Love to wear men’s hair was removed from the company’s image

now, men love to wear women’s clothes, women love to wear men’s clothing is not a strange thing. But a recent news is that women love to wear men’s clothes were dismissed, so this is not the first time to see it? Now come with us and look at this case!

"if it is because of work ability and attitude problem, let me accept, but if because of this reason, I feel a little too!" The afternoon of March 9th, Chen (a pseudonym) said to reporters reflect, they work in a medical examination center of Guizhou city of Guiyang province (Ciming Medical Center Health) a week after the company was dismissed, and the reason turned out to be because of her love for men’s wear, and the company does not meet the requirements of image!" To this end, Chen on the 7 day of March to the Guiyang Labor Arbitration Commission Yunyan District labor arbitration, hoping to get fair treatment on the matter, and compensate for the loss.

for Chen’s statement, 9, the reporter contacted the Ministry of personnel of the work unit responsible person director kim. This gold director said that because of the introduction of Chen is an acquaintance introduced, so there is no excessive demands on the interview, etc..

3 on the afternoon of 7 may, Chen to Guiyang City Yunyan District Labor Arbitration Committee for labor arbitration, recommended

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