What are the skills of the Festival Promotion

now, no matter what the shop, if you want to create a higher sales, it is necessary to take the relevant promotional tools. However, want to promote a better effect, it is necessary to master the relevant skills. So, what are the skills of the festival promotion?

supermarket holiday promotion skills, local prices from

sales skills for the general audience is a couple, they prefer to use a variety of businesses to arrange a good gift to express love. For example, rose on Valentine’s day, Christmas Eve from apple. And that is an apple yesterday with a beautiful degree of general packaging, can actually be turned into a 15 yuan a. This is like a 18 dollars a pound of crabs to a basket of 23 yuan a pound of climbing.

supermarket Festival promotion skills two, buy a gift

in the supermarket a famous brand of pickled mustard made a gift to buy a gimmick, originally a pack of 2.8 yuan, and now buy a gift. Careful consumers as long as a look at the production date will be understood, if the gift of a home if the speed is too slow, then basically on the road expired. This is a point of the dairy giant big sale also reflects the challenge of space-time law way.

supermarket Festival promotion skills three, buy packages wish scratch award

to buy more than two sets of the same series of products, you can participate in the Christmas wish scratch campaign. Basically the super gorgeous design awards, the elderly people in love or love happiness lovers, so gorgeous a Christmas tree full of wish card, scratch the last who entered the happy boy award in the bag, anyway, money is in the business of the pocket.

supermarket Festival promotion skills four, "prop" type promotion

before Christmas, display a brand of beer, 500 ml and 640 ml of wine is 3.5 yuan a bottle, lasts about a week or so. It is clear that 640 ml was out of stock for a day, and basically no one in the 500 ml. On Christmas Eve, 640 ml of the price actually picked up, there is no hint, but the label was changed, a bottle of $5.2, and the results of 500 ml of the "trust" is still no one cares, and the sale of 640 ml empty. I do not know this group of consumers to go home to see the bill, is not a kind of pit father feeling?

supermarket Festival promotional skills five, the audience capped XX Yuan

cap price if you think about the price, you become his audience. And the cap price is just another way to clear the sale. General in the holiday to a sudden cap price, the original price of hundreds of bags

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