How to enhance the popularity of home textile stores

how to enhance the popularity of home textile stores? This is a lot of home textile shop owners are thinking about a problem. The textile shop Renqiwang, money can be more broad. Textile industry market potential is huge, many people have joined the home textile industry, with many other industries, home textile shop operation also need some skills.

A, give full play to the linkage effect and word-of-mouth customers.

two, how to improve the textile shop popularity? Leveraging force, niche marketing. As for the target customer base and home improvement company depth cooperation, the use of the authority of the designer’s recommendation effect and the word of mouth effect and stimulate customers to buy.

four, how to improve the textile shop popularity? Buy direct market development, focusing on the selection of 30 to 50 key enterprises and institutions, the use of welfare buy, gift buy, custom buy, buy and other models to enhance the ability to buy home textile store.

six, the realization of customer resource sharing. By using Home Furnishing concept, with the same level of furniture brands brand, to achieve customer resource sharing between the textile, customer resources, to achieve the "cap" centralized product sales, to reduce the overall cost of the brand promotion, especially in the mall shop, building materials City shop, network group purchase the channel use effect is obvious.


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