Entrepreneurial enterprises how to avoid start-up dead

for startups, difficult period is started from the day, there is no foundation to make a little achievement is not easy, but the data significantly, many companies are difficult for a long time inventory, how entrepreneurial companies can "long life"?

The founder of AlexFurmansky

of course, this schedule is not absolute. But the start, there is usually a "poineering honeymoon period", because this time, psychologically, you are most passionate; strategy, you have a vague plan; contacts: you will have a number before the "relationship" can help. Talk about the market, your new product just listed, there will always like to catch up with the new early adopters (earlyadoptor) will be the first to keep up with you, so that you have a sense of accomplishment, and even investors may prefer to pursue new.

the honeymoon period is over, you will find the psychological fatigue, into the "bottleneck"; strategy, not only the first idea you may have 80% proved to be wrong, also appeared a lot of new problems; connections, can help you with your friends everywhere, and feel isolated and helpless; the market, you have no way to use the "new" to Bo eye, and let the mass market need time. Airbnb had a similar experience, at the 2008 Democratic convention in the United States, they briefly became the darling of the media and users, but the end of the meeting was forgotten.

the bottleneck of course is painful, but unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid. Psychologically, "KeepCalmandCarryon", beware of entrepreneurial honeymoon "happiness comes too suddenly" and dizzy head, or you may not have been difficult to beat, has been defeated by frustration. "+ 1" founder Zhang Xin said that when the "+ 1" just came to the market, because it is too easy to take the money, when the user is growing too fast on the line, the media quickly exposed, so that they feel more halo head. After financing, he is too optimistic, and can not solve the problem of function + 1 exposed, and finally ended in failure.

strategy, you need to understand the core problems now may be your business where the key lay great company may at this time. Every problem in front of me as an opportunity to improve the product. For example, Airbnb has just launched, only the founder of Brian to do their own users, the results of a few days did not put the money in the hands of the landlord, causing unpleasant. The first defeat, so that Brian has the idea of creating a payment system, which has become the core of the future value of Airbnb.

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