School of fast-food business skills

we all know that the students in the past, most of us are fast food restaurants, etc.. Chinese fast food restaurants in the vicinity of the school, most of the students are students, teachers, how to manage Chinese fast food restaurants to meet the needs of teachers and students?

general students love carnivorous, like beef offal, grilled chicken, sausage, fried toast etc. anyway is fragrant carnivorous is popular, although not earn much, but can fame a few months down many regular customers. The best iced drinks, tea drinks, ice etc..

school fast food shop operating tips:

and the teacher is common, generally pay attention to the following:

1, health (food appearance and smell is very important).

2, taste (generally can be used to pick spice spices, pepper, star anise, etc., but to clean, it is best not to hang up).

3, nutrition (of course, the teacher lectures, the dishes can not be too salty, dry, soup can not put MSG).

4, the environment (the teacher likes some elegant environment, the wall is usually a tile for the wonderful, so clean, it is best to have a few paintings and music, there are conditions can get the box).

5, the production process (preferably a glass window, but not necessarily what the guests to see).

there is a ever-changing pattern, each soon launch dishes, snacks, different soup (i.e. sugar), and some of the best throat soup.

engage in a number of features, do not have a home snack, the amount of food to the students to eat enough, not too little, it is very important to ensure that the amount of business is guaranteed. As far as possible to do a small amount of food, but more varieties, because students taste different needs are also different. So a variety of points is necessary, you can also provide free soup, but must not be too clear, a little connotation is better. If you also provide breakfast, but also a variety of points, the South and the north of the students are not the same as the demand for breakfast, if they can meet their desire to pursue the taste of home, will be of great help to business. One more point, service attitude must be better! The classmates play meals to the equality of men and women! Can also be made into the form of packages, for example: a few a few plain rice meat, how much money fixed. If you have the conditions, you can place a TV set, you can debug the channel do not fix, compared to the same, so people will be more.

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