Qinghai Shandong economic and social development forum held in Shandong Province, Qinghai donated 10

September 9th, the Shandong provincial Party and government delegation arrived in Xining, the province will conduct a three day inspection. In the afternoon, the Qinghai economic and social development forum held in Qinghai Convention Center in Shandong.

Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Jiang Yikang, Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Qiang Wei respectively made an important speech. Shandong Provincial Committee, governor Jiang Daming, deputy secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, governor Luo Huining introduced the economic and social development of Shandong, Qinghai.

The leadership of Shandong province

to participate in the forum are: the provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary general Lei Jianguo, vice governor, provincial development and Reform Commission Director Zhang Chaochao; Qinghai provincial leadership: provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, the provincial Party committee, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Mourinho Dongsheng, provincial committee, Provincial Committee Organization Department Minister Qi Yu, Provincial Standing Committee, provincial Party Secretary Wang Xiaoqing, vice governor Ma Shunqing.

Jiang Yikang in his speech on the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government to express warm thanks. He said that Qinghai is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, human resources and natural resources are very rich in the country’s western development strategy has an important position. In recent years, Qinghai Province, in-depth implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, closely around the scientific development and ecological protection, improve the livelihood of the three major historical tasks, always adhere to the development of the support, characteristics of lead, agglomeration driven, coordination and promotion, to promote leapfrog development, green development, harmonious development, harmonious development, and strive to explore the path of scientific development with the characteristics of Qinghai. The province’s economic and social development, showing good prospects for the development of the rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai. Qinghai Province in the work to create a good idea, good experience, good practice, it is worth learning and learn from Shandong.

Jiang Yikang pointed out that targeted aid in Haibei Prefecture, is the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the political task of a honor in Shandong. Since the development of targeted aid work, combined with the actual development of our province in Haibei Prefecture and practical needs, implement the tasks, take effective measures in cadre selection, project construction, capital investment, technical support, personnel training and actively carry out the work, has achieved initial results. Shandong province will conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council decision on a series of targeted aid work deployment, put the Haibei things as their own things to do, adhere to the scientific and practical aid youth youth assistance, true Youth assistance, accelerate the improvement of targeted aid planning, project construction as the carrier, the intelligence support for the security. To broaden the field of Youth assistance, to strengthen the implementation of work. We should pay more attention to protect and improve people’s livelihood, efforts to focus on improving production and living conditions of farmers and herdsmen; pay more attention to strengthening project support, grasp project construction, make great efforts to cultivate the recipient characteristic advantage industry; pay more attention to the Intellectual Youth assistance, efforts to promote the recipient to the party and government cadres, professional and technical personnel and other personnel training of young students two; pay more attention to promote the depth exchanges and cooperation, promote Shandong enterprises to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with Qinghai Province, the realization of the two complementary advantages and common development, more for the benefit of people of all ethnic groups in two provinces, to make its contribution to the overall development of the whole country.

Qiang Wei on behalf of the provincial government and the;

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