From the driver to the ice shop owner’s wonderful entrepreneurial life

, a humble intern, from the original driver into the final boss, as the ice store created a stunning income, his business life is wonderful, is out of the ordinary, interested friends Xiaobian together and see it.

KonaIce ice chain stores provide a car two summer ice internship students, let the start process.

This is perhaps the

but internship experience and paid $10 per hour and Taylor is the biggest harvest summer part-time ice. He is working toward his goal every year – to achieve KonaIce chain management. In 2012, he paid for his truck and began to do business in the surrounding area of Evans, Indiana.

Q: how much is the pay for internship?

A: I was the company’s first intern, so when I started, they still continue to carry out the internship program. Now I know, only two summer intern in the company, you can get a $8000 car ice KonaIce. I was paid about $4000 a year. During the internship, I can pay all expenses of the assets I franchise, the rest of the money I went to his car on the ice.

Q: why do you do this instead of looking for a job in the construction industry?

A: a few years ago I decided to continue working in KonaIce after graduation. I am only 24 years old, have a lot of friends, they did not start their own business, or looking for a job, or busy to call the bank. They don’t have a chance to take control of their careers. KonaIce this is where I am, which gives me the opportunity to pursue my goals and aspirations.

Q: it is not to say that you are on the ice very strong dedication of


A: from this year’s effect, my two trucks are recommended throughout the summer

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