Online shop to make money to introduce the six business models

More and more people are now

in the online shop, but to the success of the operation of a shop is not an easy thing to do, today, the whole network Xiaobian teach you to make money online shop six business model, let the shop operators operate successfully stable money.


is long term fishing, bait, which is a method used by most forum. This type of activity is often the site of some incremental benefits as bait to attract web surfers to their website for a long time. This type of activity is the most commonly used network browser to score the winner of the building, such as investment in the best in all the land through the jifenzhi to each post in the forum websurfers score, according to how many points will be divided into network browsing, patrons of guests and VIP levels, and different levels of the network can browse enjoy a variety of different service website.

this online shop business to make money by using the method of psychological characteristics of people, will attract long-term websurfers up their own web site, users create a relatively stable website, and will have the same interests together. As for the network browsing, score is not only for the final award, more important is to prove their value in the similar to those activities, get a sense of achievement, which is currently a lot of popularity of flourishing BBS what important reasons.

and some belong to this type of website is combined with professional characteristics change scoring form, such as Ctrip to odometric form to reward websurfers, of course this is just a superficial reform. In a sense, Lianzhong also belong to this type of game.

"sound bites" that cause people’s attention, "drama" is a public uproar, which become the object of public favorite. This type of award activity is the largest number of activities and the most easily copied, but also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, such as the classover network to send apples, or to attract a huge amount of prizes to the viewer’s eyes, such as the Albemarle to cars, ChinaRen award house etc.. For web surfers to participate in such activities as long as there is passion on the line, do not need too much technology. Because of this activity is simple and easy to operate, so it is easier to attract Internet surfers to participate.

said to send Apple event in classover, a student who had been most web browsing a basket of apples. However, to participate in the activities of this kind of online shop entrepreneurial activities are generally only registered for the event, as soon as the end of the event is not on this site will not necessarily. Therefore, this type of activities organized by the site in addition to improve the visibility and the amount of registered users with water, the effect will not be as good as publicity. In particular

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