Bron advanced deeds Report

12 26 afternoon, organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the era model gabulong comrades deeds report will be held at the Qinghai Convention center. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor, vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting on behalf of the Chinese government, the provincial Party Secretary, deputy governor of the provincial Party committee, deputy governor of the province. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing presided over.

Before the

report, Wang Guosheng, Wang Jianjun met with the delegation, on behalf of the provincial government to thank you. Wang Guosheng with "two colors" and "two characteristics", group members to report explains the gabulong spirit. He said that Comrade Bron is a model for our leading cadres to learn. When we came to the north and south of the Xining mountains, will think of gabulong, as though he were still planting trees on the hill. He has a "two colors", one is the background. Gabulong is one of the leading cadres came out from the masses, the masses of ordinary people and deep foundation, deep feelings. Two is the Communist party. He is a firm political stand, life truly serve the people, "you have a quilt, also want to cut half to the people". He showed us the "two characteristics", one is the general. Gabulong always regarded himself as an ordinary person, a thing, it just shows the ordinary and great spirit. Two is firm. From the grassroots to the provincial government, until his retirement, he has to nail the spirit "and" artisan spirit "unknown to the public to work, in order to green mountains north and south, working is 18 years, reflecting the solid for the firm to serve the people. Bron’s firm political position, the spirit of selfless dedication, the feelings of the people for each of our party members and cadres to learn, promote and practice. Wang Guosheng hopes to report group members to seriously understand, grasp the good gabulong spirit, with feelings of preaching, let gabulong spirit people, educate and guide the cadres and masses along the gabulong footprint, promote the cause of Qinghai’s development to a new level.

Wang Jianjun said that the "governor of herdsmen" is the governor of the people’s Republic of china". His love for Qinghai, the feelings of the people, the ecological responsibility, the feelings of the green, dedication to future generations, we should learn to carry forward. We want to gabulong as an example, the common heritage gabulong good spirit, take a good baton, continue to focus on ecological civilization construction in Qinghai, improve the well-being of people of all ethnic groups, to promote the beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai construction.

report of the meeting, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director of personnel election committee Yang Mufei, deputy director of the province, the North-South mountain green Headquarters Office of the provincial forestry department resources director Zhang Kui, comrade Bron’s granddaughter, the Communist Youth League in Haiyan County Party Secretary Li sister dash, Atomic City Memorial commentator Yao Wenjing, Qinghai daily news publishing editor Liu Chengjin 5 members of the report group with plain language, sincere emotion, vivid examples, from different angles about the deeds of Bron, true to a ordinary and great Communist image, profound interpretation of spirit and value of Bron "heavy right hand, not the heart of the people in high places". The report is really touching, shocking, inspiring, deeply infected with the audience.


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