Pension rose for the first time back to single digits

by the government pension problems’ discussion in the "13th Five-Year" period, in the past eleven years, the pension also has been growing in recent years, the conclusion is also increased, but the increase for the first time a number.

3 5, Li Keqiang, said the government work report, this year will continue to raise the basic pension pension standards, but for the first time dropped to single digits.

pension after last year achieved eleven rising again this year, achieve twelve rising". "On the 2015 central and local budgets and the implementation of the 2016 draft central and local budgets (Abstract)" show, January 1, 2016, by about 6.5% to improve the enterprises and institutions of retirees pension standards, establish the basic normal wage adjustment mechanism, perfecting the endowment insurance personal accounts, perfecting the endowment insurance system reform program.

data show that as of last year, the national 79 million 740 thousand pensions of enterprise retirees per month more than 2200 yuan.



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