Top ten brands of Chinese tea sets

in China’s drinks, tea sets have a representative role, and even if the society in the continuous development of tea has always had its vast world. With the development of tea market, tea has naturally been taken seriously, the birth of numerous brands. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of Chinese tea.

for the Chinese people, tea is not just a simple thirst quenching drink, it is a rooted in our lives in the ground gas culture. The production of a good tea requires good tea, but also the need to make a good tea. Chinese tea on the traditional tea culture is created, in the eyes of love friends of tea is also a kind of art. So how to choose tea? What are the good tea brand? Now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce tea ten popular brands.

ten China tea brand ranking NO.1, Jin Zao: over the past twenty years, has been hoping to Jin Zao work to establish a complete system of products. After continuous efforts and investment, is now a prototype, but also won more than and 100 national patent licensing technology innovation.

Chinese tea brand ranking ten NO.2, Hanford Hanford: Guangzhou tea industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1998, headquartered in Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Pearl River Metro bodied profit Plaza, with Hanford " " " " host; two well-known brands, is a comprehensive enterprise with the creative design, tea culture as a whole.

ten China tea brand ranking NO.3, Han and Tang Dynasties: focusing on the wooden tray R & D and manufacturing of large scale wood tea manufacturer, tea ten brands, Zhejiang Han Tang tea culture Co. ltd..

ten NO.4 China tea brand ranking, Mingjiang: Fujian famous brand, famous brand in Fujian Province, to tea, bamboo furniture, bamboo crafts bamboo products dominated by large enterprises, Fujian Mingjiang bamboo crafts Technology Co. ltd..

China tea sets of the ten major brands NO.5, Xiang Fu Tea: was established in 1999, Fujian province famous brand, famous brand products in Fujian Province, bamboo tea industry leading brand, Fujian Fu Fu Technology Co., ltd..

Chinese brand ranking ten Tianfu tea, NO.6 tea: self-produced tea, system, marketing, scientific research in one comprehensive tea chain stores, domestic famous tea products retailer, Zhangzhou Tianfu tea industry limited company.

ten Chinese tea brand ranking NO.7, Hua Xiangyuan: tea ten big brands, high-tech enterprises in the cultivation, production, processing and sales of integrated tea company, a leading Limited by Share Ltd, China Xiangyuan tea.


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