Henan local tax services focus on the tax source enterprises out of action

the development of the economy, can not be separated from the relevant wise policy support. Henan Province in the face of economic development, the problems encountered, and actively take relevant policies, effective solution. Below we look at the Henan local tax services focus on the introduction of the relevant policies of tax sources.

Henan local tax services focus on the tax source enterprises to make a big move. In May 27th, reporters from the province local tax bureau directly under the seminar held in Zhengzhou was informed that the Henan Local Taxation Bureau will establish three management framework of key sources of provincial cities and counties, to solve the current cross regional enterprises enjoy the same service in different regions of different services, out of business risk can not be a timely reminder of the main tax and tax demand channel efficiency.

provincial and county key tax sources three levels of management structure, that is, respectively, by the provincial tax bureau directly under the county and the county key tax sources to bear the key tax source enterprises tax related matters management and services. In addition, the premise of the implementation of territorial management, tax declaration and other tax related matters in the foundation does not change the tax level, the key sources of tax risk management and personalized service matters, to focus on the provincial level.

Provincial Local Taxation Bureau responsible person, to better serve the sustainable development of the provincial key sources of business, the future of the Bureau will continue to innovate the personalized service channels of provincial key sources of business: with the mobile phone APP, WeChat and other Internet tools to provide policy advice, business exchanges and other services for the provincial key tax source enterprises; regularly to the provincial key sources of business that common, industry and major issues relating to the tax risk, highlighting prevention.

implementation of tax policy issues encountered on the provincial key tax source enterprises, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau will provide professional policy interpretation, ensure the determination of the application of tax law and implementation of unity and regularly solicit opinions and suggestions for the improvement of corporate tax, tax policy and management system for reference.

in order to ensure the sound and rapid economic development, in the face of a series of problems in the process of economic development, we must promptly give the right solution, in order to continue to push forward the economy. It is hoped that after taking relevant measures, Henan will be able to effectively solve the problems and further promote the development of economy.

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