Full deepening reform of the western region full of vitality

Reform for the development of a powerful driving force, this year, the district around the city in 2014 to deepen reform action plan, vigorously promote the reform of key areas and key areas of economic development constraints, with remarkable results. This year, the district sanitation, greening, and comprehensively promote the integration of municipal management and service reform pilot, bold innovation, set up the West District of the city sanitation management center, walk in the forefront of the city in the environmental sanitation market reform. At the same time, the west area to the construction of the core area of modern service industry as the goal, the establishment "the development plan of" West District Service Industry 2013-2020, to further improve the ideas and measures, strengthen the construction of regional economic development mode with the modern service industry. The formation of the third industry development service center, co-ordinate the deployment of industrial development tasks for the majority of enterprises to provide services. To speed up the implementation of the private economy three years doubling plan in full swing, the industrial and commercial registration reform, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm and vitality of the market, the complete elimination of all kinds of market barriers, relaxed business access conditions, simplify the registration process, the establishment of environmental measures to accelerate the development of the market, the initiative for small and micro enterprises to build a bank and docking platform, contributed to the project 32 A, the intention to reach an amount of 37 million 510 thousand yuan financing. As of the three quarter, the region’s total amount of small and micro enterprises grew by more than 25%, the new business of the company, the first city in the county’s incremental ranking of the county’s first 1328. The reform of the household registration system will continue to maintain the good momentum, of which three Cun Yang Jia Wan to complete the whole village change. In the future, the district will further deepen reform, in accordance with the direction of reform, the action plan of deepening the reform of the content and the time limit, the reform throughout all areas, each link, grasp the overall situation, steadily, always let the west is full of vitality.  

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