Helping hands and your dreams for the North micro love transfer

Leaning down, listen to the opinions of the masses, solve the workers, women and children, young people in the life and work of the demand, recently, trade unions, Chengbei District Women’s Federation, the Communist Youth League North North District three departments jointly carry out the "helping hands · micro love transfer help people dream," as long as you say they wish north will be the fulfillment of your wishes ", the event is divided into three phases, from the beginning of May 2014 to the end of November.

– wish for

– second stage: show the desire

will collect the good wish card, publicity to the community through the media oriented society, encourage public welfare, care workers units, organizations and individuals "claim" micro aspiration. Through the three organizations to build "a gang of one", "help", "help" dream platform, help the masses to dream.

– third stage: wish

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