Jiangxi party and government delegation in Jiangsu to learn innovative entrepreneurship

in the entrepreneurial era, communication is very important. Behind innovation can not be achieved. Jiangxi party and government delegation to Jiangsu for research, learn from each other to learn from the exchange of innovative inspiration, learn from the experience of others to create a model of innovation and development in Jiangxi.

12 8, Jiangxi party and government delegation to study in Suzhou, Changzhou. The two trends, glued industry development trend, seize the opportunity to reform and innovation, as good as good, continue to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to achieve a high level, intelligence, environmental protection series of initiatives and achievements, deeply inspired every member of the delegation.

in the industrial city of Changzhou famous star, the members of the delegation felt the new meteorological Pumianerlai industrial upgrading. Qiang Wei, Lu Xinshe has come to Changzhou Science City Jiangnan equipment manufacturing technology innovation education park, Changzhou exhibition hall, Naen Bo (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., from research and development, personnel training to all aspects of production to understand the infinite vitality of robot industry. They pointed out that intelligent manufacturing as the representative of the robot is an important path to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we should on the development trend of the industry, "13th Five-Year" development and upgrading of quality and efficiency, strong impetus.

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