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women’s consumption, because they demand more, can be reflected in a lot of places. In short, jewelry and cosmetics are essential for women. In particular, the age of this light, wrinkles, followed by light spots in the light spot product list introduced the blemish product. So the wrinkles do? Especially the most delicate skin of the eye. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to the eye cream ten brands list.

eye cream ten brands list NO.1, ESTEE LAUDER ANR eye cream

ingredients: grape seed extract, licorice root extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, deionized water, betaine, squalane, jojoba oil

product efficacy: improve fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and other 6 eye problems

user comments: the famous small brown bottle eye cream, ranked first in the top ten eye cream! Thin, comfortable gel texture, moisturizing eye skin, eye long-term use can solve all kinds of eye problems, including dry and fine lines, caused by the eye puffiness, dark circles and eye color is not uniform, only a week, the skin becomes more moist and smooth!

eye cream ten brands NO.2, CPB eye cream

ingredients: erythritol, serine, glucose, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed shell protein

product efficacy: improve the three-dimensional eye skin, skin color and skin

reviews: Recently feel eye skin relaxation dry more, after second days together, find the eye is very moist, complexion is also a lot of beautiful spirit, personally feel is a very worthwhile to repurchase the eye cream! Ten eye cream is also ranked the best use of the second products.

eye cream ten brands list NO.3, DIOR Dior hydrodynamic essence eye cream

product ingredients: water channel protein, black rose, muscle grass, Tripterygium wilfordii

product efficacy: compact, dilute black eye

comments: light white translucent cream texture, fresh and elegant fragrance, convenient and sanitary design acutilingual. Gently point in the eye Tukai into water texture, ductility and absorption is very good, a little cool feeling, can relieve eye fatigue. Instant replenishment function is very good, after smearing the eye of the dry pattern almost disappeared, but the day when the afternoon dry lines and looming, it seems to keep enough room in the air conditioning. Fine grain and compact effect is not obvious to me.

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