What do you do in 2016 Three business opportunities for you to pick

of different age, people have different needs, suitable investment opportunities are not the same, in this context, we only choose to really good business opportunities, to make it simple. So, what do you do in 2016? Xiaobian recommended below three business opportunities, you can choose from.

2016 what to do poineering work good? 1 agricultural products

products: lotus root, chicken (eggs), bacon, Layu, Ciba


for the platform: Taobao, WeChat, from the media, food website

Investment: 1000-30000 yuan

Description: food safety has been very important, but the food from the countryside, we have a natural affection, because of natural, preservative free, additives and so on, because of the quality guarantee, people are more willing to more than a high price to buy. It should be stressed that the need to overcome logistics, packaging, the solution, the quality can be guaranteed. Followed by marketing, according to your colleagues in the city before the work of friends sent free to help promote the sale is easy to open.

2016 what to do poineering work good? 2 processing of agricultural and sideline products

products: Cereals powder, meal meal

suitable platform: physical store, WeChat, Taobao

Investment: 10000-100000 yuan

Description: with the improvement of people’s living standards, health problems are not only the elderly, more and more young people also pay attention to health, health. Now we say the corn flour, it is a kind of powder products of various grains, grains, beans and edible raw materials after grinding and refined grinding, different ingredients can have different effects, there is a large market for this type of product, babies, to the elderly are edible. The source of ecological agricultural and sideline products, without any additives.

2016 what to do poineering work good? 3 environmental pollution products

products: PM2.5 mask, space purifier

suitable for the platform: physical store, WeChat, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, stall and other occasions

Investment: 500 yuan from

Description: recently < < Jing Chai haze survey: the same breath of the fate of > > crazy turn WeChat circle of friends, the major website headlines. High risk

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