Father and son to work together to turn wasteland into Taoyuan

to find a good entrepreneurial projects, the development of new venture capital is an important work of entrepreneurs. In the town of Lei Feng, there is a pair of sons and daughters to work together, two people into the mountains will become a wasteland of Taoyuan, in the struggle on the road to entrepreneurship.

from Lei Feng Zhen, through two kilometers of winding road, suddenly saw a towering peaks in the excavation of clean out of space; the green shade, a house in the sun, surrounded by poultry, patches of tea tree are sprouting buds. Lao Fang told reporters: there is no neighbor, only accompanied by mountains." The house on the hill before and after the two, Xiangyang, exterior walls are not decorated, look forward to the unique scenery. Speaking of this piece of paradise, the old side rather proud. This is the result of years of hard work.

the two kinds of oil tea while cleaning up the land side, 3 years time, they abruptly put huangshanyeling developed into dozens of acres of mountain. Today, there are more than and 30 acres of camellia tree species. When it comes to the future development, Fang Shiquan said, ready to use a few years time on oil tea, build a small reservoir of fish, plans to a red bayberry, Taiwan persimmon and the yellow seed Kim, white milk and other economic crops.


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