Tongji West Coast innovation and entrepreneurship center located in Qingdao help from zero to one

is not only entrepreneurs in the growing, entrepreneurial innovation service platform is also constantly adjust the development strategy according to the needs of the times, to achieve self upgrading. So that entrepreneurs can create the best environment in the latest business, progress hand in hand.

12 31, · 021 Qingdao business center; Tongji West Coast innovation in Huangdao area of the west coast one unveiled, held the new tea party. During the event, the West Coast innovation and entrepreneurship center inaugurated, marking the large 4 incubators officially landed in Qingdao.

center on the first floor is divided into the exhibition hall, business hall and coffee roadshow three, two floor of the main services for university students hackerspaces, the four floor is the 4 professional incubator center. Center to attract high-quality entrepreneurial projects, and all of its rent free, and provide free water and electricity heating network, cleaning property, free printer projectors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines and other life services.

"021" meaning "0to1", from zero to one. West Coast innovation and entrepreneurship center hopes to provide a comprehensive comprehensive service to help more customers achieve their dreams, and they witnessed on the road from zero to one leap.

The process of zero to a venture is from scratch, from

. In the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, more and more important role in business incubator platform, feel small entrepreneurs may wish to go to look for development opportunities.

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