How to do in the face of negative information

Internet era, but also the era of information explosion, the rapid spread of information, for the enterprise is a double-edged sword. Internet brings convenience to enterprises, but also to increase the number of enterprises. Part of the negative corporate information is a headache for enterprises. In the face of negative information, how to do it?

A, integrity management, to do their own

if negative information is true, that the company does exist. So we need to start from the enterprise service, the rectification of problems of the link, and constantly improve the service, improve the overall level of the enterprise is the priority among priorities, and then by the company for service customers to apologize that influence.

two, delete


three, extrusion method

five, with its authoritative statement published on the website of

can quickly solve for most negative information through the above methods, but the network information transmission fast. In particular, a large area of negative information or the negative information forwarded by the celebrity, this kind of information must do the aftermath: for example, to clarify the facts. As a promoter, it can be suggested that enterprises directly through the legal means to make the site of the transfer of information to delete posts, apology statement. Can also be released on the official website platform to clarify the facts, although negative, but can achieve better marketing results. Of course, the premise is negative information is false.

> off the face of the Internet

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