How to do a good job in rural kindergarten Xiaobian weapon

in today’s society, as a kind of kindergarten preschool education has begun to spread at the same time, there are more and more places start kindergarten, there are some rural areas in its kindergarten, kindergartens in rural areas need to pay attention to methods.

A, the content of education is only

two, the education method of mechanical

the current education method of preschool education in rural areas of machinery, every day the children must not stop writing, singing, poems, read and write pinyin, and Chinese characters do some simple math problems, pay attention to reading and writing, let the children mechanical recitation and repeated copying, children can read and write count are repeated mechanical training results.

single education evaluation

to harm the parents and children teachers lead education, preschool education should be combined with teaching about some knowledge, not primary school, after entering primary school children will continue to learn in advance, learning children do not understand, it is difficult to digest, but only by rote; after entering primary school children are not interested in the fried rice will be fun, use cramming for learning, not seriously study and master the new training method, is not conducive to the development of logical thinking and good learning habits. Preschool education should follow, rather than kill fruits fall off when ripe.

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