Bopos wave splash – how women’s broad market

in our life, for women to join the project selection, has been very important. The choice of good women, highlight our own temperament. How about bopos wave? Women’s choice with business opportunities!


company is to improve the core competitiveness of products, not only committed to the brand franchise business, at the same time, spending huge sums to build about 35000 square meters of production Industrial Park, using the most advanced production equipment and high-quality imported fashion fabrics, and set up R & D center and strong R & D team in Hongkong, in Hongkong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou set up a product design studio, from years of experience in the development and success of the famous designer of many brands of elaborate design, the product style reflects the international fashion, and set sail to create fashion flagship in twenty-first Century.

bopos wave (Hongkong) fashion apparel development Co., Ltd. is now operating in Italy bopos wave brand.

bopos wave splash (Hongkong) fashion apparel development Co. Ltd is founded by Hongkong Yinghua International Holdings Limited in the mainland China independent investment. The company is a design, production, sales and service as one of the high-end fashion women’s enterprises.

bopos wave of women? Join the choice, has been a very strong choice. Quality projects, worry free business, worry free operation, worthy of trust! Join the bopos wave throwing women’s project, open a bopos wave of their own women’s shop, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

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