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Beijing weather related to each person’s travel, March arrival, people want to be able to feel the early spring. Suddenly to get accustomed to the haze, sunshine azure we have be taken by surprise. Rest assured that, with the arrival of the spring girl, the girl took over the summer, haze, we hate the guy, after only less and less.

yesterday, sun disappeared, the sky was hidden, Xishan disappeared, the air purifier and whirring turn up. The environmental protection department shows haze map, Beijing Tianjin Hebei northern plain opened large haze rendering.

yesterday, 12, the city’s PM2.5 live picture of a red purple purple, urban area of PM2.5 concentration of 146 micrograms / cubic meter (). Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center is expected today, Beijing is still in the low pressure system, humidity is too large, the air quality is moderate pollution. Today, there will be a weak cold air in the middle of the night to the capital, visibility is better than 10 km. Air pollution is expected to be mild Saturday, mild pollution on Sunday, next Monday to restore good.

yesterday although there are clouds, but still the most Southern Observatory high temperature up to 16.3 DEG C; great temperature difference between day and night, like the low temperature of 2 DEG C Observatory yesterday morning, the temperature more than 14 DEG C. Friends in the morning and evening to wear more warm, prevent colds.

Beijing municipal meteorological experts reminded the public today daytime cloud, you are still absent, body feeling is cold, there are mountains of Northern Mountain in the sporadic rain, temperature is low, should pay more attention to the warm rain.

many people want to have better weather in Beijing in March, but also to bring more convenience to people’s lives. Although this weekend, the highest temperature can rise to 20 degrees, but after all, is not always so high, coupled with the temperature difference between day and night to more than 10 degrees centigrade, visible, we still have to continue".

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