Four initiatives to promote the implementation of the rectification

Xining city closely pragmatic and honest people "theme, the implementation of the rectification of educational practice throughout the whole process, highlighting the focus on the four winds, insist on checking while improving the focus of rectification, combined with the special rectification, the masses, written on paper, the meeting decided rectification measures the implementation of specific operations, and achieved tangible results.

list six list, clear the focus of rectification. Details of the outstanding issues of concern to the implementation of the rectification of the six list, and effectively solve the problem ledger clear, specific corrective measures. As of now, the city’s various regions of the units were abolished the system 334, revise and improve the 1693, according to the work and pragmatic principles listed in the list of the new system, the establishment of an effective and workable, ensure the execution and inspection, supervision, accountability. Focus on the good, to implement the central and provincial authorities have the relevant systems and methods, do not engage in redundant construction. The implementation of the three system, do a good job rectification. Municipal Standing Committee team adhere to really learn the first, really changed in the front, take the lead in grasping rectification, take the lead to implement. The implementation of the rectification commitment system, project management system, the problem of the rectification and cancellation system, revealing problems be arranged combing, establish sales ledger, the implementation of the "registration" and "pin" to solve the rectification. Up to now, through legislation to change the city, the city’s Party organizations at all levels to solve all kinds of problems 12357, accounting for the problem of combing the 53%. A number of people strongly reflect the outstanding problems and practical difficulties have been effectively resolved. Promote the four actions to strengthen the rectification efforts. To promote special rectification action, focusing on the implementation of the six actions to carry out the rectification of grassroots grassroots party organizations and special actions in the field of action. Do not reduce the three efforts to urge the implementation of the rectification. Pay attention to the grasp of the direction of the activities, strengthen the supervision of key objects, the key links and the implementation of key tasks to ensure that educational practice to achieve tangible results. Supervision and inspection efforts unabated, number one to grasp the intensity of activities, publicity and guidance efforts unabated.


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