The pilgrims join details of Western fast food lattice

many people feel that most of Chinese fast food business market share of food market, have to invest investment of Chinese fast food items, but everyone thinks so, you have the opportunity to make money, this time may be the opposite, the share is small but not the western fast food project.

is a good choice of lattice pilgrims western fast food consumers to enjoy delicious and small entrepreneurs get rich easily. The lattice of pilgrims western fast food franchises, is the best choice for investment wealth. This is a prospect of unlimited, unlimited business opportunities for big brands, entrepreneurs, investors to join. Now becomes the lattice of Western fast food franchisee pilgrims, multi join advantage power, more power from the opening to the headquarters of business support, you can be free to join, get rich quick.

lattice pilgrims joining conditions:

1, with the necessary funds to meet the needs of store investment and a certain amount of liquidity.

2, recognized the pilgrims lattice business philosophy, abide by the regulations to join, entrepreneurial.

3, has long been engaged in franchise store management and management capabilities.

4, have good business ethics and lasting business determination.

5, with brand awareness, and consciously safeguard the lattice of pilgrims brand reputation.


pilgrim site requirements

1, the actual use of the store area shall not be less than 20 square meters.

2, stores allow catering business, you can apply for the relevant license.

3 stores, net width of not less than 2.5 meters, independent door, and the width of not less than 2 meters.

4, with the upper and lower water, capacitance 10KW above.


pilgrims joining fee

trademark authorized Gold: three years of pilgrims authorized trademark fees for 30 thousand yuan, the franchisee to pay licensing fees to the headquarters of the trademark authorized trademarks and lattice pilgrims, operation training.

decoration decoration engineering is: according to the franchisee in the city set, the franchisee can negotiate and headquarters, after the franchisee to pay renovation projects, headquarters to provide decoration drawings to the franchisee, the franchisee in accordance with the drawings of the franchise decoration.

equipment and advertising costs: 38600 yuan. Franchisee to pay this part

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