Hi collar entrepreneurial subsidies 330 thousand yuan

The day before, Gan River Industrial Park Management Committee of the park surrounding the 331 landless farmers issue business subsidies amounted to 331 thousand yuan, in the park formed in the vicinity of ten to ten, with hundreds of "entrepreneurship employment multiplier effect. This year, in order to help the surrounding the employment of landless farmers, landless farmers and enterprises to resolve the employment problem, Gan River Industrial Park Management Committee park combined with the actual development of the "Gan River Industrial Park enterprises support and encourage the employment of landless farmers interim management measures", to hold Huangzhong county "labor broker qualification certificate", lead to landless farmers the enterprises in the park to achieve employment and labor contracts, organize landless farmers, rural households, family members have the ability to work and employment aspirations of the disabled employment difficulties in campus employment, labor brokers give 50 to 100 yuan reward. After January 1, 2009 in the Xining area for the registration of the business sector to apply for business license, stable operation for more than 6 months of the park was expropriated farmers entrepreneurs give a one-time subsidy of $1000. At the same time, according to the CMC 5 years at least the placement of 1 households employment goals, to help farmers to participate in job training, recommend able-bodied farmers to the enterprises in the park construction site or the employment assistance measures to help landless farmers accumulated around the park more than 7000 jobs.  

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