Beijing the first national intelligent manufacturing innovation contest held successfully


wants to occupy a place in the world competition and the great power game, it is urgent to strengthen our scientific and technological strength and industrial strength. In the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, China is expected to once again create a new wave of rapid industrial development.

"Chinese" need to constantly inject new strength. The first national intelligent manufacturing (Industrial 4) innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially launched in Beijing on the 23. Organizers said the contest aims to find talent, innovative technology, will also provide business incubator platform to promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, to meet the third industrial revolution and industrial era of the 4.

the contest theme made to win the world, strong innovation Chinese "Federation, by Chinese electronic information industry and the Ministry of industry and information technology international economic and technical cooperation center jointly organized four made zero wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for operations.

competition at the press conference, the Ministry of international economic and technical cooperation center director Gong Xiaofeng said, the contest aims to discover and cultivate innovative talents, innovative ways to upgrade industrial restructuring, to build a multi docking platform to promote the development of China’s intelligent manufacturing industry.

it is reported that the teams or individual players through the official website of the contest for the national finals will be held on March 2016.

technology need interaction and communication can continue to progress, provides a display platform for innovation and entrepreneurship competition for aspiring technology entrepreneurs. The next step, the government needs to reform the unreasonable restrictions, to provide a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in science and technology and industry, to achieve a new leap in China made.

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