How to reduce the cost of small business

small business originally aimed at those who do not have too much capital entrepreneurs, venture capital project is undoubtedly a big spending, look at how to be able to reduce the cost of small entrepreneurial projects to pay it.

must first be prepared: to have to endure hardship and the spirit of diligence, never yield in spite of reverses, there must be the right direction and methods, have good planning and design life. We should make full use of existing resources, to play their own initiative, to play to their strengths and weaknesses, to be good at taking advantage of. Here are a few examples of low cost startups l intelligent industry, these industries, people with special knowledge or skills can be low-cost business, do not need a large investment in capital, only the intellectual investment. Specialty, expertise, such as management ability, marketing ability, patent. Many examples of this. Such as famous writers, lawyers, senior engineers, professional managers, inventors, etc.. In fact, personal intelligence and expertise is a resource.

can fully tap and utilize and integrate resources and information for people. In the past, the so-called empty handed white wolf, in fact, some people are good at the use and integration of resources.

occupies a special human resources. Typically some juniors of high-ranking officials.

cut low cost industry, especially the service industry, there are a lot of does not require a large capital investment in the industry, such as intermediary companies.

regardless of entrepreneurship, to create a personal brand in the course of work, such as some famous occupation managers, marketing experts, inventor, and then use the tangible assets intangible assets and others of their combination, achieve without the business purpose.

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