Japanese media Ma Yun’s business has just begun

Taobao entrepreneurial platform to give numerous small entrepreneurs realize the dream stage, and Taobao itself is a successful example of entrepreneurship. Japanese media said the representatives of entrepreneurs, Alibaba chairman Ma Yun is the embodiment of the Chinese dream, his business has just begun.

2015 November 11th, the New York stock exchange’s opening bell was sounded at the other end of the world. Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group, 11000 kilometers away from New York, Beijing, through remote communication to achieve this glorious move.

11 11, Ma bell on the same day, is the day Chinese online retail industry the most important of the year. "Singles day", as we all know, has become a major shopping festival for the Chinese people. Alibaba successfully to become a vibrant consumer movement, e-commerce website of its turnover reached 91 billion 200 million yuan in the past two 11 ($14 billion 300 million), roughly equivalent to the gross domestic product of Kampuchea.

Alibaba grow too exaggerated?

16 years ago, Ma began to create e-commerce market, designed to connect the company and individual consumers, online transactions. Now he is in charge of an e-commerce ecosystem with 400 million users a year.

The future development of

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