Western restaurant ten brands

said to the restaurant in the people mind impression is probably the high consumption of restaurant, this view may be right in the past, but now everything has changed, with the rapid development of Chinese economy at the same time, the restaurant has slowly evolved into mass consumption, consumption Western-style food is no longer the privilege of the rich. It can be seen that the popularity of the trend of consumption led to the popularity of western restaurant market. In this small series for the majority of those who join the list of the top ten western restaurant brand, for your reference.

NO.1 Casa theme restaurant

English Name: Casa Louisa

profile: Casa Louisa not only has a spacious dining area, but also very close to the guests for the bar area. The first floor is the black main tone, dining area and bar area are. While the two floor is the main white YISHION, as well as the room can accommodate up to twenty people. There is also a suite on the third floor with a comfortable living room, bedroom and SPA bathroom. The food in Italy and French cuisine, most of the ingredients are imported by foreign, after has thirty years of experience Western-style food chef hands, change out of a kind of art is as the acme of perfection, the chef and the waiter with a sweet smile, always let the guests quickly into such a luxurious environment, not have a sense of distance.


held senior English Salon: Guangzhou daily press conference, Lenovo, SONY media daxiehui, Ashley Kang Qing; private party, western style wedding, romantic costume party, birthday party etc..

card has won: that ‘s GZ Magazine 2009 best decoration restaurant, dianping.com 2009 Guangzhou city best restaurant TOP10, dating couples youyue living in Guangzhou city in 2009 TOP cool restaurant.

NO.2 Wang pin steak

introduction: Wang steak produced all kinds of authentic Taiwan cuisine, the most famous of course is Formosa beef steak, soft, refreshing taste spicy beef flavor, light, and the French Pan-Fried Goose Liver salad and rose cupcake is recommended; elaborate, elegant environment, high-grade atmosphere, and thoughtful the attitude of service, so that more delicious delicacy, harmonious and quiet environment is the best choice for business negotiation.

alias: Wang Steak

NO.3 White Swan Hotel floating Pavilion Cafe

profile: White Swan Hotel floating Pavilion cafe to operate the western style food based, full range of food, including from all over the world delicacies; its first western buffet has been at home and abroad

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