How to pay attention to the intellectual property rights of exhibition

is currently the entire domestic exhibition industry has developed to a certain scale, at the same time, in each year, China will organize a lot of business events, then, in the process of organization of the exhibition should be how to pay attention to the issue of intellectual property rights.

1, the domestic exhibitors exhibition project is fake how to do

as some exhibition projects, especially some brand exhibition project owners, domestic exhibitors are most concerned about is how not to be counterfeit exhibition project and cloning, also is about the exhibition topic and content constantly, often repeated, the same problem. In their view, the formation of brand exhibition and the exhibition has been formed should be regarded as having "creative exhibition" "intellectual property rights" under protection, light on the show will also deal with the name registration is not enough, the protection of the exhibition.

2, foreign exhibition organizers: brand transplant China how to do

3, exhibition project traders: how to deal with the lack of brand standards

4, the exhibition abroad exhibitors complained: enterprise how to do

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