How to deal with difficult customers – the whole

in the course of the operation of the store, because it is dealing with a variety of people, will always encounter some special wonderful customers, for the owner, nature is some difficult customers. So, how to deal with these difficult customers? Every owner will have their own business skills. Here, Xiaobian to introduce a clever way to deal with difficult customers.

went shopping at a relative’s house in the evening. Not a little while, angrily came in a couple. A door, the man was furious, said relatives shop selling fake and shoddy products. Relatives smiled and said, you do not worry, how to talk about".

young man said, "I just bought a water heater in a thermos bottle with the water from your home store, all of a sudden the thermos burst". Relatives took the water heater to look, suddenly understood: is caused by improper use of the water heater circuit, and then the thermos bottle burst. Relatives and words said, "you say what you mean, we discuss a solution".

young man said: "you owe me a thermos, also have to pay for my mental damages. The thermos bottle exploded at that time, I got scared. My wife just pregnant, if after abortion who is responsible? You’re gonna have to pay me." Relatives said, you buy this water heater from my shop is right, but it has never been the case. I’m not a manufacturer, I’m just a retailer. I say a solution. I pay you a new kettle. This water heater can give you back, you can also change".

young still he’s really not letting this go: so how do my spiritual loss? Relatives say the words with a soft hard: you are to solve the problem, not to fight. Moreover, the water heater out of trouble, who can not tell is the quality problem, or the use of the problem. You have to say something, then we’ll find an authority. Do you think so? I pay you a new kettle, put the water heater back or for a good price high, you have no more money. OK, I’ll do it for you right away. No, we’ll wait until tomorrow." The young couple whispered in private for a while and agreed with their relatives.

coincidentally. To a commodity supermarket town to buy things, just a more than and 60 year old woman and the shouting, said the shopkeeper shortchanged 3 yuan. No matter how to explain how to change the owner, that just details, the old lady insisted that he was right, pocket money is 3 yuan less. The owner is a more than and 30 year old woman, she smiled and said to the old lady, "aunt, I have this store monitoring. So, while I turn on the monitor, you’ll see me. If I really find you less money, you buy these things I do not want money".

watching the monitor, the old lady suddenly wilted. As she walked away, she was so awkward that she lost 3>

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