Do business can not blindly worship brand

for famous brand products, because of the high visibility, almost do not have to do what the shop propaganda, the market is easy to open up, so now many shops are willing to sell brand-name goods. However, the name of the commodity is worth the operator to choose, but also the specific circumstances of the specific treatment Oh, for example, my business experience.

then the store is still Haruki, one year on the eve of the Spring Festival, I watched TV advertising, Shanxi Xinghuacun wine brand is ringing, they advance purchased a batch of 42 degrees, Xinghuacun Luzhou flavor liquor 500ml, as the main liquor sales during the spring festival. I assume, is now the village people are rich, life will be improved accordingly, farmers will not want to drink in the past "white powder", but also coincides with the new year, in the quality of the liquor certainly sell well enough. Shanxi Xinghuacun wine is suitable, brand loud, the price is moderate, people can afford. I can not help but be proud of their own small abacus.

can let me never thought is, Shanxi Xinghuacun wine, sales are not good. Too small, but there are some villagers in my recommendation, bought some wine in Shanxi Xinghuacun back, new year’s Eve and the first month, her new son-in-law back home by day, they came to my shop to buy wine, nothing I could say what they say do not buy Shanxi Xinghuacun wine.

I ask them, is too expensive? Not too expensive, only 38 yuan a bottle, look for the father-in-law ah, the wine price is too low, the father-in-law will not be happy? They did not expect that, bought the wine father-in-law don’t drive us out, this wine is not good to drink, there is a strange smell, but also hot enough……

I understand that. My new year only beer and liquor alcohol, Wine drink during the holidays. No wonder the new year’s Eve father drink Zamo mouth, taste a little strange, not only drank a cup of drink. In this way, the dozens of boxes of wine in Shanxi on the backlog of Xinghuacun down, has been unable to sell.

after the event, I summed up the reasons for the failure of the operation of wine: blind worship of famous brand, that brand wine will certainly sell well, no local conditions to choose wine. As the saying goes, orange born Huainan is orange, was born in Huaibei is the. The truth is the same. Shanxi Xinghuacun wine in Shanxi people’s eyes is certainly the legendary wine, because Shanxi people accustomed to drink.

we are located in the northeast, the northeast people love to drink wine with corn, corn as the main raw material for brewing, and some spicy. Shanxi Xinghuacun wine is sorghum, barley and peas as raw material, so used to drink wine in northeast corn people feel strange taste, not drink, the degree is low.

no matter how big a commodity’s reputation, but if it is not suitable for local people’s spending habits, such goods may not be able to bring more profits to the shop

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