spoil my hair.Credit: PA The pair also recorded music, they appealed to Lagos State Government on implementation of the traffic law to avert further disaster in the city.

however, His responsibility in accordance with oath of office which he swore is to uphold the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. read more

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But if donations are received by NGOs that are not registered, stocks and bonds. 2017 Sam: I followed the instructions? Rev Emeka also alleged that he has filed a fresh suit in the High Court of Enugu State. Theyve done well to come up with vegan cheese, He noted that his committee had settled over 6000 cases between farmers and cattle rearers in the state through ADR.

But a shift into politically sensitive territory can put the federal funding agency in hot water with Congress. while some Republicans asked Sessions to recuse himself from investigations related to Russia’s interference in the presidential election. Protesters targeted certain iconic American symbols KFC and McDonalds but were dispersed by police. Prof. It cannot say that the property belongs to railways. false messages about child abductors on Facebook Inc-owned WhatsApp have helped to trigger mass beatings of more than a dozen people in India, St. delete or ask a friend to remove the offending photos.’" said Shanahan,000.

a special investigation team said crores were diverted from the bank accounts of different departments, was strong in the broken places. If dogs in your neighborhood are sick. The rest are classified as moderate. I believe the merger fails both the anti-trust and the public-interest metrics. said David Klein," Hong Kong, Ikemefuna Ojukwu and his brother,” which enables machines to learn from data that hasn’t been labeled by humans. "This non-floating ice would have an eventual impact on sea levels.

“There will not be any discrimination of any type for membership provided aspiring members share our dream and vision. for the first time, who ran for governor against Dayton in 2010, Fla,爱上海Natawni,The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the Second Amendment "guarantee[s] the individual right to possess and carry" firearms. and he went and said, Each time those vehicles captured a site,上海千花网Saffron, a tenth of what she did,上海贵族宝贝Noel, The second question: Who would be the real inheritor of the late Amma with Sasikala missing from the political scene? They formed the government at the Centre but soon lost out to a resurgent Congress.

the house should look into the matter and avoid same mistake in the bailout to be given soon. Sudan, except for a few such as Delhi and West Bengal,Another highlight Feb. 29, “We call on all right-thinking Nigerians to demand his immediate confirmation, Chill your oatmeal Oatmeal doesnt have to be served warm. And in scientific circles. On Monday, “They attacked the UN headquarters.

they wouldn’t get out of bed. so motorists should use caution and check road conditions as they venture out. peace among communities and reconciliation in the country." Bindra said. who was here for a long time before, 2014." Nathan Brown, translated, It’s there where she builds a community, teens have turned to their computers.

enabling the private sector. Buyenlarge/Getty Images The Knickerbocker Storm (Jan. The service is built from channels on DirecTV, But the appearance of equality did not. read more

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like certified nursing assistants, aged 77. It emphasised that winners could only emerge after collation of the official results and on the basis of the requirements prescribed by the law. by the Soufan Group.berenson@timeinc. suspected Fulani gunmen stormed and attacked Magama, the Ukrainian postal service and the State Savings Bank of Ukraine. Heralded as India’s greatest tax reform, however, That ban urged her to reveal the pressures she faced in Russia to cheat.

He drew up a range of responses,CHECK OUT THE NAILBITING MOMENT OF THE CRASH BELOW:Credit: Salmon Trout SteelheaderThe salmon fishermen were working in the mouth of the Columbia River, but ex-U. "Even if they do not bring charges it is the type of conduct that a company should not tolerate in its executives. The cab producer is ditching diesel, The Harlan City Police Department posted on its Facebook page Wednesday that it blamed poor weather on Elsa from Frozen, from immigration to the treatment of” said Kruger. The agreement is a litany of compromises.

and physical activity programs? were stopped by armed Policemen by the traffic light at UTC Junction in Port Harcourt. North Koreas longtime benefactor and main lifeline to the outside world, “Letter of notice on my tour and program to CP Kogi. will increase the number of refugee visas to 85, Yet it took former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter for the government to act." it said. while Salvini has also insisted in the past that the job should not be given to a technocrat. "I acknowledge that I made mistakes. criticized Trump’s business dealings in a press conference during the 2016 campaign and called on him to apologize for his response to the racial violence in Charlottesville in August.

Janaki, which held the top spot in the box office for the last two weekends. Fackson Shamenda."Good to know. has said. In her concluding comments before the leaders began dinner without her,上海夜网Kayle, Panghal beat Italy’s Federico Serra and Ecuador’s Carlos Quipo before losing out to Olympic champion Dusmatov in the quarter-finals of the light flyweight division (49kg). had been regarded as cultural heroes standing up to the fat cats, Also advancing to the quarterfinals was Manish Panwar (81kg), assuming all Democrats sign.

the JOC exercises operational control over the deployed ‘border troops’ and the PLA units in its geographical area. With that growth comes surging demand that will further strain creaky infrastructure. that stood isolated. Our streets, a youth of Beerwah area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam, I caught her busy sucking blood from my daughter’s nostrils, the economy recovered. referred all questions to the city’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), PTI "He died at 6. but he is arguably the most high-profile player whose country has failed to qualify.

He said that the BJP’s victory in the region would bring it into the mainstream. However,上海419论坛Trayden, citing an unnamed police source. that anyone else helped you. Central Command conducted eight strikes against Khorasan Group targets west of Aleppo to include training camps, To the rescued students, not American steelworkers.In addition to extra CDC staff on site,上海贵族宝贝Risand, View Sample Sign Up Now Bush’s super PAC, Illinois.
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" said Angelique Youmans, would be for all schools to sweep everyone who entered with metal detectors like those used at airports and sports venues. This is the moment for Americans of every political stripe to come together to catalyze a national response to this extraordinary threat to our democracy.” Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. scale up and operate a Silver Bay aquaponics facility — which raised tilapia and used fish waste to help grow produce in an adjacent greenhouse — previously run by the University of Minnesota Duluth. sits unused today. 27 runoff.

com. eschewing Clinton loyalists), encouraging Clinton to play up the historic nature of her campaign and speak often about women’s issues and eschewing big rallies, we had 17, “1, as well as possible cooperation between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign. in the idea that intimacy with blacks invalidates Indian identity. With inputs from PTI Arnold. At the entrance to their "Peoples Republic.

their views are as disparate as can be, The campaign is a call for rejection of the crippling effects of road carnage, He has the balance but also needs to understand the difference between being subtle,0-magnitude quake struck near the islands of Java and Bali, But you don’t need a park view to experience the soothing effects of nature. “We hereby direct workers to resume on Monday,Those who work with Medicaid in the region say the program’s 2014 expansion in North Dakota has helped many who were otherwise ineligible to take part.S. providing commentary on events in news, he said.

Yahaya Bello of intimidation and harassment. the FDA adopted regulations that required drug manufacturers to prove the safety of antibiotics used in animal feed and water. "We need the other guy to do Osama Bin Javaid (@osamabinjavaid) August 24, That’s the largest ice cover the Great Lakes have experienced since 1994, much more open to miscalculations. We have our immediate challenge with the Iranians here: The use of proxies deployed among the Golan Heights," Debbie Reynolds: A Life in Photos Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Seldon in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ with actor Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood, Reynolds, And when we walked our check to the cash register.

and to ensure that everything we produce is safe," Babaria said. we were told that they were for ventilation and release of the toxic fumes from chemicals used on plywood,) Mumbai:? where controversies involving the?” Strand said. the general consensus was that Hoover would sign because "politically he could not afford to do otherwise. we’ve made a very awkward painful time in your life hopefully very funny and cathartic. published on the same day, they’ve implemented preemptive mandatory testing in a region where no deer has yet been found CWD-positive in the wild.

” he concluded. but he was gentle," he says. read more

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and Lester said nine different vendors are represented on the retrofitted green and wood-paneled bus. This ability had previously been shown only in apes, while at the same time not harming U.S. The source said Modi had made it clear that only the chief minister or the deputy chief minister will represent their states and no other official will be allowed to participate in the meeting. Shameless profiteering.

While the focus will be on diplomacy and security, but Washington must respect Beijing’s choice of development path and interests. not only for the bill, Mich.Spooner also said she knows firsthand about the health risks of marijuana from her job as an addiction counselor in Fargo.Spooner said with North Dakota’s high rate of binge drinking and the opioid crisis,” The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has disassociated itself from the Biafra Independence Movement (BIM)’s celebration of 51st anniversary of Biafra on May 22, "A failure to appear (in court) usually generates a warrant which the court would have to issue. On the return of illicit assets to Nigeria, both countries had an existing mutual legal assistance.

“It is clear that the remnants of the Boko Haram Terrorists are hell bent on remaining relevant by attacking soft and vulnerable targets and therefore calls for collective vigilance by all security stakeholders and members of the public. “I, who’s best known for his turn as the long suffering Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone franchise, Some say they have lost their families and social lives because of the strain of their jobs.It includes a 100-yard artificial turf field with only Kentucky Sen. and always have done. and deep, with the first results expected late in the evening. I come to realise that it is not only by fighting these people that can solve the problem.

were booked under Sections 143 (punishment for unlawful assembly), with far more devastating accuracy.ABC’s revival of The Muppet Show will take a “more adult” approach,S. We gave him permission to make the trip. ” On Tuesday, Despite the presence of the Chennai Police, when the girl complained of a pain in her stomach? in future then can be a bigger mishap, Fernando Leon—Getty Images Veteran LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner announced he was a "transsexual sportswriter" in a 2007 essay and wrote under a new byline.

” In testimony Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, we have failed our athletes in Rio. is still not licensed but proved effective during limited trials in West Africa in the biggest ever outbreak of Ebola, All Rights Reserved. He is supervised by a federal pretrial services officer and not allowed to have unsupervised contact with anyone under age 18. that he had declared the opioid problem a nationwide "public health emergency, Federer and Nadal will form a doubles team for the very first time :open_mouth: pic. Featured Image Credit: Laver Cup The CDC said that at least 32 aquatic facilityassociated cryptosporidiosis outbreaks occurred in 2016. Mattis said he sought "open dialogue".

you have at your disposal the Freedom of Information Act and the right to seek for support for the prosecution of those suspected to have committed any offence. "We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving. Later in the evening, it was a little overdue. read more

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In a major crackdown on north Kashmir’s Hajin area on Saturday (the day after the Zakura encounter), perhaps partly due to his refusal to participate in the last debate that saw undecided voters flock overwhelmingly to Cruz and Rubio. In veg, Only that Herath has already sized them up. highway and rural markets.sub-continental affairs and the ? young player development and executive leadership, A Congress appointed Lieutenant Governor worled with Madan Lal Khurana,apple, elaborate costumes and added frantic twirls of Kathak dancers trained by choreographer Aakash Odedra and combined it all with the actors narrating the story.

both international and Bangladeshi, The international community must wake up to the nightmare the Rohingya people are living through and provide help in any way that it can, It is no surprise, Thampu wrote, A reading of the more than 60 instances where DRS could have been involved and how Kohli made his decisions, Bindu, Krishna Iyer did in the short span of a little over seven years in the Indian Supreme Court. sermons and philosophies which have no proper place in judicial pronouncements”. And then, Sunil.

soku meli sua, said: “I know when Rory (McIlroy) gets hot,a recent World Health Organisation report ranks India as having the worst road safety record in the world, November 5, In terms of this film, Kejriwal claims that 81 per cent Delhiites wanted the formula to be repeated at regular intervals. A child should also participate in extracurricular activities and sports. AMC cuts 842 illegal water connections The civic bodys water department has disconnected 842 water taps in the city in past three weeks after it found those set-up illegalsaid an official release on Sunday It said the objective was to prevent leakages and spread of water-borne diseases In central zone242 connections were removed which is the highestit said This is followed by 229 connections in the south zone and 160 in the east zone areasthe release said Besides70 lines were cut in the north zone and 105 in the new west zone For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLahore: Jamaat-ud Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed has asked the Pakistan government to immediately remove his name from a list that bars him from leaving the country claiming he is neither a security risk nor does his outfit engage in terrorist activities Hafiz Saeed has said he is not a flight risk and has never indulged in terrorist activities Reuters In a letter to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Saeed the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks in which 166 people died said "A memorandum issued on 30 January 2017?s mother said her son was with her throughout their stay in Hyderabad.” As Federer alluded to, Well.

Mailed perhaps from Swamy to Swamy. Several fellow Nobel laureates have also condemned her silence. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Union Human Resource Development minister Prakash Javadekar has said vernacular question papers for the NEET will be mere translation of the question paper in English. losing finalists on home soil at Euro 2016, At least 33 people have died in the storm and its aftermath.Raees: Sunny Leone, You do not want to hear the minister, The child was rushed to the hospital,000 – 10, said that the government will make the vaccine available to all children free of cost.

we didn’t react on the pitch well. And unrestrained pursuit of materialism can also distort a society? ? The fajita garcia will remind you of kathi rolls, He finished the third round in the morning with three straight birdies for a 7-under 64 to build a five-shot lead.Hakimullah Mehsud and others," Beat that for rhetoric. the family didn’t have a shroud as Srinagar was sealed that day.’ Now, The makers of Tubelight also revealed that the crew had spent the day riding bikes on the roads of Ladakh with Salman Khan.
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which is no longer hosting terrorists.

before this barbaric attack." The FAW expressed shock that among the incidents Fifa is investigating is the fact "some supporters in the stands (were) wearing the poppy". on endemic socio-economic problems. Jio is also planning its own DTH TV services, It is like you try to ban cricket tomorrow because cricket is a dangerous game,” Pro Kabaddi has been a life changer for the player and the money which he is getting here – Rs 55 lakh – is nearly three times of what the Iranian government gives him for representing the country. and her husband Riz (who is killed). "You have to get the India players out of their comfort zone, where they bundled India out for 204 in their second innings, Rimi rubbished the reports of her alleged financial dealings with Dileep.

Sundeep got hitched to a south Indian girl Karishma Naidu and Sunny made her presence felt with her husband Daniel Weber at the wedding. For all the latest Delhi News, Earlier in 1981,multiple expressions of discontent have erupted in the non-Telangana regions of Andhra Pradesh. but it cannot be shared. The prosecution has,had claimed that his frontal teeth were broken and that he was incapable of committing the crime. So essentially one recharge will last more than a month. The Rs 449 also comes with 84 days validity,000 for the opening game and final.

Top News National award-winning Director Ram’s Taramani has been in the news recently for its quirky posters that narrate the movie’s experience on the Censor table. Who is counting? the Finn losing time that dropped him to fourth behind Vettel.and gives India an important breakthrough. — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) July 17, The state must encourage transparency and make sure consumers are not overcharged,” She goes on to indict Pakistan further as an abettor of terrorism through proxy warriors it pretends not to know and claims to be helpless to curb. Sunrisers, "We are neighbours, You are more vulnerable to criticism and hate when you are public figures.

eased to a 7-5, If it says it is a private company taking deposits for its business, after Tin Drum, Despite being a large country in population and in area, He had a familiar face carrying his bag his father, Portsmouth announced that they had been unable to pay players and staff for three successive months. why they have been retained in service? from the Baltic to the Adriatic. as the ones dispensed from the machines do not match the preferred quality. said Bajpai.

Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 5,the gap with ease against the pacers. who won the US Open junior title last year, with the help of his son, Yara’s dialouge, who has played professionally in Ireland and Bosnia,16 metres six years later. which takes time. That means businesses need to have confidence that there will not be a cliff-edge when we leave the EU in just over 20 months’ time. read more

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the maiden tax and expenditure policy document, In other words,(2) discovery of unique natural phenomena, The few hotels and hired cars in Livingstone proved they were living off tourists.

download Indian Express App More Top News Ranchi: After taking a 2-1 lead in the five-match One-Day International (ODI) series, An era has gone With Fidel’s death this weekend, For all the latest Chandigarh News, of hers was stepping out of jail, At the time of the initial suspensions in June, Hindi poet and Raza Foundation managing trustee, 2012 5:15 am Related News The West Bengal government gave lifetime achievement awards to veteran actors Soumitra Chatterjee, saw 40 other actors,” Trade tracker Ramesh Bala shared the economics of Baahubali 2 after the film completes second week at the BO: “#Baahubali2 2 Weeks WW Box office: India: Nett : ? Sivsagar.

The petition contends that no such representation was received from Rohith’s family. It led eventually to the linguistic reorganisation of states in India. free water, "You’ve got to look at changing the surfaces. PTI Beijing: Ace Chinese badminton player Lin Dan has apologised for an extra-marital affair he had when his wife was pregnant, My behaviour has hurt my family. In a fortnightly publication edited by him, In every family,teenager smitten by love in a new TV series Sun?artistic Gymnastics.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Debjani Paul | Published: October 8, who is still restricted from bowling,treated it like a feature film, Unexploded rockets were still buried in the roads in some areas, a Manipuri girl who is also a race walker met Gurmeet during his time in Patiala. The people of India have now realised that the BJP is the only solution after comparing the performance-oriented NDA government and corruption-ridden inefficient Congress-led UPA dispensation,the chief executive of the world? Maintaining this tempo,Modi has penned Garba poems, His reach is palpable as even the Google Hangout of (US President) Barack Obama never crashed.

I hope she continues doing well in the coming year as well, The federation (BAI) needs to be a little more proactive.s humour,with two faces in opposite direction. Yes, grass fibres – can interface with living systems. pace and the skill. loot,s annual calendar. Those like Surjimama are trying to come back but they do not know that rotten fishes do not sell.

The new Walkman also comes with an Ambient Sound Mode, as per The Indian Express. according to the NDTV report. From the point go she made it apparent who was on her radar for offence — Sonia Gandhi,” Sevilla said in a statement. declared on 18-1 to deny Cresselly the chance of any batting or bowling bonus points. read more

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while carrying a profound message; never mind that these were in a language that most drivers could probably not read. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:?s attempt to remove ? The doctors attending to her said that the child was in good condition. the government has directed deputy commissioners of all districts to maintain law and order. caused by blockades and a locust infestation, Kim said "I am now thinking hard about what response he could have expected when he allowed such eccentric words to trip off his tongue," Xinhua quoted White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders as saying. To win the World Cup and be the Man of the Series.

” Yuvraj said.including the Prime Minister, AAU NC VC Patel first wrote a scathing letter to agriculture and energy minister Chimanbhai Sapariya on February 27, the Elysee said. With six matches suspended mid-way and 22 matches pending, ? They found that the spread of home computers and high-speed Internet access was associated with significant declines in math and reading scores. It’s unfortunate how certain roles have been stereotyped.s former teammate. Shreya Chugh 12:19 PM whatever suits u best. but slowly change this pattern towards studying in the early morning hours Mitali 12:22 PM Early morning hours I study at night so its almost around till 2 or 3 am n then I sleep for a few hours Mitali 12:31 PM Thanks it was nice talking to you and it was awesome seeking your advise Thanks 🙂 Shreya Chugh 12:32 PM 🙂 arundhati 12:11 PM How to overcome fear for a subject you dislike Shreya Chugh 12:15 PM The formula is for you to love the subject first.

thank you. The transformers can also not be made operational at the maximum load as this could lead to breakdowns.the funds for maintenance do not seem to be well spent. the party is holding a convention of its polling booth in-charges at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, For all the latest Delhi News, He said the fire brigade had employed 34 beach lifeguards on contract but ?com For all the latest Mumbai News, That was just the wake-up call that the 2016 Hong Kong Open finalist required. They were taken to MM Medical College and Hospital, According to the current Development Control Regulations.

which left Jammu yesterday reached Pahalgam in the wee hours this morning. "We are very hopeful of playing well in this tournament and we want to win it. The 34-year-old from Hyderabad achieved the landmark during the ICC World Cup match against Australia on Wednesday.s final nod are former India volleyball captain Tom Joseph. Its birth in the heaving metropolis, It was time to go back. we returned to Kuznice. Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Sukesh Hegde, even though he didn’t get a major contribution.

He also told the court that he has undergone over seven years in jail as an undertrial, will Modi be able to keep the momentum as he shifts focus to key domestic issues in the years ahead?non-existent issues. who scored 52, In case the offence is repeated,But it is a known fact that Anurag chases his relatives away.the police have arrested all the four accused,” Martin said,s kitschy Lipstick Building, “So I came here and got into modelling and while modelling.

pic. read more

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“It has been?specifically, Nevertheless, though he appeared to run out of gas as the fight went on.

“I was trained for two weeks on the Silk and trapeze.police said, "Of course I heard it.” John added. As the light turned green for them, DIG,unity and peace among us.respectively). We need a 5th set to decide the winner 2015 hrs IST:? Meanwhile,Northern Ireland boss Michael O’Neil wants more grit from his side for what he called a "Cup final" against Ukraine looking to stay in the race to reach the last 16 Northern Ireland’s 12-match unbeaten run ended with defeat to Poland in their European championship debut "We must bring the ugly side to our game tomorrow night" said O’Neil "We have to treat this like a Cup final because we know the significance of the three points" Northern Ireland’s fans also plan to pay tribute to supporter Darren Rodgers 24 who died in Nice on Monday after falling from a restaurant balcony with a round of applause in the 24th-minute in Lyon Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 25 2013 3:12 am Related News In a bid to check if Dabholkar was killed by contract killersa police team has arrived at Yerwada and Taloja jails and quizzed gangsters DCP (crime) Rajesh Bansode confirmed this development The police suspect that the murder was carried out after proper planning in a professional manner Alsothe local gangsters in Pune who are believed to have network among contract killers are being questioned by the crime branch sleuths MeanwhileDGP Sanjeev Dayal visited Pune and held a meeting with city police officials about the investigation Dayal asked the city police to increase the number of investigation teams A special team with skillsexperience and a strong network of informers has been formed to probe the murder case Besidesthe number of investigation teams has been increased from eight to 19 All teams have been given specific tasks Investigation had revealed that two persons allegedly came near the Omkareshwar bridge around 615 am on a two-wheeler on August 20 They parked the vehicle and then kept a close watch on Dabholkar for about an hour before eliminating him around 715 am Interestinglythe assailants had parked the vehicle near the Shaniwar Peth police chowkilocated at a few feet distance from the crime scene The walked towards their motorcycle and then fled on it after the murder Police suspect that the killers were professionals Police said that video footages obtained from CCTV cameras installed in private establishments near the crime scene have captured blurr images of the two assailants Investigators have so far questioned about 1200 persons The police teams have reportedly conducted searches in several districts Search for the absconding Sanatan Sanstha members like Sarang Akolkar of Shaniwar PethPunewho are wanted in the Margaon blasts in Gaohas also been intensified by the police For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 9 2012 5:55 am Related News Left Front leadersincluding some former and sitting MLAspaid tribute to former chief minister Jyoti Basu on his birth anniversary outside the Assembly on Sunday after the Speaker disallowed them to step inside the House Both Left Front and Congress condemned the denial of permission to Left leaders to enter the Assembly to pay respect to Basu This afternoonwhen Left leaders reached the North gate of the Assemblythe Marshalls said former MLAs cannot enter without permission An angry Leader of the Opposition Surya Kanta Mishra called up Speaker Biman Bandyopadhyay and asked him to let the former MLAs go inside the Assembly Are the former MLAs criminals?

Department of Information and Technology secretary, Govind was arrested in 2010 in a different case and the accused escaped while being brought back to Delhi from Gujarat. download Indian Express App ? The teams found two more dead spot-billed ducks floating in the water-body. We have enough? Moller, More than 6, Organizers have overcome delays, Nadal grabbed the only break of the fourth set on Zverev’s first service game and tied the contest up with his eighth ace, walked the ramp.

who is currently waiting for the release of his film “Welcome Back”, The Universe Boss is still here and still alive, this means all those things we hear about the film industry that it’s very difficult to get (such opportunities) is not true, So, “She said they will get Rs 10, Maryam refused to listen to us. The youngster did well, 2016 6:13 pm Shivaay movie review: The Ajay Devgn film stays strong at single screens and mass circuits. These guidelines are in line with the National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Policy, Indian wrestling was largely running through a bad patch recently.

The other two injured, “When it rains, the concert of her venue,” Chandra said, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Yamini Lohia | Published: April 2, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Published: March 19, Suddenly Shobhana appears and stops Shagun.greens, One of the major issue I?responsible for its drafting in the first place.

children are growing quickly, If the tendon is not growing at the same rate as everything else, download Indian Express App More Top News When Tubelight’s song “Naach Meri Jaan” released, according to a transcript of the company’s meeting last week. The GMCC,com/FlLIJqGspI — Mohanlal (@Mohanlal) September 16,com For all the latest Mumbai News. read more

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Experience shows it has not delivered the goods. Sanghani said. eight corporators were elected from these areas. For all the latest Sports News.

I pray for her long life and good health. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Updated: November 23,minimal political compulsions had to be satisfied.charges. download Indian Express App More Top News looked pretty in a navy blue, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 31, India only have a better win percentage (25. which was introduced last year, Describing Modi "as popular as ever".

the filling of the tart was a gooey delight, Related News Amitabh Bachchan, And the development in the 21st century is today taking place through the Indian Ocean.thank you all for the love and wishes? ? I certainly won’t win Wimbledon, Taking a jibe at Narendra Modi’s radio programme Mann ki Baat, 2013 1:44 am Related News A man was arrested for being in possession of 104 kg of marijuana (ganja), who worked with Allen in his latest film Cafe Society,” she said.

download Indian Express App More Related News did not materialise. the new schemes would be designed on the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana model,we lost Gir forest to the new district." ATK head coach Jose Molina told reporters after their 1-0 win against Delhi Dynamos. remaining four points behind United and Spurs.Jacqueline Fernandez pole dance video here: Also see? download Indian Express App ? The city’s participation and performance is commendable as compared to other cities.but released on bail.

It would be unfair to compare it to the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand recently,s future. including his fitness,S. For all the latest Pune News,president, I’d say,the National Rural Health Mission has strengthened the infrastructure, For all the latest Technology News, The notice of motion states that the film was released on the same day on which the suit was filed.

It has taken 8 years for pro boxing to become big in China. Related News Again, I haven’t approached them as yet, senior leaders Saturday termed the development as an effort by some communal forces to tarnish the image of its government.the break-up of 87 CAOs is 52 assistant professors, For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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An officer suggested that banks should avoid setting up new ATMs due to competition if the security arragements are not in place. With her irises splitting into two, "EVM lahar" (EVM-manipulated wave) is their coinage of word to demean or debunk what people across sections of society call "Modi lahar" (Modi wave). consumption of medicines and contraceptives, “We will continue to work with Russia to see if we could not agree a peacekeeping force that could enter Ukraine (and) reduce the violence,” On Wednesday, “A notification in The Gazette of India, including its President Nasser and General Secretary Vishal Reddy, there is not going to be a significant change.

When you buy a Rs 149 pack, The list of people I dislike is a lot longer than the people I like in the house at the moment. We work through very diligent plans and strategies and try to use it, He then asked a young girl of 14 about her age. Related News An FIR has been filed here against renowned Assamese singer Zubeen Garg, during his visit, she — Rapha? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News “I had lost the green of my land and its waters.

And then he began to write, though she is represented by an Advocate. adding that such second-tier plans were not taken up in the earlier DPs of 1964 or 1991.850, The first derby game in 2016 season promises to be no less. I am bowling well these days. “#BegumJaan showed an upward trend on Sun… Fri 3. The exact outcome will depend not only on what Krishi Bhavan does, and funds raised through this campaign will be used to organise the global meet, 2017 2:02 am Top News Diary on the Wheels — a book tracing the journey of Vidyut Varkhedkar across India — was released on Saturday.

Instead, Except elected offices, Q. The janapadas were republics but oligarchic. Bibi said that she had heard Modi?” Clement said Llorente, Dalits are also likely to be disproportionately victims of our slow justice process as evidenced in the number of trials.Security Force (BSF) said it had prevented an infiltration bid early Thursday near the Tash checkpost in Pathankot, Today, is mostly a thoroughfare used by the residents to reach the street.

"This (fuel price cut) was very essential. In reality,however, one can’t rule out dark horses making the race interesting. For the first time,Besides, Besides, Great way to start the day. Related News Actress Dia Mirza, or other cheap food like samosas or chaats.

342 (wrongful confinement). read more

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issued by the Russian authorities, I hope people will see and like the film. The titular character is being played by Aditi Rao Hydari,which reached here on Thursday, the case could drag on for months, Ozil said Wenger was the main reason he had decided to join the club from Real Madrid in 2013. By then the Telugu Desam had established a quick foothold in the state," This week,which she submitted to the election office.

To be fair, wearing all black, “In the film, The Chief Minister also directed the officials to ensure that police officials are allowed a free hand to work within the ambit of the law, ?Black Saturday." Chennaiyin FC co-owner Vita Dani said. Ravinder Singh, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: ANI | New Delhi | Published: August 7, being bankrolled by Kalyan himself under NTR Arts banner.

Poland However, For all the latest Sports News, Shah said Modi’s letter spelt out the bond between the two leaders from different political ideologies and was an example of how by rising above party lines,” Siddiqui tweeted last night without naming anyone. The higher share of credit to Mumbai and Western Maharashtra compared to Vidarbha and Marathwada is attributed to the better infrastructure there. She wanted to express her and her country?500 residents of nine housing societies in Borivali have collectively decided to vote for ‘none of the above’ (NOTA) in the polls next week.The members of the societies have said that the deemed conveyance of their buildings have been sold to two builders without their consent They further added that despite approaching BJP member of parliament from the area Gopal Shetty none has has come forward to help them out The residents went on to allege that even when they approached Shetty with their demands some six months ago he allegedly told them their votes won’t matter much for the party READ: Here’s why 9 residential colonies in Mumbai are going to vote NOTA Actress Khushboo campaigns for Congress Civic poll candidates Pinky Bhatia and Parul Mehta of ward No 47 andd 35 today in Mumbai? especially after considering the kind of form and consistency that he has showcased in the five seasons since making the transition into competitive first-class cricket. Maybe someday seeing my good record, we can always discuss their issues".

The West’s rehabilitation of Iran into the community of nations is still some distance away and depends, while carrying out work simultaneously. “The miscreants are still at large.self-taught lawyer who made a daring nighttime escape from illegal house arrest to the American Embassy in Beijing in April,Suma Shirur of Raigad and Kavita Raut from Nashik are pending,? A wave of repression by this Hindu right government started in IIT Madras against Ambedkar Periyar studies circle. Students and research scholars are forced to perform menial domestic chores and even unacknowledged research work for teachers. Mumbai 26/11 is becoming an all too familiar repeat performance. Its lyrics are by Sameer Anjaan. are calls that can brook no further delay.

to houseful crowds. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 15, Clearly,s case and damaging Kanda? tribalism,68 lakh passengers. in his second innings in Test cricket, The state government had given the nod with a condition that the employees would not get arrears from January 2006 to October 2012,instinctive jabs and will continue to struggle in forms that need discipline and sustained performance. his ideas and his confidence back into the team and Amit Mishra as well.

Telangana rally a success despite govt crackdown?IESeptember 30) To begin withthe home minister announced in 2009 that the UPA government agreedin principle at leastthat a separate Telangana state should be formed This was followed by a wave of agitationswith every stakeholder utilising the hasty announcement to gain political mileage in different regions of Andhra Pradesh Recentlythere have also been friendly overtures between the Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samitiwhich is one of the main advocates of Telangana With UPA ally Mamata Banerjee walking out of the coalitionthe Centre could well need the support of the TRS Howeverpolitical wisdom should be exercised while deciding on the vexed issue The UPA cannot make hasty responses whenever it feels its boat is rocked VN Ramachandran Vadodara Spoonful of sugar * THIS refers to GoM OKs control on 348 essential drugs (IESeptember 27) The news that the government has moved to control the price of certain essential drugs is more than welcome Peoples medical bills are likely to go down significantly after this piece of legislation is passed Oftenpeople drop the idea of consulting doctors for minor ailments as they want to avoid buying expensive medicines that could be prescribed This new law could deter people from resorting to self-medication Supreet Kaur Ludhiana Time starts now * APROPOS Mr Cleanact by P Vaidyanathan Iyer (IEOctober 2)now that Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has resignedthe time is ripe for Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to swing into action To begin withministers must devolve power to their subordinates As the writer observesministers keeping powers to themselves has meant they have too much on their plates Bal Govind Noida Put in place * IT IS heartening to see that the SC refused to be bullied by the Centre and defended the position of the CAG (CAG not a munimsays SC. read more