One of the key factors to enhance the turnover

what’s the first thing you do when you go to a restaurant? Order。 Yes, every restaurant’s menu is a small facade, operators need to pay attention to. It is important to make friends with the first impression. Eat like love, each other only see eye to enjoy the sweet taste of love, dislike what is useless. For the small menu of entrepreneurs have the following suggestions:

"menu" of the promotion point single efficiency

traditional menu function is to show the restaurant consumer products, small restaurants in general in the name and price of dishes on the menu label, with a little style restaurant will products in the menu with pictures, a layout design, so that the menu looks quite appetite". But this is far from enough for consumers, more and more consumers in the choice of food products seem quite tangled". So how can a restaurant help consumers make decisions more efficiently?

1, annotated dishes nutrition, calorie guide health

in the main menu on the Beijing peak, some dishes with nutrition, such as the "kylin eggplant" a drop of blood pressure and cardiovascular function of mediation, "brine Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce", high purine gout amount……

California in the United States government to expand to curb obesity, California restaurant chains are marked on the menu of food calorie value, so that consumers understand their calorie intake, and combined with the actual situation of the body to make reasonable dietary choices.

nowadays, people are more and more high in the pursuit of health, which is also a profound impact on the choice of consumer goods. Then on the dishes simply labeled the nutritional ingredients of food, heat, etc., but also can quickly help consumers to choose their own physical health of the food, so that consumers feel more intimate restaurant service.

2, prominent features, hot selling products to guide decision-making

on the menu of green tea, you will find that some of the dishes are marked with a red thumb, stars, peppers and other eye-catching signs. Among them, the hot pepper represents the degree of food, thumb on behalf of the green tea restaurant dishes, the stars on behalf of the restaurant recommended dishes, the more stars on behalf of this dish in the middle of the higher the popularity of the customer.

green tea menu is a collection of dishes and prices. In the face of a hundred dishes, customers will naturally difficult choices. At this time, in the color of the monotony of the menu, with a bright highlight of the alternative color and easy to understand the label of the dishes to make invisible sort, but also to guide the customer’s consumption.

often happens in your life: when you’re hunting for food,

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